I Am GrandPa And I Am Loving It

Courteney, Shaylin, Terryll

I love everything about being a grandfather or GrandPa as my grandchildren refer to me.  I have been in all of their lives in a hands on way from the time they were born and they have enriched my life tremendously. They are all quite unique in their own ways and need something a little different when it comes to my attention.  Their number is 4 but I wish they numbered a 1000, but my daughters look at me as if to say dream on it aint happening .

My youngest grandchild Liam

My grandchildren are innocent and out spoken and I find it refreshing; although at times their frankness has caused me to raise an eyebrow and give them a stern look of warning not to go too far.  I think that grandchildren are a gift from God and a second chance to do better.  We are the trusted ones now; the ones with no stake in the issue; the wise and fair people. All of a sudden my daughters seek my advice and actually take it. My grandchildren come to me and feel like I can solve just about everything; their mother may have authority over them, but they hope that GrandPa  still holds sway over Mom and Dad.

To help them with the things that they need whether it is financial,  a non critical ear, or a comforting word fills me with pride and a sense of worth that goes beyond words. I am theirs and they are mine and in spite of all my flaws and theirs we love each other unconditionally .  They are mine to spoil and I do. I am their shelter when they feel they need someone to come to, or need to feel safe. Whether they have done something wrong, or not, they know that I am there for them. I will not let them think that being wrong is okay, but neither will I ever turn my back on them because I am disappointed.

These little children are my treasures; the sparkle in my eyes and the bounce in my step. They have turned a tough old coot into a toy at times and have made and old man smile. They have completed my circle and made me whole. I thank God everyday for changing my life so that I could enjoy this time with them. They keep me young and up to date and I adore them completely. Yes I am GrandPa and I love everything about it.

About archemdis

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