What Is Behind Campaign Blue Blindfold?


Turn them back at sea


Here we go again is there no end to the hidden agendas; the law within the law tactics of the  Canadian Conservative Party. Is there any cause, or anyone or anything sacred enough not be used by this government? The people who are being forced into the sex trade, or into other forced labor did not just come into being yesterday, so one should be asking the question, why now? 

We have white slavery laws, pimping laws, labor laws and labor codes already in place if you want to attach mandatory sentencing to them why not do just that. What is it truly that the Conservatives wish to gain with this campaign, “Blue Blindfold”? I think that this is an attempt by the Prime Minister and Vic Toews to do yet another end run around democracy ? Is this their attempt to do exactly what Vic Toews said the Conservatives would not do, “Stop a ship, or divert a ship of refugees from getting to Canada, because it is against Canadian law to do so?” 

I think that their actions are below contempt and the final outcome will do nothing to help the young children being abused, because it is not the campaigns intent. It will do nothing to help the thousands of people forced into labor like slaves each year, because it is not the campaigns intent. All that will help these people is political will; the will to enforce the laws that are already in place. Funding for shelters, volunteer groups and other grass-roots organizations to help these people has been cut and slashed dramatically and consistently by this government, yet here it is proposing this “Blue Blindfold” 

If the Conservatives were not going to hurt so many people this attempt at subverting democracy, Canadian laws and customs this action would be laughable, but there are just too many lives at stake to just let this one go by. No Tamil refugees today, no who tomorrow? Let them suffer at home as long as we do not have to see it, is this what,”Blue Blindfold” means? When we stop or turn them back at sea half starving, thirsting for water and sick does that end our responsibility for them? Are we as Canadians washing our hands as Pontius Pilate did when he gave the choice of Jesus or Barabbas? 

I as a Canadian think at the very least this situation with campaign “Blue Blindfold” warrants watching closely. Let us read the fine print on this one to ensure that this is indeed a genuine effort to help the disadvantaged, the used and abused. If this is just another end run around democracy and our customs by this government let us send them a strong message. 

Let us band together in a non-partisan way and get rid of this government and send a clear message to anyone who would govern us, that we are Canadians and have a long history of welcoming people with open arms and without suspicion,  anyone from any nation living in fear of losing their lives and are being oppressed, however they find their way to our country; all they need do is get here. If it is only 1 person on a plane with papers and a passport, or 400 starving on a boat it makes no difference to us; just get here and we will help you, because we realize that very often the refugee claimant who is running for there lives may not have money to fly and wait for a passport , or visa, or go through the regular processes to enter our country. We respect the hardships you have already endured and will treat you with dignity, sensitivity and try our best to process you and your love ones through our security measures as quickly and smoothly as possible so that you may reunite with you loved ones and friends in Canada and begin your new life without fear of persecution in Canada.  We would ask that you be patient as we screen for terrorist elements who seek to abuse the system and could be hiding among your numbers unknown to you.  We do this screening on all refugees seeking asylum in our country, so please do not take this as an accusation, or insinuation of any wrong doing on your fault.  Cooperate with the officials doing the screening and you will be free to go in a short time. This is Canadian law and we Canadians stand by it. Welcome to Canada.


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