Russell Williams / Why No Pension Or Medals?

Russell Williams

Russell Williams, the former commander of Canadian Forces Base Trenton and a decorated pilot, was sentenced to two life sentences on Thursday for the first-degree murders of Cpl. Marie-France Comeau and Jessica Lloyd. He will not be eligible for parole for 25 years. Many legal experts are saying, given the body of evidence against Williams, that he will most likely never be set free.

Dishonorably discharged from the military and go to jail with no possibility of parole for 25 years  agreed, but no pension and no medals disagree.  Why should his family lose what he has paid into for them?    Why are his medals for past service being taken away from him?  What does his family being taken care of have to do with all of this and how does this veterans crimes erase this veterans acts of brave service?

Other disgraced government employees do not lose their pensions or have all the honors they have earned while in public service removed from their public records,  like politicians, heads of crown corporations who misuse their authority and deliberately do things that are against the laws of Canada and end up  hurting and destroying  families and lives in the millions. Lawyers who commit fraud that send people jumping from roof tops, doctors that do unethical things that lead to the death of people do not lose the accolades for their surgical techniques, or life saving innovations to medicine, so why the veteran who is obviously mentally deranged and seems to have gotten that way while in service to his country whether you like that idea, or not.; why him and not the rest?

It is because we in this country glamorize white-collar crime.  We need to act like we are punishing the scamps, but it is not all that bad; hell half of the time we are laughing and cheering for the guy.  People are jumping from roof tops and have lost all that they had and we justify it saying that they suffer because they were greedy.  Politicians we say are just being politicians and they would never pass a law that would see them being denied their pension, or go to jail so what is the use.   You can’t even get a doctor, or member of the legal profession into court without the consent of their peers. Now what doctor or lawyer is going to let this happen when tomorrow it could be him.

No let us pick on the guy who flew the missions for this country; let us not just punish him, let us totally humiliate his whole family and deny them a living, or any sympathy , or help.  I say get the guys family some help they are going to need it to get through this rough time. They are probably never going to recover either from this tragedy. 

The military could have said that he served well and before he became unhinged was a great officer. They could have said that because of the crimes he would be removed from military service and that they hoped he would get the professional help he needed and that in spite of his actions they would be standing by his wife and children in this their hour of need and would be offering their support to both of these innocent  families during the long and difficult times ahead of them. They could have done something along this line instead of abandoning him and his family to the wolves.

I read a comment to an article which some one said that he thought that if they were taking everything from this rapist, murder and ex-commander hero than when people committed fraud in these huge scams which have resulted in loss of life due to suicide that they should receive the same punishment as this commander.  There was righteous indignation and some pretty harsh words for the 1st commenter. How dare he compare the rapist murder to a white-collar crime. I think the guy who said punish them the same was right for these reasons.

  1. These crimes are a violation of  trust.
  2. These crimes lead to the suffering of others.
  3. These crimes are premeditated
  4. These crimes affect total families
  5. These crimes lead to the death, or  the wish for death by the victims 

I for one think that anyone should be able to see that this guy is no longer playing with a full deck and needs to be helped for his problem. I think that the family of this man needs to be recognized as innocent. It is them who will have to live with the shame and ridicule of this sick human being  for the rest of their lives and where ever they go. They do not need the added stress of wondering where the means to survive will be coming from. 

I take nothing away from the sorrow and the loss that this mad mans actions have caused the victims, or their families, but they are not the only innocent people suffering and this should not be forgotten, or lost sight of  in our need to punish the guilty person. It is high time we stopped thinking that the only crimes that cause the death of others are violent, or drug related. More lives are probably ruined and families destroyed forever by unscrupulous politicians, doctors, lawyers, bankers , but none of them will lose a thing and will probably write and sell the memoirs for millions of dollars after they come off of their speaking tours.  Before we start to take all from one let us make sure that all who commit acts that hurt and ruin the lives of others are dealt with in the same way. 

  1. A mother who abused her four children for years got a sentence of 4 years at the request of a crown prosecutor who thought that was a fair sentence and that justice was being served.
  2. A man who conned money out of seniors and preyed on an entire community got 11 1/2 years in jail.
  3. A coach who raped little boys got out in 3 years.
  4. Priest are still being protected by the Catholic Church.

In all of this no one lost a pension, or anything else and none of their families were made to suffer, so again I ask why the veteran. we used his wife to get him to confess; will we now use his wife to punish him as well? If we do this what doe this make us? 

I need a  walk to clear my head right now I think I will to this park and try to forget what is in my head for a few hours and reconnect with life the way it should be; at peace and in harmony with all things in its environment.

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8 Responses to Russell Williams / Why No Pension Or Medals?

  1. Johnny says:

    I think you stink


    • archemdis says:

      Johnny, I have allowed your comment because everyone has a right to their opinion even if it isn’t very much. I can accept that you think that I stink, but I would have loved to know why you think it, but I guess that I will have to just wait until a more articulate person who thinks the same way that you do about this post decides to put it into words. Have a great night Johnny and keep writing your helpful comments, drama dude! Just in closing Johnny why were you afraid to put your comment on the post you were referring to? You know the one that really pissed you off; the one where I said no matter what name you call it weed stinks. You are too funny!


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  3. troy says:

    I suppose they might have made an example out of him just to stress the point that military peoples are held to a higher standard. The problem though is that they’re just as human as anyone else. People are people …and spending years in training doesn’t mean you’re not going to screw up.


    • archemdis says:

      Well said Troy and this is my point we must never forget thast the moral compass we set must be equal and used always. Otherwise we are just lost adrift on the sea of imorrality and going now where. Have a great day Troy.


  4. troy says:

    I hadn’t known what his punishment was exactly.
    Great point.


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