Revelations of a Broken Heart

Is Royal West Academy For You? / Do you have the right stuff $$$$$?

Is Royal West Academy For You? / Do you have the right stuff $$$$$?

My granddaughter is very smart and has always done well in school.  My granddaughter is very pretty, loves, volley ball and loves to be on Facebook.  Her secret problem started when she was offered the opportunity to go to Royal West Academy, an upscale semi private high school. It is what in my day was called a high school for the rich kids. Parents who could afford to send their children here did to keep them away from the bad influences supposedly found in the public school system.  These academies were designed to give these rich children a push in the right direction with the best teachers and a curriculum designed for success.  The school by design had the rich meeting with the rich and making important contacts while young that could lead into merger marriages, or business deals later in life. Field trips to Europe, skiing trips, rugby and golf were all part of the curriculum; they were the sport of the rich.  Not much has changed except that if you are poor and are smart the academy will allow you to test and if you pass they will let you attend their school. My granddaughter passed her parents were thrilled and her silent nightmare began.

My granddaughter told me in her 1st year that she was embarrassed by her teacher’s comments in school and I asked her why? She said that every time the teacher was trying to explain something to the class about something pertaining to Black people, or poor people he would say, “isn’t that right to her?” and the whole class would look at her.   I told her to speak to her teacher and ask him to stop that, and tell him it made her feel uncomfortable.  She said that she would rather not and did not want him to be mad at her. I thought no more of it, because she never talked about it again, her marks stayed high and she appeared to be happy.

Then the field trips came, her mother’s divorce and not enough money for the extras that seemed a necessity if you were attending that school.  The girls in her group started saying things like,” were going shopping, but I guess you don’t have enough money to come, so we will just see you tomorrow”.  There would be no more hot chocolate dates with her friends’ after school and often the school would have to donate some of the money towards her field trips if she was to go. Her dad had stopped providing child support and in fact he quit working sued for custody of his oldest son and was granted it from the courts and used this custody to sue for child support from my daughter and got that too. Now there was no money extra money for anything and in fact they were barely making ends meet. I helped where I could, but the money just was not there and still she said nothing just kept studying and smiling and getting good marks.

At this point my granddaughter is suffering on the inside and keeping it all to herself and had been doing so for 2 years. She is doing great and on the honor roll for the second year her best 2 girlfriends at Royal West Academy come to my house to watch movies eat popcorn and hang out and they even do a couple of sleep overs, but I am beginning to sense that all is not quite what it should be. My granddaughter seems to be embarrassed that she is not rich like her friends.

I had Thanksgiving dinner this year and while we are sitting having a quiet GrandPa and granddaughter moment she tells me that her 2 best friends are no longer her friends. They had pulled her aside in the hall at school and explained to her that they were never really her friend and that they were only pretending to be her friend because they were afraid not to be; because she was from the ghetto and everyone knows how tough and mean ghetto blacks can be.  They went on to say that continuing their relationship with her was just bringing too much stress into their lives and they needed to be free of her. How alone she must have felt at that moment. The tears were welling up in her eyes as she fought to keep her voice from cracking, but she went on and not one tear fell. My heart ached for her, but she did not seem to want my opinion, but rather she wanted me just to listen and let her vent and so that is what I did.

Her ex-best friends asked if when they passed in the halls if she could still act like they were friends and try not to hurt them. She told them where to go and walked away.

My granddaughter no longer wants to be in Royal West Academy and feels that she does not belong there. She longs for the public school system again where her friends were her friends and her enemies were out in the open. Next year will be the prom and she fears that she will have no date and will stand out even more than she does now.

I feel bad for her, because she did not need Royal West Academy, she was doing just fine where she was and she was happy with her friends. This child would have done well no matter what school she attended. My granddaughter has discovered some hard truths about prejudice, racial profiling and stereotyping at an early age. I would like to say that I am shocked by what her friends have done to her, but I am not. My granddaughter was the token black friend and probably being friends with her afforded her so-called friends some protection benefit, who knows for sure, but what is clear is that she will never forget the day she was betrayed and how much it hurt.

Hopefully she will finish her senior year at Royal West Academy and graduate with honors.  The gossip about coming clean about their friendship is on Facebook and she has blocked them from her site. There are no more tears in her eyes now, but some how she does not look as innocent, or as naive as she used to. There is a harder look in her face now when she talks about the friends she has a not so trusting way of talking about them. Before going to Royal West Academy my granddaughter would have said that there was no prejudice of any kind in her world; she can no longer say that. Only time will tell how this one day will affect the rest of my granddaughter’s life, but that it will is for sure.

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5 Responses to Revelations of a Broken Heart

  1. Wen-Hong Zhu says:

    RWA is a highly competitive school. The problems there might be common for all competitive high schools. If doing right, the emotional hurting can be converted to unstoppable power toward study. As a visible minority Canadian, I can assure you that there is no mark manipulation inside RWA. If you do well, you get a higher mark. There are many awards in each year’s award ceremony. These awards are handled out only based on marks. Wish your granddaughter success.


    • archemdis says:

      Dear Wen, May I first thank you for wishing my granddaughter well, it is more than she got from the faculty or administration at RWA. My granddaughter is an honor role student and holds an over 90% average in all of her subjects. She was on the honor role and the deans list before going to RWA, while she was attending RWA and after she left. The academic challenges and competition was not her problem. The only problem with my granddaughter was she could not compete monetarily and in the end where she lived, the color of her skin and her bank account became an issue with her friends and she became the object of their cruelty. I do not think that children need to be treated cruelly to achieve and that is not the motivational help we were seeking for her. I think that being made to stand out because you are a minority is wrong. I wrote 2 more posts after this one dealing with how things affected my granddaughter and how the school handled her problem and none of it was good. I posted the correspondence between the school and myself so people could judge for themselves. When students are bullying and acting in a prejudice manner I think it is the schools responsibility to get involved. How is it that you can give these assurances about grading and the like are you a student, or a member of the faculty? I lived this with my granddaughter and I watched her skip school to get away from the bullying and I watched the school do nothing. Maybe the school was okay for you and is okay for many others, but it was not okay for my granddaughter and I did not like the way she was handled and the fact that there was no investigation to speak of. I am glad that your opinion of the school is so high, but I just do not agree. Have a great evening and thank you for sharing how you feel about RWA. I will of course be posting your comment along with my reply.


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  3. fugue4life says:

    That is terrible. I just think that when she is older, she too will look back and say, man, I wish I could go back in time and straigten out that idiot that felt comfortable mind f’ing me in front of my peers.

    I don’t think someone like that would be able to be set straight though. That is some insideouse beavior. It reminds me of a deviant character I write about named Hoax.

    Best of luck with all of that.



    • archemdis says:

      I hope so. She is a strong little girl. I just feel that sometimes people can be so iinsensitive to children and children can be so mean to other children. There are no winners here and we will try to minimize the scars. Thank you for you comments and I am going to check out Hoax. Have a great evening.


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