Has The War on Terrorism Made the World A Safer Place?

Proof of Korean nuclear weaponry


What is it going to take to get the governments supporting the war on terrorism to acknowledge that they are not winning the war and in fact are losing it terribly?  While we have invaded occupied, bombed and chased Al Qaida and claimed great victories what have we accomplished except to,


Arm the very people we set out to stop, now that they have  gathered enough intel and free weapons and are returning to their old ways and rejoining the rebels.

Help them recruit more soldiers with our mistreatment  and mishandling of their civilians

Just about bankrupt our countries and send us into a recession if not depression

Let North Korea and Iran develop their nuclear weapons and test them making us look like liars and cowards and bullies( North Korea only dared us to do something about it several times , even holding a parade showing the missiles with our names on them

Manage to look stupid sending a child soldier to jail there by making him a living martyr and us child abusers

Kill a lot of our young people and theirs

iran missile test

 I mean the threats are still being made. None of the people involved are saying thank you for saving our lives. Israel is no safer with nuclear missiles now pointing at them from Iran; so I ask again, what has this really been about?  UPS had to stop delivering today because of terrorist plot discovered, so do you feel safer and to kick it all in the ass, Bin Laden is doing the threatening via videos.  I say we have failed miserably because there was no other way for this to go, because,

The war was started by a lie and we knew it. We purposely attacked a country innocent of what we were charging them with ( having weapons of mass destruction and having a part in the 9/11 terrorist attacks) and then tried to justify everything that came out of that lie and are still doing it.

We pretended to be trying to help a race of people I honestly think we hate on religious grounds, no matter what country they are born in and no matter what country they swear allegiance to and  we expected them not to see our hypocrisy.

We persecute them at home and abroad any chance we get. For the Islamic people it is the Crusades all over again and we have proved them right.

Democracy has never been won at gunpoint and who were we to think we had the right to impose it on another nation

We have a reputation internationally of not abiding by the rule of law when it is not to our liking, or suit our needs; which makes us a rogue nation not to be trusted.


I could go on, but, if you have not got my point by now you do not want to and so this post is not for you. If you want peace you must go at it in a peaceful manner. If you shoot at people than do not be shocked when they shoot back. If you send soldiers into war they will be killed along with the enemy; this does not constitute a war crime. If you are going to drag the world into a war, be honest about why you are doing it.   


You can’t ask the world to disarm themselves when you stock pile weapons of mass destruction.You are the only country in the world and in the history of the world ever known to have used nuclear weapons on other human beings, in fact on civilians.  Why should the world trust you not to do it again. There can not be one weapon of mass destruction left in the world for disarmament to work and trust is not something the world leaders of this era do well. Nope, I think we

Korean test

are stuck with these weapons for a while  and will have to pray that no one gets an itchy finger.



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