Israeli Apartheid Week / If The Shoe Fits

Israeli Wall

 I do not get it; What is the rest of the world supposed to think of a nation that builds walls and separates families, has racist policies,and is committing genocide.  Shall the world rewrite the dictionary so that it can find a new word for what is going on in the Middle East more palatable for Israel.  Israel you attacked civilians in international waters and are guilty of murdering some  people once you boarded the ship. You claim you were justified and were attacked with benches and chairs, but none of this would have happened if you were following international law of the sea. This was not a good public relations move to be sure.

 I do not understand the Canadian government‘s position at all; we are like a parent who refuses to see that it is their child that is misbehaving and even when we do we maintain the position of we do not care; we will protect and disavow anyone who says or does anything bad against our child no matter what.  

Israel you have ruined every attempt by the world to find a peaceful solution to your problem through peace talk negotiations, with your grabbing of more and more land and your refusal to give back what does not belong to you and the taunting and goading of neighbors .  You are starving the people of Gaza and denying them the rights that you take for your self. How are we supposed to call you the chosen of God?  You are guilty of occupying land that does not belong to you and you are guilty of  torturing and humiliating your prisoners of war, both women and men.

Berlin Wall

You who once were housed in ghettos and forced to use passes and were separated from your love ones by a wall have learned nothing of from your experiences; who would have thought that you could do this to someone else? You have become the type of nation that nearly wiped you off the face of the earth. The state of Israel is an apartheid state and the Israeli government has adopted the position and fundamental values of Hitler’s Nazi Germany

Those students that have called for and got Israeli Apartheid week are the next leaders of this country and others and they see you for what and who you are and nothing you can do, or say short of changing your actions and policies will change their minds. If Israel is uncomfortable with the label of racist  then it must change it’s behavior. If you waddle like a duck and quack like a duck we will call you a duck. If you build walls, create ghettos, murder civilians, torture and humiliate your prisoners of war and pass racist laws designed to humiliate people in your lands; we will call your state Apartheid and the people responsible for it Nazis, because that  is who and what you have become. The reason you have become what

Humiliating prisoners by jewish female soldier

you are does not matter as it did not matter to the rest of the world why HitlerGermany felt they had the right to do what they did to you.

So keep building the walls, stealing land. Keep separating families and denying the Palestinians the right to exist and see how far your rhetoric gets you in world opinion.  You have lost the university youth and they are the future of the world and will be soon making the decisions on how to deal with the Middle East situation.  Up to the last year there would not have been but a handful of students who thought that you were guilty of such hateful crimes, but the times are a changing  and you are being viewed differently now.

Video: Israeli soldier dancing around blindfolded woman prisoner

Harper is the last Canadian leader who is going to be led by a ring through his nose which your guilt trip represents, into the never-ending war between you and everyone else in the region. Believe it or not there is better ways for us to spend money and time, than to bolster up your economy and a peace process when there is no real desire for  peaceful end to the solution. I wish we could put a dome around you and the whole region and let you all have at it untill your lust for blood and death was satiated. Yes like the way it sounds, or not you are what you are. If you are feeling bad about it change your ways.

Israeli Nuclear Weapon

The youth of the world also know that you have weapons of mass destruction and have vowed to use them should you see fit to do so. Germany was winning  too and had allies, but they were wrong and the world came together to stop them. Make sure the leaders of tomorrow do not have to come together to stop you.

I have many a Jewish friend here in Montreal and they are tired of your attempts to win your Zionist state by ay means necessary.  They are losing touch with you and your policies as quickly as you seem to forget all that your experiences should have taught you, in what should never happen to anyone and

Wall Mapped Out

should certainly not be happening by your hand.  Pictures speak a thousand words and these ones speak volumes.  I think that the students are right and you are right for feeling ashamed; now all that is left is for you to change.  Peace will only come to Israel when Israel wants peace more than land and total domination of the region and not a minute, or one life before.

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