New Democracy Sucks For Little Guy

I decided to get your reaction on a few topics of interest and in so doing try to get and idea or feel if you will of what your sense of   democracy is, your understanding of our rights and where they fit in with the rights of others.

Also this was a an attempt to find out what moves the average American, Canadian or “civilized” person; what are your concerns for our way of life and who you are as human beings. I used a cartoon  picture of a thinker that hid my gender and hid my race and then I wrote articles  covering a variety of subjects and waited for your response, so I could see what subjects you felt compelled to take a look at. The results were indeed interesting, but confirmed what I already thought about Canada the United States and all of the so-called democratic nations of the world; we talk a good game, but gossip, money and the amassing of wealth are  the only priorities in your lives right now.

The destruction of the ozone, the oceans, the forests, nor global warming disrupt our quest for more wealth. We live in a world where lies, untruths and innuendo rule the day. We do not care what our politicians do or how they go about doing it as long as they make it possible for us to get more wealth. They kill thousands in our name and all we ask is for them to keep it quiet, don’t remind us and for Gods sake silence anyone who dares speak out, or label them a traitor; just allow us to make more money. When there is a catastrophe we make pins, and posters and take pictures. We sell them for profit;why let an opportunity to make good honest money go to waste right?   

It never ceases to amaze me that people in this day and age still have to fight for wheelchair ramps and handicap parking, but activists like  Anita Cameron must brave extreme cold and  devote endless hours of their time trying to get government officials and businesses to do would should be common sense and fair. This is shameful and if this is what is meant by equal rights for all we should go back to the drawing board. 

Stories of people’s suffering does not an interesting story for most of us make. We just do not want to be bothered by other people’s suffering, it is not our way. Statistics do not lie. No one gives a damn about the people drinking polluted water, or the Halliburton scandal. If it is not happening directly to us we do not give a damn.  We don’t care about the motel children; we just go on eating our cotton candy and acting like they are not there. What has happened to help restore a normal life to the victims of Katrina? Ask yourself why that situation was not resolved and why only now years later they may get the help that they need? I think that you will find that it did not bother the average person enough and this allowed the politicians the room they needed to un-prioritize it and devote the money to the war against terror.

 We countries that like to appear to have a heart would openly deny the less fortunate of our country medicine and medical care because they can not pay. The rallies to block social programs are becoming bigger than the ones to give aid. We have Canadian facing off against Canadian and American facing off against American, because some say it is socialistic behavior to ensure that all have clean water to drink, clothing on our backs, something to eat everyday, an education and a roof over all heads.

We would rather silence the voice that cries out for justice and wave our patriotic banners screaming derogatory slogans, spitting on gays and fighting for the right to deny others their right to the basic necessities in life .  We would rather lend our support to the impeding of a people’s right to practice their religious right to build a house of worship. When over 1000 pages were read on the story I wrote on Dr. Laura, I knew that the average person loves to hear and participate in gossip about some one else. The comments I read showed a me just how far we have come in the civil rights fight and I was not impressed.

I could go on, but I think you understand what I am trying to say. We will never be the great nations we think we are because we still think very small-minded. We are some what mentally challenged and emotionally inept when dealing with the problems of humanity. You can not love or be loved by others until you love yourself , this goes for nations as well as people.

I hope things change and that we as a people, as a country and as a world, learn to love respect and value each other so that we can truly be all that we can be.

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I try to say what is on my mind and not hurt others, but some things need to be said whether they hurt or not and I do just that. I try to listen as well as talk, but my opinion is just that mine. You need not take it as your own, just respect the fact that I am entitled to it, as you are yours. I do read all comments, but will only answer, or allow to be displayed those which adress me by name, refer to the post by name in the comment, or that have been sent through the proper channels. In this manner I can tell whether the comment was meant for me and that it is not just spam.
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4 Responses to New Democracy Sucks For Little Guy

  1. 乳膠床墊 says:

    Impressive article post on the blog, I share the same views. I wonder why this particular country totally does not think like me and additionally the web publication master 🙂


    • archemdis says:

      I think that the people sad as it is are content to let the press be their conscience. The press has brain washed the people and we line up on opposite sides depending what paper we read, or television station we watch or radio station we listen to. Ask a person what they think and they will quote their favorite news source. We need to start believing again what we see with our own eyes; hear with our own ears; know in our own hearts minds and souls to be true. In short form, we need to start to think again for ourselves.


  2. 網路行銷 says:

    Actually definitely very good weblog article which has obtained me considering. I by no means looked at this out of your stage of look at.


    • archemdis says:

      Thank you for responding.When trying to get an understanding of an issue we just have to look at all of the sides and all of the stake holders. Peace to you and your family.


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