What's Up Canada?

Well in my first addition of  “What’s up Canada?” I would like to say that this country has some serious problems with its government on all levels from civic to federal. Our leaders seem more intent on fighting then getting positive results for Canada and Canadians. I would like to talk about the federal government this time and work our way through the provincial and the civic governments as a whole at a later date. 

The federal government:  The government in power is the Conservatives led by Stephen Harper.  They came to power promising transparency after the Liberals found themselves embroiled in a major scandal.  With Harper in power and the Liberals unable to find a leader in which they feel comfortable enough to go to an election with, the Conservatives simply made every thing a non confidence vote and coasted to victory after victory in the house. When this tactic stopped working they simply switched tactics and shut down parliament when the house voted non confidence. The Governor General gave them 2 chances at this approach and this brings us to present times and the new approach. 

  • Mr. Harper has decided to halt government opposition by, firing more heads of arms length government agencies than any other government in the history of Canada.
  • Mr. Harper has shown how far he will go to keep Canada pure in religion. I believe his Christian beliefs are  blocking his ability to be fair in his immigration strategy.  One only has to look at his stand on the Tamil refugees to know what I am talking about. He could not even just come out and say that the burning of the koran was just wrong. Instead he said that his God was a forgiving God. Like being a Muslim was something to be forgiven for.
  • Mr Harper has cut funding to groups who challenge his decisions on anything, or make negative statements about his policies.  Mr. Harper refuses to give pertinent information to the opposition parties when they are asked for. It is difficult to make informed decisions on policy, or decide which way to vote on a law when you do not have all of the facts. 
  • This last  tactic on the list when combined with any of the others is the worst thing for Canadians because it means that we are no longer living in a democracy.  Our committees are being over run by Conservatives that disrupt and delay the work of these committees with fillabusting practices.  It is in these committees where the hard work is supposed to being done.  So bad is their actions and so often is it engaged in that little work other than the Conservative agenda gets done.  this is not being done solely by back benchers it is being done by Ministers of the crown like John Baird and Pierre Poilierve.
  • When the ministers are so offensive in their antics on the floor of the house that school children are advised not to visit during question period and there is a call to remove the cameras so that we can not see the pettiness, or their on camera performances; it is indeed a sad day for Canadian politics.
  • We now need to have new rules for our government to punish them like little children incapable of keeping decorum in the house like adults. They are all on tv telling of the need to have these new rules When all that is needed is common courtesy.

To sum up the Conservative party is to say that their  sole purpose and only concern is to remain in power.  How we look as a Country does not matter.  If the country wants to think that we are financially sound then tell that we are. When they find out later that we were not telling the truth we will simply say that we are in better shape than when the Liberals ran the country. This is their strategy,; this is their plan for Canada; this is the plan to keep them in power for as long as  possible. It has taken an ineffective Liberal party with no leader to speak of, that is afraid to face them in an election to allow this to happen,combined with a New Democratic Party content to get enough votes to block the Liberals from winning an election and playing king-maker. then of course there is the block who has no interest in doing anything good for Canadians. Its sole purpose is to look after the interests of Quebec.  

Next up will be the Liberals and their inability to get it together in their own party.  A political party  that is scared to  go to the polls, scared to stand up for their record and in my opinion need to start acting like a political party with a platform and strategy or close up shop.


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