Who You Elect Tells The world Who You Are America

As you go to the polls to vote in these mid-term elections ask yourself some of these hard questions  Then decide whether you want more of your children sacrificed for a slogan like the Sarah Palin types are spewing out, or do you want  a government with a leader that is not afraid to stand up for peace.  If you tie your president’s hands by voting in a majority of Republicans  it is you the voter who are shooting yourselves in the foot when it comes to change such as bringing your children home.  It is you who are shooting yourselves in the foot when you lose your houses because you are going bankrupt trying to pay for your  medical bills. It is you who are shooting yourselves in the foot when you are so hated in the world that people travel thousands of miles to bomb your cities and towns. It is the legacy that the Republicans have left you and the Democrats have been trying to fix.  I say to you this day, ” If you vote for war, and a government for the rich that screws the poor then you create millions of district 13s and we all know what that will lead to and it is anything but peace.  Vote for what you believe in, because your vote will determine what direction your country will take and how you be seen by the rest of the world. “

Some politicians would have you believe that everyone who has less than you are just lazy shiftless bum, immigrants who do nothing but collect government checks and that is why they need to have medic care, and college tuition help, but in  reality we know this is simply not true. Most people are where they are right now because the government screw ups, Savings and loans crash for one.

No one ever talks about bringing the price of anything down did you ever notice that. They all talk about the need to have, the need to tighten our belts and sacrifice, but no one talks about bringing the basic cost of living down.  That is okay when talking about something you can get along without, but it is not okay for the necessities of life.  Why go fight a war that leaves you not being able to go to the hospital when you are sick. That lets the banks take your homes and sells your future for profit doing business with the country you are at war with.  These are the questions you should be asking rather than what religion the president is.  

When a person, or a political party makes errors in judgement we should expect the same in government as we do with our children and neighbors, the truth.  This, It wasn’t me shaggy approach to politics really sickens me.  They talk to us like we are stupid and we react and vote them in like a love-sick teenager; knowing better, but not seeming to be able to see the truth.

The Republicans have lied, cheated and used every dirty trick in the book to get you to hate each other enough to vote the wrong way.  They have used every racial slur and put doubts in your mind about whether or not talking to someone different from yourself is  patriotic.  They have lied and told you that there is no poverty, prejudice in America for those who are willing to work hard and that everyone gets the same chance at an education and medical care and this is a lie. It will be too late when you become one of those needing the help that the other side is offering.  If you make it possible for the Republicans to block all of the changes the Democrats are trying to institute, to give everyone an equal opportunity at a decent life. 

If you wish to be the biggest, poorest country in the world, known for bigotry, ghettos, lacking of any compassion for your less fortunate; vote Republican.  prejudice and bigotry transcends the color issue and loving your black neighbor.  Try voting with your hearts and conscience today and maybe you will continue to see America develop into a country that can hold their head high in the world and walk in peace. Where people respect Americans not fear and despise them.  It is your choice and today will say a lot about whom you really are and what America stands for.  Remember no empire last forever and everything you are doing has been done before and overcome before. 

Finally remember this when you vote you are voting on your future and although you think you are punishing the politician you are not you are punishing yourself.  I say this because to bind the presidents hands will only stop anything from being done in government for the next 4 years and the blame will be put on the American people where it belongs, because it is your vote that will be responsible for letting this happen. Do not allow your self to be manipulated by people seeking power and choose well. Good luck America I am voting for you.

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2 Responses to Who You Elect Tells The world Who You Are America

  1. Daniel says:

    Wow, that was a very powerful blog. I’m Australian and I believe that elections in the US do have an impact on the way the US is perceived in the rest of the world. I’ve written a blog on the mid-terms from an Australian perspective. You can read it here – http://danieljames.com.au/?p=1055


    • archemdis says:

      Daniel, thank you for all of the kind words and yes the people of the United states need to begin to think for themseves again and close the tv’s and perhaps burn their news papaers. The news has become corrupt and can no longer be counted on to report the news how it happens. They decided to play king maker instead of report the news. They are no longer the organizations committed to keeping Mom an Dad informed; the conscience of the wrong doer; the champion of the little guy . Hell they have become big business driven by profits and a tool for politicians and corporate America to make the news that suits a political party agenda. I just want the world not to have the excuse that they didn’t know. I did read your blog on this mtter and left you a comment. Keep on doing it and perhaps together we will take away the excuse of ignorance. Have a great day!


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