Parliamentarians, Or a Ship of Fools

Pierre Poilievre ( I think this captures him perfectly )

I watched today on television as the Conservatives led by John Baird (Government House Leader) and his lackey Pierre Poilierve (Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and to the Intergovernmental Affairs Minister) sought once again to stop a committee from doing its job. The committee looking into the possible violations that the Conservatives might have made by withholding information and ordering the withholding of information when it was asked for by parliament. The Conservatives made repeated requests for amendments, and made ridiculous points of order about the calling of one witness and in my opinion came out looking like a political party with something they did not want brought out into the light of day.


This is not a debate, this is theatrics and not the behavior of a parliamentarian

I sat there watching and thinking to myself now I know why nothing ever seems to get done in this country in short order. All our politicians can agree on is that we should make it difficult for convicts to get pardons and if they should give themselves a raise when the rest of Canadians are enduring salary cuts, salary freezes and working unrequested shortened weeks to a suffering economy. Then they have the nerve to sit in committee with the sole purpose of being disruptive to the political process wasting time and tax payer dollars.

Paul Szabo

 Paul Szabo tried to maintain order even going to the extreme of having to turn off certain MP microphones including that of Pierre Poilierve (Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and to the Intergovernmental Affairs Minister). For senior members of this government to act like bad little boys in public; talking out of turn and calling the committee a kangaroo court several times was embarrassing to watch and know that the rest of the world was watching such a lack of respect for our political system, by our governing party.That they claim to be doing it for me was maddening.

"The Team", In my opinion the worst government in Canadian history

At a time when tuitions are rising and social funding is being cut and taxes are higher than every, I for one do not find this waste of time and my tax dollars funny. I have in the past been angry with what a party has done and even been embarrassed by one Politician or another’s scandals; but I have never been ashamed as a Canadian to be represented by a whole political party until recently. In my opinion the Conservative Party needs to reevaluate its handling of the country and its people. We grow tired of the lies, half-truths and the down right blocking of the democratic process.

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