Why Do We Still Need Private and Semi – Private Schools In Canada?

I know why they were needed in the past, but what is the need for  them now, since we are supposed to be treating everyone the same as far as getting the chance to be educated, trained to become productive citizens?  Why do I feel like the rich and well to do are still holding on to the thought that they have a right to better and are still trying to keep the poor and undereducated right where they are.  I said in an earlier post that if the public school system is so great as the government claims why are the rich afraid to send their children there.

I personally think that there should be no such thing as a private school. No Hebrew School, no Chinese, no Hellenic school, no Black schools, no academies, no private or, semi private schools; I think that their should be just government-run and funded schools. whether they be trade schools, schools for the academic high achievers all schools barring none when it comes to elementary and high school level should be  federal government-run and funded. It is in this way that all children will get an equal chance at an education and a better chance at being prepared for life.

There are other benefits to be gained as well maybe the poor and the rich a like cold learn something from each other, like there are more important things in life than what and where someone comes from. the rich and better off could see first hand the needs and hardships of their not so well off friends. Perhaps then not so well off coud learn how the rich think and how all rich people are not selfish and unfeeling.

I know that one blessing for the poor right away is that the rich will never be satisfied with their children being educated by 2nd rate teachers hence the need for academies, private and semi private schools, so the government would be forced to keep the schools up to a level of excellence now only enjoyed by the rich.

Once the schools are all under the federal government control again I think that the of all of  the  religious, ethnical and political clubs should be removed from the schools.  I was in one in high school  where these clubs ended up being more segregating and polarizing then helpful.  They actually divided the school along racial, religious and ethnical line and help to strengthen our already learned prejudices.  I am all for the math club,  the history club and so on, that actually have some educational benefit, but the rest can go. 

In think that the learning atmosphere must be brought back into the school.  Teachers need to be allowed to teach again and encourage children to think and exchange views without the need to put down the other person. I think that teaching needs to become more than just a baby sitting job with an animator, like you find in most public schools now. You do have to pay for what you want and it is the only way you will attract the very best and most intelligent to teach in the school system.  We spend millions on jails and the taking care of criminals, so why not spend that money on preventive actions like teaching our children before they give up and turn to a life of crime?

In closing I would like to say from experience that sending  poor children to private school does not work because they do not have the special tools, the tough skin, or the savvy to deal with the born wealthy. They are often humiliated by the teachers staff and students.   They are picked on when they return to their neighborhoods out of jealousy. The other kids in the hood think that these children feel they are above them because they go to a better school or an academy.  They stick out like a sore thumbs and suffer discrimination from all sides. You may be able to dress down, but it is difficult with no money to dress up. Field trips hot chocolate dates are not an option to poor children.

I think that it would be better if the federal government took back  the responsibility for maintaining and funding our school system and that only one system should apply for all. In short form I do not want my grandchildren being trained to be a better Quebecers, or Torontonians,  better Christians,or Muslims; I just want them to learn how to get on in this world and be the best human being they can be. I want them at the end of the day to end up having the same opportunity as everyone else in the realization of their dreams.

The provinces have made education a political issue. In Quebec for example they have made the learning in French and the non learning in English the only issue in education. They close  English schools and refuse to update English teaching tools on a regular basis and the federal government says we can not do anything it nis the provinces jurisdiction.  This is an easy cop-out and can be used because the people with money send their children to private and semi private schools. I bet you a dollar to a donut if their children were suffering they would be some hell to pay and things would change.

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  1. Quebec is afraid to look at it’s own dark side and needs first to get it’s own house in order. The Quebec governments, politicians, police, administrators certainly are still too soft on dealing with crimes, inadequacies so is the federal government. Imagine this thousands of people do now die in Hospitals per year because of the Hospitals inadequacies and it still basically is allowed to happen.. even cause not too much is being done about it still too. People even die waiting in the emergency wards for years now too. Arrest the Premier, Health Minister, Hospital director, the Quebec Ombudsman, and the main Doctor at the Hospital, emergency room for criminal neglect of a sick person, after all they know about the problems for a long time and they did nothing good about it. http://thenonconformer.wordpress.com/2010/10/17/t


    • archemdis says:

      I for one think that the federal government has sold Canadians out and given up the responsibilities of looking after it’s citizens to the provinces. It is like they feel they have nothing to do except collect taxes and then pay the province to do what needs to be done. That they have become like absentee parents bothers me to my heart. They do not care if the money, our money goes where it should and if it helps out where it is needed. All it is paying for is the right to say I gave the money and it is not my fault, blame them. You are right not enough of the leaders have to pay for their apathy. We must as a people take the power back from them and stop fighting each other. Republican, Liberal, Concervative , Democrat, French, English, Muslim and Jew are all suffering and all being devided; to keep us fighting each other, distracted, weakened and blind to what they are not doing. thank you for your comments and have a great day!


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