American Dream or Nightmare


How can we not feel for these people


It is at times like this that I know that people in the United States of America could careless about anything that does not fit into the American dream type of lifestyle. 

 I watched a documentary on television about the motel children living outside of Disney and could not understand what the hell Americans are thinking about. The parents of these children were not bums who just refused to work. Their only crime was they got laid of from their jobs because big business and banks and their government had all let them down and were now refusing to help them in their hour of need. 

The people of the United States now so wrapped in this quest for the American Dream can feel empathy for these people, but can watch the children of these places like this go to bed hungry and eat and feed their children without a sense of guilt, or shame. We are not a socialist state is the reasoning. We have the right to amass wealth anyway we want and how we want. It is not fair that because they have fallen on bad times that we should be asked to pay to educate their children, or give them free medical attention. It is unfair because this could affect the bottom line of our American Dream. 


How do we sleep at night?


 I watched in total amazement as the government slashed funding to the motel children’s school and caused them to lose a teacher who was helping and giving of herself, with all the love and understanding of these children’s plight.  The one person in the world who was doing something for them and not just getting all the political mileage out of it that they could.  I watched as people came out of Disney, walked by these kids, got in their cars and drove off trying to pretend they did not exist, or were not there. 

 These everyday Americans living the American dream with hardened hearts, tearless eyes, and ears deaf to the sounds of children’s crying. I watch the news now everyday and wonder how a country so hell-bent on saving the world and showing the world the greatness of democracy can do this to their own citizens. These are not the people who could have stayed in school and didn’t. These are the fallout of slashed budgets and loss of jobs due to government program failures and cronyism. Government failure and unwillingness to protect its people from bank fraud, pension fund abuse, and insurance corruption, has made the American dream a nightmare for these families.  

 I have put the short cuts to the videos of these children here for you to see and leave the rest up to you to do as you see fit.  Get mad at the person who shows you yourself and tune me out, or wake up and come out of the dream and face the reality that these people need your help and it is each and every one of your responsibilities to do something to help these people and all like them. 


How can we be blind, deaf and dumb?


If you are wondering what makes a home-grown terrorist, a gang member or a street person living over heating vents urinating and defecating on your streets? The answer is you and your apathy does. Your ability to sleep, eat and live your dream while your fellow Americans suffer is the answer you seek. Your ability to watch children suffer under the most horrendous conditioners in your neighborhoods and under your very noses with you feeling blessed, but unmoved to help, is the answer that you seek to why children join gangs. This kind of thing does not get much media attention because they know that you would rather not be reminded of your lack of humanity and they need you to tune in; to buy the paper and they too are chasing the almighty American Dream. I however have chosen not to chase the dream and try to help wake some of you people up with a good shaking. I have made it easy for you and found the links that tell the story. I dare you to watch and read and then go to sleep feeling that you have done all that you can.    

As Jobs Vanish, Motel Rooms Become Home – 

She could never abandon the ‘motel children‘ | children, stone …


Videos for motel children 

This made me cry and I am not easily moved to tears.

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  2. lol a number of the opinions most people write are so silly, once in a while i contemplate if they realistically read the subject matter and threads before writing or if perhaps they simply look at the title of the blog post and write the very first idea that drifts into their minds. regardless, it is actually pleasant to browse through clever commentary now and then compared to the very same, traditional blog vomit that i generally , notice on the net have a pleasant day

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      Why thank you and I guess people like to feel connected and do their best. Do you write, or do you just kind of browse and leave comments, lol. I woulde intrested in reading some of your writing. Hwve a great evening and come to my site as often as you like. It is free and open to all and we do not have to agree. the opinions are mine and so are the words.

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      The powers that be want you to think that you are crazy, but I can assure that you are not and they are. Trust in your instincts and your heart. Open up your mind and remember when do onto others and love thy neighbor was Gods message to man. Have a great night!

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