Judicial Double Standard

Why special treatment fo this judge. eg. Canadian justice?

A judge gets caught with her panties down when her husband sends nude, sexually orientated pictures of her to a man trying to entice him into having sex with his wife and the guy who exposes these cheap fools gets to be the loser. These pictures were already posted on a sex site by the husband for all who paid a fee to see, so what is the big problem now? If someone gives or sends me pictures with no restrictions does that not make them mine to do with what I want?

On what grounds does the judge in this case order them back to the very same man responsible for them being out there in the first place? It would appear that when pictures of other lesser beings get out and are put  onto the net or into the press the judges always seems to rule in favor of the press and advise the victim not to take pictures of that nature for just this reason.

Why is nothing being done to sanction the husband who it would appear is the reason everybody is in this mess to begin with. I think piggy hubby should be disbarred for his role in this whole sordid affair and maybe get a little jail time. If this is how they enjoy sex they should be more careful of how they ask others to play and how and what they share with relative strangers.

I agree that maybe it would not be nice to see the pictures on the net, but this is a moral issue and not a legal one in my opinion. I wonder if she was not a judge and just another girl what the ruling Justice Joan McKelvey  would have given then? this question is what harm will come to the integrity of judges from this type of double standard ruling. This ruling shows that some in the legal system protect their own colleagues while remaining oblivious to the pain and suffering their rulings on the same types of things are to the people they sit in judgment over. Justice Joan McKelvey of the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench ruling has made it another sad day for Canadian justice.

I think Justice Joan McKelvey  should have appealed to Alex Chapman’s sense of decency as he seems to be the only person who is innocent of any indecency in this whole affair. Justice  McKelvey  ruling could get them posted by some one other than Alex Chapman before she gets to muzzle them.

Justice Joan McKelvey of the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench ruled that Alex Chapman must immediately return “all documents, emails and photographs” ever sent to him by Winnipeg lawyer Jack King.

 Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/manitoba/story/2010/09/02/mb-sex-photos-judge-returned-winnipeg.html#ixzz0yi3oQgCl

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