Words That Go Unheard / Letter to Jack Layton

Mr. Layton,

Is everything just a game?

 My name is Arche Mdis and I live in Montreal Quebec and I have some issues pertaining to the role you have chosen for you and your party to play in parliament. You have decided to keep your paycheck for you and your party members by being a king-maker, or a tie breaker if you will. This approach to may be good for you and your MPs to keep food on their tables, but does little for us who are looking for a stable government doing the types of things we elected them to do.
While you and your party are splitting the vote for the Liberals, and causing the Conservatives to get minority after minority government the people of Canada suffer waiting for Mr. Layton to hold yet another ear to ear, grinning press conference to tell us that he will decide which way he is voting in due course. I feel like it is now become a game for you sir and so do a lot of Canadians. It seems to me that you are a stumbling block  to real work getting done on Parliament Hill. I would suggest that if you want to lead the country politically and have your ideas and ideals shape the country’s future run a serious campaign, or stop wasting Canadians time with your 15 minutes of fame interviews.
We see through this way of operating we are not all naive as you politicians seem to think we are. We loved you when we thought you really wanted to take your turn at governing and putting some of those sound good on television ideas into practice, but now that we know that you are not even trying to be Prime Minister and are content with being the king-maker we are not so enamoured. Anyone can say what they would do if  elected and make it as rosy as possible if they never intended to win.  You could make yourself virtually able to do the next to impossible; better than all of the other politicians, because you would know that you would never have to follow through. 
Your way of doing politics is killing this country Mr. Layton and has allowed a dictator name Stephen Harper to, fire, torture and politically assassinate anyone who disagrees with his policies. While you smile for the cameras and promise things that you can not deliver Canadians are suffering, the people you claim to want to help.  We are making laws to stop immigrants from coming here on mass under the guise of protecting Canada and the world from terrorism is a this the Canadian way?  I know you think that you and your party’s let’s make a deal on one issue at a time politics is making a difference, but you are killing babies and fathers and mothers at ground zero.
We are dying while you take bows for little things. Children are dropping out of school because they can no longer afford to go because of tuition hikes and reduction of government aid and still you grin.  The unemployment rate is climbing and still you grin.  A 15-year-old Canadian boy has been abused by the United States for over 7 years and it is still  going on and still you grin and barter for small favours from a madman.  Our veterans are treated like crap and still you grin and hold a press conference to tell us what we already know; Mr. Harper is the Prime Minister who would be king.  
I would say this to you, ” if ever you would like to take your party to the next level and be a serious contender for running a candidate for Prime Minister I think that it would be interesting to see how you do and would love to see you win, but if you and your party have no desire to win then you should really consider closing your party down; there is enough political confusion without your help. As I told Mr. Ignatiieff you can not win a race you do not run, or run with the intention of losing.” 
In closing I would just like to say that although you may think you are doing good for Canada take this opportunity to reevaluate yourself and your party and I am sure you will come to the right conclusions. Thank you for listening to me. I have sent a letter to the head of the official opposition and will be sending one to the nut who sits as the leader of the conservative party Mr. Harper. Have a great day and stop settling for being a bridesmaid and let you and your party become the bride.(smile)  
                                                                                                                        Arche Mdis

Below is the slideshow of park Adrien D. Archembrault in Montreal.  This park is simply delightful and a nice place to bring the kids to get fresh air.

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