I Wake Up Every Day To The Sounds Of The World Crying

 I wake up every morning at 5 am and my mind is full of things that were in my dreams and these days there is just nothing good.  I dream of my grandchildren growing up in a world devoid of humanity, my children suffering trying to make ends meet and the government adding more and more taxes for them, but giving big tax breaks to corporate Canada. I dream of pedophiles doing bad things to children for years and getting of with 3 years and less and I run to my computer and write. I have to write until once again I can wake up and I can not hear the world crying.

Am I writing because it reaches hundreds, or thousands and that some how my writing posts will change the world overnight; I do not think so. People do not like to be reminded they are greedy and insensitive and have let their fellow-man down miserably.  Most people would rather read fun stuff , or love stuff and there are enough people writing these types of posts. Most people do not even look at anything that is tagged politics, or activism, because they like what they have and will do anything to keep what they have even if it means turning a blind eye to the suffering of some one else.

No as long as children are getting raped in their beds, tried and imprisoned as war criminals, I will write about the not so fun things in our lives; As long as women are being abused and treated as second class citizens with no recourse available in law, I will continue to write about the things that we  do not want to remember. As long as we keep killing our planets, air ,water and trees, I will continue to write about the consequences of these actions. As long as we keep  killing off the wild animals of this planet to the point of extinction, I will keep right on writing about the injustices of this world we live in. As long as our politicians continue to tell us that none of the above matters, I will keep on writing and trying to inform as many as I can. This is my mission in life. The last thing I feel I must do and have to give to my grandchildren and their children a fighting chance and my greatest contribution to their future and to the world that we live in.

I grew up in one of the toughest areas in Montreal. I did everything bad that you can possibly think of and spent a lot of time paying for it behind bars as an adult and in juvenile detention as a child. I was angry from being abused in every manner possible before I was 14 years old. I do this because I do not want that life for our children, or grandchildren. Whether they become the hunter or the prey it makes no difference, they will suffer; we are all connected, the robber accidentally kills trying to get money for food and everyone suffers forever. The only way to stop the suffering is to stop the need to steal.

I do it because the one person who might read my posts may agree with me and tell some one else what I have said and so on and so on. I have hurt many growing up to satisfy my love of money and worldly things  and in the end I lost all of those things and rediscovered the important things in life; my family and my soul. I am the person on the ground, the person with no political ambition, who’s only motive is to make sure that everyone in the world knows of the human suffering going on in the world and there by remove the I did not know excuse.

Take a walk with me in my slideshow below.  When I am not writing, or working I like to visit nature parks and walking parks and take pictures. Follow the link these parks allow me to relax for a moment and just enjoy life. 

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I try to say what is on my mind and not hurt others, but some things need to be said whether they hurt or not and I do just that. I try to listen as well as talk, but my opinion is just that mine. You need not take it as your own, just respect the fact that I am entitled to it, as you are yours. I do read all comments, but will only answer, or allow to be displayed those which adress me by name, refer to the post by name in the comment, or that have been sent through the proper channels. In this manner I can tell whether the comment was meant for me and that it is not just spam.
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