Are We Still Fighting For the Same Things Today As We Were Then?

I lost 2 uncles  to the 2nd world war and so many of my family have served in the armed forces, or the war effort that I have lost count.  I never heard them say they were happy to be going to kill another human being, rather I heard them say they felt compelled to go and help. I have seen veterans cry because their duty forced them to kill another human being, a precious life and it haunted them for the rest of their lives.  When they talk of their foes put down there is no smiling, or patting of themselves on the back. They acknowledge a foe that was put down because their belief in what was right was different from ours and they send their sympathies to those families  for their fallen on Remembrance Day. 

There was no dancing around prisoners of war and humiliating your captives, like we see now in Israel.  There was no torturing of prisoners of war like we see now by the USA and its allies.  Soldiers were not put on trial as terrorist by one country after the war, but were sent before the world court to determine if they had committed war crimes / crimes against humanity and that never extended to the killing of another soldier. 

I feel that the soldiers of today and the soldiers of yester year are fighting for two different things. It is a soldier’s duty to go where they are sent and follow orders and not to question the validity of the war they have been ordered to fight, and to that end our troops deserve all of the praise and honors we can give them for doing their duty and I salute them and their families and wish them God speed and a safe return home after serving their terms. 

The governments of the world today, led by the United States of America, with spin and lies have made people believe differently, but the truth is still the truth.   The world was in no danger of being overthrown, or destroyed with weapons of mass destruction.  There was and is no invading military regime moving across the continents of the world killing, torturing, occupying lands; unless you are counting us and our allies.

 World War Two:  The war to end all wars, has a crazy man coming to power with a sick desire to rid the world of all Jews and create the master Arian race that will rule the whole world.  Hirohito, of Japan joined in with him and together they began the conquest of the world. Hitler taking on Europe and the African Continent and the Japanese taking on Asia and in the end the United States of America.

 Hitler, tortured, imprisoned, experimented on and killed millions of Jews across Europe and Hirohito did the same to all of Asia and its people. Canada entered the war early and the United states of America only after its base,  in Pearl Harbor was attacked

The world was definitely in danger of  being taken over by mad men and one could argue that the world needed to come together to save itself from this threat to sovereignty and to end the atrocities and human suffering that were being committed on innocent people and the stopping of genocide of the Jewish people.  I would say that this was a just war; a war to save lives and eventually bring peace to the planet.

War On Terror Mad men seem to be running the strongest and most influential countries of the world. We have redefined the words terrorist and freedom fighter in order for us to wage war on others and lend support to our allies occupying  territory that does not belong to them. We are building the walls we fought so hard to tear down in other countries. Israel is building a wall that keeps Palestinians away from their families under the guise of protecting itself. The United States of America is building a wall to keep the Mexicans out under the guise of protecting itself.

France for one is instituting laws to take away the rights of certain people to keep their culture in an effort they say to make them more French, but I say to make them less like themselves.  Canada is getting tough on refugees of a certain race and religion trying to enact laws to persuade them to seek asylum elsewhere, under the guise of making it safer for them in the long run and protecting its way of life. I do not think that this is why the veterans and who we say we honor, who fought and died thought they were fighting for. 

We have become torturers of prisoners, not as a misguided overzealous mistake of a general, but with the consent and permission of the President of the United States Of America. We are the people who whisk people away in the middle of the night never to be heard from again by their families. We are now the occupying force moving across continents. People of non white heritage, who are not practicing Christians are still asking why should they should participate in a war thousands of miles away to bring a better quality of life for others than they are receiving from their countries at home.   It is a sad day when a former president of the United States of America, writes a book as George W. Bush did, than goes on television and says to the whole world that he regrets nothing about starting a war based on lies and would do it again and that if the torturing of prisoners was not morally correct it was legally correct according to his lawyers and therefore he does not regret giving that order either.

Yes our soldiers are doing their job well and should be commended for doing their duty and dying on behalf of their country, but is their mission one that we should be proud of as we were of their mission in world war two? Is their mission really to save the world from tyranny and oppression? Is their mission needed to keep peace in the world and preserve our way of life?  To all of these questions I would say, “No, not at all and that is the difference between what we fought for then and what we fight for now.  I believe that we and our allies have become who we fought in the 2nd world war and are no less guilty of trying to control the world by military force than our enemies in the 2nd world war. 

One only has to look at the treatment of Barrack Obama to realize that America has not changed and that racism is alive and well.  The United States in its treatment of its own President has shown the world that it believes that only a white Christian has the right to be the president of its country and there by debunks the great American dream; that any  American  born on United States soil can become the President of The United States Of America and have the total support and respect of its people. What would the soldiers of yester year think if they could see the lack of civil rights progress made after they gave their lives to bring liberty and freedom to live in peace and harmony to all people of the world?  What would they think to hear the disrespect that is given to their commander-in-chief? I think that they would be disgusted with us and rightfully so.

 I think they would be saddened to see that they gave their lives in the pursuit of freedom and peace and that we did not have the respect to make their ultimate sacrifice mean something to all people everywhere. We instead have chosen to ignore the rights of some, while chosing to back the injustices of others and in so doing have become the people and the nations they gave their lives to stop. I think they fought and died so their children and grandchildren would not have to fight and die and we the people of the so-called civilized world have let them down terribly.  

In respect for veterans and their families everywhere, from this time period and the war past I did not post this post on the November 11th, Remembrance Day. I do however believe that if we are to go on having ceremonies and parades honoring the sacrifices these brave men and women have made, that we should also try to live by the values that they gave of their lives for; such as to insure we had and that all people had the right to exist and a right to live without fear and persecution. I feel to become what they gave their lives to defeat dishonors them and makes all the parades and celebrations moot and hypocritical.


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2 Responses to Are We Still Fighting For the Same Things Today As We Were Then?

  1. D.I.D. says:

    Good article.

    It would be a shame that should WWIII come to be, we will be the bad guys.

    “We have met the enemy, and he is us,” indeed. —-


    • archemdis says:

      Yes we are our own worst enemy, but all is not lost;it is never too late to change. We have become intolerant of others and this much change. Every Canadian must stand up and tell these politicians no as they try to turn us against others out of fear of the unknown. Everyone has the right to live in peace and harmony regardless of race religion or country of orign. Have a great day!


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