Two Peas In A Conservative Pod


Kenny, Toews and Day ( The Three Stooges )


 Jason Kenny,Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism and Safety Minister Vic Toewsat it again.  How much time and energy do these two idiots intend to waste trying to get Canadians to be non Canadian.  Why the over attention to the Tamils. History has proved that every time there is an influx of non white immigrants on the West Coast there comes a movement to keep the numbers down and I think this is another attempt of many we have seen in the west. 

The Chinese and Japanese remember all too well how they were treated when they came to Canada; the prejudices they faced; the laws created just to curtail their movements and the forced relocations and deportations; the head taxes and the shouts to keep the West for us pure and free of certain ethnic foreigners. 

East Indians and Pakistanis are talked about and treated like dirt from Toronto to Vancouver.  People I have worked with for years and who are normally decent people say things like,”you can’t go into a grocery store, or a gas station, or restaurant that they do not own and how they have taken jobs away in every sector from real Canadians.”  Take a ride from the  west coast to the  east coast or visa versa and you will note that the dividing line for racial graffiti in the warerooms starts and ends in Toronto; almost non-existent going east of Toronto and growing in strength and viciousness the further west you go. Listen on the cb radios and hear the jokes and nasty comments about the sand niggers, chinks and niggers.  I am in no way saying that there are no prejudices east of Toronto, but in my travels they have been minor and the flavor less bitter.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Now one would think that a country who tried to get a United Nations seat would be saying get here how you can and we will give you shelter, but not these two morons. This new law is a  more modern,sophisticated version of the same tune, but with a dangerous twist.  What these two good old boys are trying to do is stop refugees of a certain race and ethnicity from getting to safety in Canada. What they arte in fact suggesting is that it would be better if they went somewhere else.  Let the any number more than 50 die right where they are, but to bring them to Canada means suffering for them, extended waiting and processing time  and jail for those who helped them get here.  Real people, real suffering, real deaths in fact we are giving any number above 50 a death sentence in some instances and Vic Toews and Jason Kenny and company see nothing wrong in what they are doing, but do you?

  Now to stop this one group of people these two fools and their party would make a law that would effectively block all refugees from coming in numbers of more than 50 no matter what the danger and no matter what the circumstances at a time and  all of this to what end.  If we want to be like Australia than we need to adopt an immigration policy that forbids all people of color from immigrating to Canada, and state clearly that refugee status will be denied to any refugees that are not of certain religious or ethnical persuasion. Canada needs to be  transparent in our prejudices and ideologies, so that people in danger of being killed do not see this country as a refuge and know to steer clear of Canada less they be imprisoned, or sent back to where they were running from. 

We are starting to get the reputation of a closed-minded, heartless country driven solely by an economic agenda based in greed. If you are mad because of what I said about the west coast that is just too bad; the truth is the truth. I have travelled this country many times and I know of what I speak.  Do not be mad work to change it. This is within every Canadians power if they decide they do not want this stain on their history from this point on. just for the record though why do they keep getting your vote and why when they want to announce these measures do they do them from Calgary, or in other western parts of Canada? Could it be they think that they have your support?

Those of you who are not prejudice and do not feel this way power to you and this post is not meant for you, but I do not hear your voice shouting for these people’s right to live in a world without fear.  The world sat quietly by while the Jews of Europe were all but wiped out. Wake up Canada this end run to make legal the detaining and killing of  men,women and children is not going unnoticed by the rest of the world. That it is targeted at a certain type of refugee has not gone unnoticed by the rest of the world. that we are allowing it to happen, has not gone unnoticed by the rest of the world.

Stockwell Day

I would ask what has happened to Stockwell Day the Christian fellow full of hope and dreams for Canada? I wonder how he looks at himself in the mirror these days? Oh that is right he was bought off and it is a very expensive conservative magic mirror he looks in, thank you very much. Mr. Day is, President of the Treasury Board of Canada and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway. As you see he is in the back round pulled out for photo opts when needed.

Then there is he who wanted to be king first, but could not stand up to the bullying of Stephen Harper. Stephen Harper in my opinion bought Peter MacKay support for leader of the joint parties for the Minister of Foreign Affairs appointment. This posting kept Peter out of the country and allowed Mr. Harper to consolidate his power without interference and losing any misplaced

Peter MacKay

loyalty to Petey boy.  When they decided he was useless there they gave him his new position as a puppet. As defence minister they could use him and there was no threat of him saying, or doing the wrong thing and he could be easily controlled.  All threats to his throne and power  bought and paid for and reusable time after time.  We are now seeing the fruit of the Harper labor as they try to bully these laws and ways of war through parliament without the democratic process.

I believe it is a sad day for Canada and Canadians when the people of the world see us as country to be considered as unsafe to seek shelter in if you are not the right color, or  practice the wrong religion or speak a different language.  whether you are a bigot personally, or not does not matter; your country is getting the reputation of being one and you by association.


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    • archemdis says:

      Why thank you Chantal, you may not always like what I write, but you can count on one thing that I call things like I see them and will not beat around the bush. Have a great day!

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      Hello and welcome use whatever you like as often as you like. I like to get the word out that is my only goal. Have a great night.

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    Thanks for taking the time to share this, I feel strongly about it and love reading more on this topic. If possible, as you gain knowledge, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me.

    • archemdis says:

      Marlys the battle is raging on right now on the House of Commons floor. The Harper led Conservatives are pulling out all fo the stops, using all of their best Gorge W. Bush fear mongering tactics, but this one will not fly. Everyone is wise to what is going on and nobody is buying it. I will indeed be updating soon. I am just waiting to see if all sides hold firm. Thank you for your kind words Have a great evening!

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    • archemdis says:

      I am glad you are inspired and thank you for your kind words. I hope that you will join with me and write about what is going on in this world, as you see it. When things are going right I tend to leave them alone lest the powers that be use them to justify what is bad. Write from your heart and you will do just fine and tell it like it is. Have a great day!

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    • archemdis says:

      You are correct I did have a little fun, although I do take the situation very seriously. I think all politicians are shady and need to be exposed for who they realy are; lest we end up fighting each other over them, like one is better than the other. Thank you for your comments and do come again. Have a great evening!

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