Words That Go Unheard / Letter To The Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada

Michael Ignatieff

This is a copy of  a  letter I sent to Michael Ignatieff.  Mr. Ignatieff  is the current leader of The Liberal Party of Canada who are the Official Opposition in our Canadian Parliament.  They are supposed to represent a balance a voice of Canadians who did not vote for Mr. Harper and a kind of grounding wire for the Harper government and away to keep them honest and working for all Canadian people.


I wrote 3 letters today the 1st to Michael Ignatieff, the 2nd to Jack Layton and the 3rd to Stephen Harper. I wanted to tell them personally how I feel about their approach to politics and what it means to me and perhaps more  Canadians as well.   Here is the 1st letter to Michael Ignatieff.  Leader of the Official Opposition and Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. I have put his picture in the post so those of you who do not know of him by name might recognize his face. 

Dear Sir,
My name is Arche Mdis and I am from Montreal, Quebec and I have some issues with the way you and your Liberal Party are behaving and how you have decided to be the official opposition for life. Are you all deaf blind and dumb. Do you not see what the conservatives are doing; can you not hear them laughing at you and this country; have you lost your voice to speak for us the Canadian people? I used to think that all Canadian politicians at least wanted what was good for Canada and were perhaps a little misguided when they tried to translate this into actions, but I am not so sure of that these days.  I understand the Blocs actions because they make no secret as to their purpose. The Bloc is only interested in how things benefit or hurt Quebec and in trying to squeeze every last thing in can for Quebec while waiting and trying to separate from Canada.  What is wrong with the rest of you though?
Why have you allowed this bully of a man Stephen Harper and his cronies to do the things they do while you sit and show your support of them as you vote with them time after time and then whine later. By this I mean you have had plenty of chances to remove this man from office, yet you say Canadians do not want another election; translation Liberals do not think the climate is right for them to win. Your party is like a boxer who has taken a bad beating in the ring and has lost their will to fight and the confidence to try.  How long do you and your party intend to let Canada suffer under this maniac before you act?
Mr. Harper has made your party a laughing-stock at every turn. He has played you like a fiddle and made you dance to his jig; pulling your strings as though you and your party were mere marionettes. Sir, how are you any different from Mr. Dion and how under your leadership are the Liberals any different as a party?  How can you expect a nation’s people to vote for you when you show day after day that your party has no backbone and no self-confidence in what you want for this country? To sell it you must first believe in it
The longest journey starts with the first step sir and it is high time you took it. You sir and the Liberals have a long way to go, but your first step is to take action and stop waiting on polls. Canada needs to get back to our Canadian values and we need a party that is not ashamed of being Canadian.  If you and your party do not take the step towards becoming a real party of action again than you and they are just as responsible for the destruction of Canada and its total assimilation into Statehood as that fool who sits at the head of the Canadian government today.
Sir Canadians grow weary of the witch hunts and the laws created to take away our rights and freedoms.  We were never a people of war and war atrocities.  We were respected as a voice of reason around the world; now we are shunned as an American clone and all you do is sit on your hands and wait for a sign that will never come. Your first step must be one of faith. You must prove that you trust the Canadian people and let us show you that we trust you.
The Conservatives are faltering at every turn. Their ignorance, lies and total disregard for Canadians, democracy and the rule of law has caught up to them and is choking them. The question is, will you step up to the plate, or stand there quaking in your boots and let them recovery politically yet again?
In closing I would like to say that if you are not part of the solution than we Canadians consider you part of the problem. If you do not think that you are good enough to lead the country back to its proud heritage than neither do we.  We are waiting for a sign from you and there you sit.  It is rumored that all you Liberals really want is to pick up your pay check and the fear of losing that if and election is called keeps you from calling one. I for one hope this is not true, because your country needs you and your party to step up to the plate.
Trust in yourself and get up and walk. You may stumble and fall down, but your legs will get stronger with every attempt. You can not win if you do not run.  We the Canadian people are waiting for you to either compete, or step aside and let someone with courage and a vision lead the party to victory. Surely there must be one, or two amongst you who calls themselves a Liberal, up to the task. 
   Thanks for listening to me, 

                                            Arche Mdis

Watch this slideshow of the Old Port of Montreal and Old Montreal. If you come to my city and do not go to these two places you have not seen Montreal at all.  

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