Child Abuse 101( The Breaking and The Confession of Omar Khadr)

We took a child soldier and put him in jail; we  isolated him from all he knows and questioned him and tortured him and it still took 8 years to get him to break and get a confession that is suspect by the manner it was obtained.  As you wave your patriotic banners and run to your computers  to tell the world that Omar Khadr admitted to being guilty to all 5 counts and how he  told the judge that no one forced him to  recant his former pleas of not guilty; think of what this means in reality.

This action and decision by the United States Government and Armed Forces has put all Americans at risk where ever they go in the world. Children all over the world can now be targeted, especially American children and the children of their allies.  Children can be kidnapped  and accused of anything, held, tortured and found guilty after years of being held in jail, even killed. The people who resort to these tactics can and will say that the children were spies for the USA.  The people committing these horrific acts will have this farce to hold up as an example. An example to  the world court, or anyone who says they are child abusers, that it has been done before by the United States of America. This action shows that there is no sense of justice,  honor, or respect for world law, or our own.  The almighty United States has abused a child to gain a confession of guilt and the world looks on.  The democracies of the world move to distance themselves from us, lest they be contaminated  by association. 

In one action we have made ourselves to look like cowards who abuse children.  Of all of the captives we chose to force a confession out of a 15-year-old child.  We stood against the laws of our own country. We ignored the recommendations of our own high courts and the courts of the world.  We ignored the United Nations and the pleas from all of our allies to release him. only the politicians of the Conservative Government of Canada stands by this decision, as it does in all things that its pal Spike does, be they right or wrong  We rewrote the law of the land to suit our purposes and then we claimed that Omar Khadr got a fair trial.  Is it any wonder that the world sees us as arrogant?

We are so afraid to die that we have rewritten ands redefined the rules of war. No longer do we feel compelled to look the people we intend to kill in the eye. The horror of the battlefield alone would move politicians to end the wars, but now we kill from far away with bombs and high-powered rapid fire weapons hardly ever seeing who we are killing and giving war a bloodless clean image; making it seem almost painless.  March in the ground troops after the bombing runs for a photo opt and some policing and we are done.  We control the media and cry when a soldier dies of ours, like this is not what war is.

The only problem with this approach is when our soldiers who are now used to cleaning up the mess instead of fighting a war run into battle hardened fighters  on the ground, they seemed at odds with how to actually fight.  Hand to hand, street to street we lose every time to ill-equipped armies.  Faced with seeing real dead people they have killed our mentally unprepared soldiers developes battle shock symptoms.

After the 1st world war we had the right idea, we returned home and worked on the problems we had at home, improving the way of life for our people and this is what I think we need to do again. maybe if we leave the world alone, they will leave us alone and maybe we will all find peace.

This action has made anything  that we have to say about children’s rights, women’s right’s, civil rights and anything of a humanitarian nature nothing but a bunch of hot air.  Omar Khadr, will forever stand as a shining example of the United States of America‘s hypocrisy and inability to live with in the moral constraints and values that it expects the rest of the world to live within.  At first the world thought it understood what we were trying to accomplish just before we crossed the line and became who we said we were fighting against.  We are the modern-day fascist deme gods not the Christian democracy we pretend to be and just about everybody knows it save Canada. You are Spike the Bull dog and we are the little dog running beside you telling the world, ” his name  is Spike, Spike is my hero, he is so big and strong” and then we begin to annoy Spike and he swats us in the mouth and tells us to shut up in front of the whole world; we are not deterred, or ashamed we just keep right on giving praise, following and hero worshipping our pal Spike, the United States of America.

Are these wounds self-inflicted?

Who we call terrorists do not see themselves in this way at least  not when they are in their homeland and it is an occupying force interfering in their countries sovereignty.  They think  if someone from another country shoots at them in their country, that they and their allies  have the right to shoot back.  The USA’s  actions and subsequent jailing of Omar Khadr has told them that this is not so and that only the United States of America and its allies have the right to kill the enemy.

It would seem that since we could not get Osama bin Laden  we will take his children as our pound of flesh.  If Omar Khadr was an unwilling participant, only there because he was forced by his father; whose side do you think this child soldier now a man is on today?  Do you think he is hurt enough, or angry enough to fight you, maybe be a suicide bomber, maybe fly and airplane into a building?  This action against a child and the secretive way it is being carried out, is how home-grown terrorist are made. 

We are the anti christ; the spoiler of the world; the apocalypse  that God warned about in every religion and in every holy book on this planet;  We are the coming of the supreme liar, the destroyer of temples and the defiliers of children. We come with guns and bombs, promising peace and a better way of life;  We burn your crops, pollute your water and bomb your hospitals,then offer to sell you food and water and medical supplies for oil.  We have no side but the side that is loyal to what we want and our way of life, but we ask you to give up all that you know and follow us and trust us. We have done all this because we are love and want to save you from your self. We tell you if your God loved you would he would not  allow us to do this to you. We are the morning star, once the most beautiful angel in heaven, we are them that were cast out. 

With this action against a child we have shown our true colors to the world and our credibility rating is below zero on the humanitarian scale. Omar Khadr has become the hero/ freedom fighter and  American enemy #1  at the tender age of 15 years old and we have become what we tried to prove him to be.  We have backed ourselves  into a corner by keeping everything about the Omar Khadr case and  trial a secret.  Things could have been so much different if the United States of America, would have taken the opportunity to show this little boy he was wrong about the USA and that we were not the enemy, by insisting and then assisting in his rehabilitation.  On this historic day a young man will be staying in prison for killing one soldier that was there to kill him. This once great country allows its head to go under the water of immorality one last time. Perhaps never to be seen as a great nation ever again. 

To what God did he swear to tell the truth?

I would ask all Americans at home and abroad,”Do you feel any safer by the steps that our government have taken on our behalf since 9/11.  Do you feel that those terrorists have been taught a lesson and that we will never be attacked again?  I think you feel what is true; that you will never be safe now and that every step that our governments have taken has just made us prisoners in your own country, unable to feel safe in our own beds, let alone anywhere else in the world. So I would ask any of you what has it all been for and why are we keeping up this farce.  I wonder what the recruitment value is of a Omar Khadr, to Al-Qaeda for an imprisoned, child  martyr as opposed to the deterrent factor gained by such an action by the United States of America?   This case, this travesty of justice, law and human rights has for the mothers and fathers and families of muslim children everywhere that the infidels will stop at nothing to win a grain of sand, or drop of oil.  We can not be trusted because we fight with no honor and we respect no rule of law, man-made , or God made.  The value we place on human life is zero,which enables us to send bombs dropping on people in tents fighting, with small weapons from miles up in the air out of sight , and up to 600 miles out at sea, killing women and children sick and old while they sleep .  This is not fighting with honor; this is a cowards way; this is slaughter this is murder; this is a crime against humanity.

I blur when I talk about Canada and the USA; to me they are one and the same.  Canada is a puppet sitting on your lap and being controlled and told what to say; like a ventriloquist and his dummy.  We have lost our identity and are danger of losing our soul. So if you hear me say we in relation to me and Canada and also to me and the USA it is because I see no difference between our two governments at this time. 

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