Is There One Honest Politician Left In Canada?


My wise old mother God bless her soul always told me,”You can fool some of the people sometime, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”  Premier Campbell found that out in British Columbia when he tried to slip the HST by the voters.The voters told him no and he did not listen, but when the time came he at least admitted his wrong doing and took his lumps unlike what the Conservative party did. 

The Conservative Government who actually started and introduced this fiasco into the House of  Commons went into their Shaggy imitation saying they did not have anything to do with the tax.The truth is a though that both the Federal Conservatives and the Liberal combined forces and rammed it through without benefit of debate. With a war on all of its fronts and a scandal around every corner the Conservative government tries to hold a brave face as it appears to be falling apart at the seams with an election due in the spring.  Making mistakes are bad, but the bold-faced lies coming out of every Conservative minister of the Crown is disgusting.  Let us take a look at where the Federal Conservatives are at this point.


Turn them back at sea

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, is busy fighting to justify a law that he wishes to pass that is supposed to get tough on the trafficking of human beings, but has been proved to be an attack on the Tamil refugee and in fact seeks to punish them and make it as difficult as possible for them to flee and then delay their processing and integration once they enter our country.


Tony Clement

Industry Minister  Tony Clement, talked strongly about how it was  good for Canada to allow the hostile take over of our potash industry and the Prime Minster backed him up in the house of commons. Then when the premier of Saskatchewan Brad Whal threatens to make it a constitutional issue and the threat of losing their strong hold in that province with an election immanent in the spring, he does the Conservative version of a pirouette and  blocks the deal. I guess the jobs and the revenue the province stood to lose if the deal went through was not enough incentive, but the possible loss of 13 of the 14 seats the conservatives now hold in the province  if they did not listen to the people cleaned out their ears. Did you note how when it got ugly Stephen Harper said it is not me; it is solely Tony Clements project and hung his minister out to dry?


Jason Kenney

Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney, is arguably the most rotten apple in the Conservative barrel. This man claims to be a Christian, but I find him to be a self-righteous, bigot. he has in my opinion made it his mission in life to pick on certain nationalities and make it as legally difficult for them to gain entrance to Canada as he can, using the powers of his office to do it. Further more I do not see him as a person who embraces multiculturalism and in fact I believe that he believes that wrong type of immigrants, such as those that arrive by boat, or refugees, should be refused entry into Canada period.


John Baird

Pierre Poilievre

 House Leader John Baird and  Parliamentary Secretary To The Prime Minister Pierre Poilievre are quite the pair. Together they make a nasty pair of book ends. I have watched them in committee meetings and on the floor of the house do their best to filibuster and stop work on things that were not gong their way, or that their party wanted delayed. They enjoy frustrating committees and show a lack of respect for democracy and their colleagues, that I in my 55 years have never seen the likes of before. They are two of the most arrogant, egotistical politicians that I have ever seen. In my opinion these 2 have done the most damage to our way of doing things and treating people in this country, by abusing the rules of the democratic process and the rules of parliament. They in my opinion are two of the worst parliamentarians and an embarrassment to Canadian democracy and should be the first of many Conservatives voted out of office in the spring. 

He is closely associated with Stephen Harper, Stockwell Day and Jason Kenney. According to columnist Stephen Maher at the Halifax Chronicle-Herald, “his girlfriend is one of Mr. Harper’s most trusted advisors. His mentor is Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities (now House Leader as of August 06 2010) John Baird.”

Andrew Saxon

  Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury Board Andrew Saxton A joint investigation by CBC News and the Globe and Mail has uncovered court documents that show Andrew Saxton, the Conservative MP from North Vancouver, instructing the transfer of $199,975 into a Swiss bank account in 1994 on behalf of a Canadian RBC Dominion Securities client in Victoria.



Former Chair of the Conservative caucus, Rahim Jaffer’s and his wife former  Minister of State (Status of Women), Helena Guergis got into trouble when he was accused and exposed for undeclared lobbying  and using his wife’s  government office and equipment to do it.  They seemed unable to stay out of trouble with the law, although nothing was ever proved against them. Helena Guergis now sits as an independent in the house and an unwelcome member of the party. She has been cleared by the RCMP of  any wrong doing, but I guess her and her husbands naughty behavior was just too much for old iron pants, Stephen Harper.

I could go on, but I think you get my meaning. If one rotten apple can make all the others rotten what do you think having rotten apples mixed in from the bottom of the barrel right up to the top will do to the barrel of apples? 

I think it is time for a change again.  Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

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2 Responses to Is There One Honest Politician Left In Canada?

  1. D.I.D. says:

    To get change more people need to be aware and involved with the political process. These Cabinet ministers can abuse Parliament because the people are apathetic; a Constitution, especially a democratic one like Canada’s, is only upheld so long as the people uphold it. It is up to us to force upon the government respect for constitutional parliamentary procedure and public accountibility.


    • archemdis says:

      This is so true and we as voters in Canada need to stand up to them. When I look at what democracy has turned into, all I see is hypocrisy. Have a great day!


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