Rape On The Internet

Is it your right to watch rape of any kind fantasy, or real on the internet and where do we draw the line is the question of the day for me? Is there such a thing as good sex for the Internet and bad sex for the Internet and does it matter if it is filed under the heading of fantasy?  You do not even have to go to a “porn site” to get offered porn they all do it You Tube, PirateBay, Torrentz to name just a few and should you be able to get it at all? 

Fantasy Rape: What message are we sending to have a section of the Internet dedicated to showing people getting raped whether it is fantasy or not?  Is pretending to rape children, or anyone else for that matter a thing that we should be encouraging? What type of individual gets off watching such brutality and what does such a person feel like doing once they have watched it?  I would guess that they feel like taking it to the next level and that next level is usually the hurting of a child, or the acting out in real life the thrill they got from watching the porn.. 

I was raped as a child and found it disgusting that someone would actually promote this activity in fantasy, or real life. That is correct your eyes are not deceiving you I said that there are sites that offer for a price real rape footage. I did not go there, I just couldn’t.  This is all legal and open to the public including your children.   What you will get on some sites is a disclaimer stating that all the actors are of legal age and that if you are not 18 or 21 you are not allowed to view the material. Hit the I am 18 years, or older button a you are in.

What are the government and the people who are running the Internet thinking of by putting this trash on the Internet?  I am not one for regulating what is allowed on the Internet, but this is a good case for those who would love to control the Internet and what is on it.  If the Internet will not, or can not police itself than maybe I was wrong and it has to be done from an outside force.  I just had to hit rape fantasy and bingo there were many links leading to forced sex fantasy sites and depending how you ask you can get the real thing. How many of you let your children on You Tube.

Look if you want to pretend to be raped by your significant other in the privacy of your own bedroom and want to play dress up that is your privilege, but I do not think it has a place on the Internet. This is one time that I think that the Internet is acting irresponsibly and need to change their ways and fast.  There is nothing funny, or entertaining when it comes to rape and I do not think that a forum that reaches millions of people at a time should be engaging in such shameful and potentially harmful as well as dangerous behavior.  Ask that little girl in British Columbia if she found being raped funny, or if her parents found the videos of it entertaining.  This is what happens when we encourage sick behavior and the rapist, or pedophile takes it to the next level. 


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