Stephen Harper “Dada”


Definition of DEMAGOGUE

: a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power ( Stephen Harper and his Conservative party)
: a leader championing the cause of the common people in ancient times( Olivia Chow)

Examples of DEMAGOGUE

    His opponent called him a bigoted demagogue. <that politician is just a demagogue who preys upon people’s fears and prejudices> (Stephen Harper and company)

a leader championing the cause of the common people

“God bless CPAC”, the program that makes it impossible for the politician to say I did not say that.  I watched today as Jack Layton‘s wife, Olivia Chow stated her concerns for the new bill being introduced in the House of Commons and stated that she would support the parts that were not intended to hurt the people seeking asylum in Canada.  It is supposed to be a bill to punish people who profit  from the illegal smuggling people into Canada, but as Olivia Chow quite rightly pointed out it is a get tough on refugees fleeing to Canada on boats and ships bill, they are really trying to pass. A certain race of people fleeing to Canada is the real target; A certain race of people from a certain country that seem to be fleeing to Canada in every growing numbers that appear to be targeted in this bill and not smugglers.

I have said it before in my posts, that if this the only way they can flee is if get here is to pay for their passage and they do not have the appropriate papers allowing them to do so and Canada is not willing to arrange for them to get here,  what is it really that the Prime Minister and his party really saying with this bill? The Prime Minister and the Conservative Party are saying  that Canada does not want these types of refugees here and are trying to cut of their only mode of transportation from being readily available to them and if by some fluke they do get to our shores that Canada intends to see to it that their lives a living hell.

Olivia Chow went on to point out that she did not see how lengthening the clearing process was helping Canada or, the refugees and in fact that it was bad for Canada’s reputation as a safe haven for oppressed and people in fear of their lives to seek asylum in.  that the Conservative strategy would leave us supporting these refugees indefinitely in a jail situation which would cost the tax payer at least $90,000 dollars a year per refugee.

Olivia Chow, questioned why as a country Canada was following a process  being used by the Australians in this matter when even the Australians are abandoning this type of action when dealing with refugees? One because it was ineffective and two because it was seen by the international community as a human rights violation.

The response to her whole statement was for The Minister of Citizenship and immigration(Canada) Jason Kenny to stand up in the House of Commons and  call Olivia Chan a demagogue. If he meant in a sense that Olivia Chow, was leader championing the cause of the common people then I would have to agree with him. 

 Next time one of  Harper’s goons aka ministers talks to an ethnic minority in the House that is not on their side tell me what you see. Tell me of you see on their face and in their eyes what I saw when  Jason Kenny said what he said to Olivia Chow in the House of Commons today. I thought his look said, we are trying to stop people just like you from entering Canada illegally.

 Then there is the clause that would give the Minister to deny refugee status on a whim and making it impossible to bring before an independent tribunal contrary to Canadian law.  This in actuality is what they are after in each and every bill they put before the House of Commons. It is usually worded, ” Give the minister special powers at the ministers discretion  to deny, or do… to some one or certain people without  due process of law , or outside of Canadian law requirements that which could not be normally be done without said advance special authority.”  This is an attempt by this government to effectively limit and opposition to anything the government of the day chooses to do. It is a bold , yet sneaky way to create the a government without opposition and that means a dictatorship.

We must keep an eye on this law but what seems to be at risk more and more each day is the true reason for all of these rush bills and no debate laws is the total bringing down of the way the Canadian government operates.  I contend that the government is trying to enact as many laws and changes to already existing laws as it can. It is not the orignal law that is so damning it is the little clauses all but hidden in each and every bill they bring forth that give absolute power to the ministers in these portfolios to be used at the ministers discretion that are most troublesome. 

The rest of the bill content  is a red herring, of sorts; it is the ministerial power they are after. I guess they feel that if they flood the house with hundreds of changes to bills and a whole lot of new ones with these little power grabs in them some have to get through and be put into law and with the new law come that ministerial power.

I think this is why it seems like they are making duplicate bills and submitting to the house old Liberal bills they voted against when the Liberals were in power.  They are hoping and getting the support of one opposition leader, or the other with these little power grabs attached because the Liberals think they are getting their way and not looking past who originally purposed it. What the Conservative Government is seeking in reality is to have all ministers in all portfolios to be able to invoke and employ a veto to any issue it sees fit and to which the neither the Canadian people or the opposition parties can do nothing about. 

Wake up Liberals, NDP and Bloc and Canadian people of all religions, and ethnicity; they the Conservatives are using our fears, ignorance, racial intolerance to grab  total power and cut you all out of the process.  We are being led by the nose ring out of  a position of some power over what happens on a federal level  into powerlessness. Stephen  Harper is about to name himself Stephen Harper Dada, dictator and ruler for life.

A leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power.

I think that it is time to send a message to Stephen Harper and the Conservative party of Canada that we do not like his way of governing and that he can taste the same bitter taste of defeat we handed the Liberals when they got to big for their britches and thought themselves bigger than the people of Canada.  I think the Harper government should stop mirror imaging and realize that we do not see him as a being just a demagogue; we see him and his party as bigoted demagogues.  Leaders who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power.

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