Another 9/11 Anniversary Passes Into History

As another anniversary of 9/11 passes into history what have the Muslims, Christians and all other stake holders learned from the tragedy and everything that followed it?  I would say nothing of any good, nothing that can be used for peace and nothing that would make either deity proud I humbly suggest. 

The anti Muslim rhetoric; the anti-American rallies and the threats and calls from the leaders and followers of both sides to annihilate the other proves that all sides in this stupidity have dug in and are unwilling to give an inch.  The fear of yet more senseless killing and torture does not seem enough of a deterrent to bring the hatred to an end.

Ministers and clergy from all sides are adding their 2 cents in now and fueling the fires instead of doing the Godly thing and trying to put the fires out. The government and politicians have seized this tragedy to get as much political mileage out of the suffering as possible and have really done a great job of whipping up the fear of another 9/11 type attack and causing a rift between Americans.  No longer are all Americans real Americans;now we have real Americans and American Muslims and the latter is not to be trusted. We as Americans are one step away from repeating the mistakes we made with the Japanese after the bombing of Pearl harbor. (The internment camps, the loss of rights, the hate and fear mongering)

The press is by far the worst offender, the most offensive and most disruptive force when it comes to peace between Americans. It seeks openly to incite Americans to commit violent acts against other Americans.  One would think by their coverage that not one good thing has happened between a Muslim and a Christian in America since 9/11.  They have went as far as to question the President’s religious beliefs and his patriotism; implying that if he was indeed a Muslim he would sell out America to the terrorists; in other words no Muslim could, or should be the President of this country, because real Americans consider all Muslims terrorists, or they are aiders and abettors of terrorism .

No both sides have learned nothing and so nothing good has been learned from this tragedy. The possibility for more attacks on American soil looms in the sky like a threatening storm cloud, because the attack worked. It has made us change all of our core values; the way we do just about everything and to not trust our own people.  The attack divided us as Americans an in doing so weakened us from within.  What more could these terrorist have  hoped to gain?

Muslims have lost their dignity,their rights and the respect of their fellow Americans. A once respected people and religion has been reduced to a nation scorned for the insane, cowardly acts of a few. Their inability or seemingly lack of will to root these terrorists out leaves them with a serious credibility problem. They have not learned yet that sitting back and saying it was him not me will not do. All Muslims everywhere must stand up and bring these terrorist to justice themselves. It is only in this way that the world will begin to realize that all Muslims denounce the violent acts of these extremists and that all Muslims are not like them.

Both sides must understand that they have a role to play in the peace process and peace must come from both sides. Respect is not a given; it must be earned. I would hope by the next anniversary of 9/11, we as a nation will have moved closer to healing the wound that weakens out nation with the infection and the festering sore that 9/11 has become. I hope that we will have learned that all people who have sworn allegiance to the United States of America are Americans and that calling the elected President of our country a terrorist does very little in the way of good to promote our quest to have all countries use our democratic process. We are saying,”We know that our democracy does not work because 70% of us voted in a Muslim, who is a traitor, after 9/11, but we insist that you change your system of governing and become a democratic nation anyway”. Would this work for you?

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