My Fellow Americans

Just what is it all about? We fight, we kill and we die and we do all of this for what? We know that it is impossible to bring about an atmosphere for democracy at the point of a gun, but we continue to kill those who disagree with our views on how to run a country. 

  1. We remove heads of state from legitimate, sovereign  governments and justify this action by saying that they are not democratic therefore they do not deserve to exist, or they allow drugs to be mass-produced in their country and they end up on our streets therefore we have the right to over throw them, or assist in their being overthrown.
  2. We  remove heads of state who commit atrocities against their own people e.g. arresting them without due process, whisking them away in the middle of the night without their families knowing where they are and for how long if every until they will be allowed to return; yet we come at night into the homes of these same people and drag them out of their homes call them terrorists and take them out of their country and deposit them thousands of miles away from their homeland in our private Island jail called  Guantanamo Bay.   While they are in our island detention center they will have no lawyer, no rights and will virtually become invisible to the rest of the world and this is all before we know if the suspicions of their terrorist activities are justified in proof.
  3. We remove heads of state in sovereign countries for crimes against humanity, such as the torture of prisoners, committing acts of genocide etc; yet we create places like Guantanamo Bay, where we torture prisoners and say the ends justify the means. We systematically are trying to wipe the Muslim  faith off of the earth and replace them with Christianity and call any who resist terrorists

My point is this that talk is cheap and people are not stupid. They see through the rhetoric and when you kill, or arrest their leaders and then you become the leaders you removed; they hate you for it even more than they hated them.

  1. Noriega president of Panama kidnapped and jailed by the USA

     Noriega, considered “outstanding” at the SOA, is on the CIA payroll (to the tune of up to $100000 a year) from the mid-’60s to the mid-’80s.  Noriega a head of state of  Panama, a sovereign nation that we arrested threw into jail without due process, or benefit of a real trial and when we were done sent him off to France to be tried again and further detained. I am not saying that he should not have gone up on charges to a world court, but I do wonder what would have been the reaction had he grabbed a United States president, or government official. 

  2. The Shaw of Iran found out what having the USA in your corner really means

    4 Nov 1979 … The cozy relationship between the Shaw of Iran and the United States angered extremist Muslim Ayatollah Khomeini, who was exiled in France. The Shaw of Iran we put into power gave weapons and military intelligence than when it became us, or him, we chose us. The return of the Ayatollah Khomeini signaled the return of the radical Muslims to power in Iran and we did not give a damn. We plunged those people a 1,00o years back in time to a time of  tyrannical rule and loss of rights and just walked away. They hate us because we betrayed them. The weapons they use to defeat us are the weapons we gave them. The people do not trust us because we have proved to them that when the going gets tough the United States gets going and it is always in the other direction.  

  3. Saddam was called a liar as we invade his country, tried him and murdered him. There were no weapons of mass destruction and we knew it before we went.

    Saddam Hussein was dictator of Iraq from 1979 until 2003, when his regime was overthrown by a United States-led invasion and murdered after a kangaroo court trial; again I wonder what would happen if they decided to grab sway George Bush and try him for crimes against humanity committed by him and his government against their country and countrymen; would we go to war and why?  Saddam told his people what to expect from the people who place themselves above international law and how we would not honor our promises and how we would take their religion from them and their dignity. He told them what we really wanted and that he had no weapons of mass destruction and that we were liars.  He told them that we hade come not as liberators, but as occupiers and that we would rape, pillage and destroy all that was good as well as bad and then we would leave and that which his people had allowed us to convince them were crimes against humanity would seem like a walk in the park; today with hardly any infrastructure, no police force, no army, or self-defense, no school system no roads in fact no government that can actually stand without outside help was he a liar or were we?   

Now after all is said and done we have decided to break yet another promise and leave the people the way Saddam said we would, worse off then they ever were and wishing we had left well enough alone.  Al Qaeda still holds sway in this region of the world and our once allies are returning to the rebels with our guns, bullets and Intel. We are going to lose American lives to weapons and ammunition and Intel supplied by us. It would be understandable maybe if this was the first time this has happened, but it is not. I will ask again, we fight, we kill and we die and we do all of this for what?

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