Mid – Term Elections Are Over And The People Have Spoken

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Well now you people of the United States of America may be the strongest military nation in the world, but as a people your arrogance seems only to be surpassed by your senseless way of thinking and acting when it comes to politics.  What a joke your mid-term election results were, but I must confess these election results were no surprise to me.  

You chose to reward and elect the Republicans,who put the country in debt and caused the economic chaos, because the president could not reverse the Republican damage fast enough, or was it something else?  Either way you really showed your true colors.

You chose to punish a President, because he wanted to bring medical and insurance reform to your country, so that no one need lose their houses or family trying to have loved ones looked after and voted for the people who gave you the savings and loan crisis.

You cried when your children returned dead from a war that never needed to happen and begged for you children’s return, but chose to vote for the party that sent your children to die needlessly.

You cried for someone to help your children with education , tuition and equal opportunity for all to go to school, but chose to elect a party who ‘s only agenda is keeping the 2 classes the haves and the have-nots right where they are.

You cry equal rights and call yourselves non racists, but you voted in the most racist elements of the Republican party and I think that makes you racist by nature and deserving of the hell on earth that you have chosen for yourselves.

Those of you who stayed home and did not vote in protest, because you thought that not enough was accomplished up to this point and were disappointed; you stand to lose all that you have gained and you deserve everything that you get.    You fell into the trap laid out for you and you sought to punish the only person in your corner, but you are soon to find that out when everything gets reversed and nothing new happens, that you have only hurt yourself. 

The President had insurance and could afford to pay his hospital bills; it was for you he was fighting and you turned your back on him.

The President can afford to send his children to school, it was you he was fighting for, and you turned your back on him.

The President tried to stop the whip from hitting your back, but you blamed him for not taking away your motivation to get up and work and decided to vote for the comfort of the masters whip and turned your back on him. 

President Obama is and always will be just a man; not the saviour of the world, or even the United States of America and if he has failed to deliver it was because a group of racist, power-hungry people decided that he would not succeed; not because what he wanted was not the right thing to do, but because he was not like them. No other president has ever faced the type of uncooperative bi – partisanship that this president has, or  has been so publicly and so openly ridiculed by his party. It just goes to show you that even in the Democratic party some people thought and think that a Black person has no business being the president of the United States of America

The fear of where the President was going to take country from his own party came true on several levels and they deserted the ship like rats when faced with an angry big business and a vicious Republican Party nipping at their heels.

 When he went ahead with his Medic Care plan.   He was going to take care of the poor and spend money on them instead of on guns and weapons and this would cause big business to get mad and big business pays the bills.  Spending money on your citizens may be right,but it does not make money for big business and drives up their taxes. President for the people or not he would have to be dealt with.

 When he decided to reform health care the insurance companies went crazy.  They screamed foul and then threatened to take away that support  money and his party buckled and began to work behind his back to distance themselves from him.  They talked of the insurance companies going bankrupt and the loss of jobs this would bring and of course what a hardship this would put on the American economy. The whole political system came together , Democrat and Republican to rid themselves of this President of the people. Did not a Democrat politician vote Republican in the Presidential election and openly brag about it and was he kicked out of the Democrat party, or admonished by his peers? I don’t think so.

When he refused to hate Muslims just because they were Muslims and warned the Israeli’s that they had a responsibility to the peace process and needed to change their ways, that was the last straw.  He was putting the whole terrorist initiative on its ear and calling into question the validity not only of the way the United States was handling the middle east peace process as well as the war on terror.  My God was he in league with the terrorist element came the cries? Was the President a closet Muslim; how did we let this happen and how can we contain him became the talk.

You have no leg to stand on voters of America and the price that you will pay will be a hefty one. When you get the chance to fix this wrong at the next Presidential race I would suggest you take a look at what you have done in this election and re think who is really on your side and vote accordingly.  Change never comes without sacrifice and it never happens over night.

The Republican Party / Tea Party has duped you into thinking that is better to spend money killing people rather than on helping people and that it is better to hate your neighbour than it is to live in peace and understanding. The days of putting everyone on ships and sending them back where they came from are over. Sooner, or later all of the people in the United States will have to accept this fact and begin and age of racial, cultural and religious tolerance, or your country will be torn apart from within.  

 For you  ultra Christian right of the Tea Party you have managed to  convince the people of God to sacrifice a decent, caring human being, for a rapist , a murderer and a thief, a Barabas if you will.  I hope Sarah Palin runs and wins, you on both sides deserve her. Remember that Mama Grizzlies may protect their own young, but they eat everyone elses.

 Halliburton scandals, burning water, motel children and terrorist threats are what you seem to crave and need to make you feel alive. Build your fences to keep your Mexican neighbors out, fight your wars and ignore the suffering of your people.  Keep on imprisoning children and making a mockery of the rule of law.  You are not long to be on top of the world, because a house divided against itself can never stand.

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