Conservatives Say No To Labeling (GE ) Food

In Canada, foods derived from biotechnology are commonly referred to as Genetically Modified (GM) or Genetically Engineered (GE)

Why has Canada and the rest of the world doing this to our food and endangering its people Why are we putting the people of this nation at risk, our unborn children in danger of God knows what reactions and illnesses.  What is the Conservative reasoning behind decisions and what is next to be put on the shelves in our markets and stores with no warning labels that we are eating generically engineered and modified food produce. There used to be a time when the label grown in Canada, or the United States meant safe to eat. You knew what is in it, how it was grown,  or raised and that said produce was being sold under our laws.  When under our laws does not mean safe, or tested then the rest of the label content is meaningless, falls apart and is worthless.

I mean everyday we eat generically engineered and modified fruits and vegetables they represent over 60% of what is in our pantry. The fruit and vegetables do indeed grow faster and bigger, but they taste like crap and the only way you would know is if you had the pleasure of tasting an orignal tomato, or peach years ago or have your own stock of old seeds, or a fruit tree. The Conservative Government of Canada successfully defeated a Liberal Party bill asking for labeling warning the consumer that the product was Genetically Engineered, or Modified; giving the consumer the right to choose whether, or not to eat that product.  Why if the use of Genectically Engineered food is so safe and can be proved to be safe does the Conservative government block this type of labeling; when in every other instance it forces foods to be labeled, saying what is contained in the product is mandatory( salt, fat, additives eg.) ?

My problem and yours is that they make these decisions  for us without our knowledge, or consultation and we are eating them with little choice and without the benefit of knowing all sides to the issue. They put this ( GE ) stuff on the shelves in the super markets and stores throughout Canada and allow us to feed it to our kids not knowing what the end result will be in terms of health issues and other side effects and for what; an attempt to make it easier, or more attractive for other countries do business in Canada ?  Since the government and science has got away with type of behavior in the past in this part of the food chain being, without our being informed of al the ramifications, they have decided to press on to other parts of the food supply.

We have been experimenting with generically engineered salmon in Canada for over 10 years. Environmentalists have warned that this type of tampering with natural life on this planet is too dangerous and the risks  too all natural life the way we know too great and its end result far to unpredictable, to this unnatural process continue. They are being ignored by the Harper government and made to look foolish as they were when they warned us about acid rain and global warming.  The Environmentalists were right about them and Harper was wrong.  The Environmentalists have no hidden agenda and want what is good for the planet not big business and their science is right on the money; yet the Conservative Government of Canada allows it and is getting ready to putthese modified products on the shelves of this countries grocery stores with no warning labeling.

The salmon will be raised in Canada, shipped to India and other countries for canning and shipped back to the United States for distribution to Americans and Canadians a like.  In Canada a small group of activists have stood up to be heard in Prince Edward Island, but they can not effect the change in policy without all of our support.  Is all of our meat, poultry and fish to be grown in factories now? Is all natural food a thing of the past? Has the farmer and the fisherman become obsolete now to be replaced by produce factories.

They have already began to experiment in Canada with generically altered pork  and God knows what else they are not telling us and I think they are nuts. I would like to see the studies made public by our government and I want this stuff labeled so that we have choice whether to eat it or not, or even want it on our  super market shelf or in our stores.  Too often things get labeled after being exposed on television after the fact. I know that every time man tries to control and change nature by playing God; nature somewhere down the line comes back to bite him in the butt.

Do you remember when Canada became the dumping ground for any countries industrial toxic waste as long as they could pay. No public consultation and we only got to know about it because they got caught. Toxic waste flows across our borders in trains and tanker trucks daily and is being stored in secret sites all over Canada and no one knows until there is an accident.

I say we need to know before, not later; we need to be consulted now, not later; we need the labeling now, not later.  If you think that things are not as bad as I suggest they are, does not the lack of transparency that our government of Canada employs in these situations make it a very scary scenario.  Why government feels that it can march ahead endangering the lives of its people without consultation, or approval and with a total disregard to health issues, safety issues and without sufficient studies and knowledge of the final outcome of said experiments on its own people shows how arrogant government has become.  

 Generically Engineered and modified food is becoming more commonly used and I am not sure we are taking the proper look at what this means.  I mean what besides greed is the driving force behind the need for  bigger, faster developed salmon and why do other countries find it too questionable enough to warrant the mandatory use of  warning labels, but Canada does not?  I think these are fair questions that need to be answered,along with reliable testing and studies done by someone other than the company trying to market this product. With the balance of life as we know it hanging in the balance I think we need to know all of the facts before we proceed with this insanity any further.

This is just a friendly heads up from Archemdis. I hope to be a drop of water in what I hope becomes a raging river of awareness and then becomes an ever-widening ocean, that will demand transparency from this and all governments when they seek to genetically engineer and modify the world we live in. 

Check out the CBC report:

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