Park Prevost and the 117 Going North

Highway 117 North into The Laurentians


Near Sainte Adele In the Laurentians

As I travelled up the  117 highway heading north out of Montreal towards The Laurentians, (Sainte Adele, Provost etc.)I realized that this was not going to be the usual run of the mill business trip. With all of the fall colors out it was just impossible for me to continue down the road without pulling over and going into Park Prevost for a little walk and so that is just what I did. As I got outside of the city and up into the mountains the trees and their colors began to become larger in numbers and the mountains peaks and ski trails began to show.  The park itself is beautiful in its simplicity and although you do not see much wildlife the signs of their presence is everywhere.  Children

Lean - tos of Provost Park

have built lean-tos throughout the parks wooded areas and the fallen trees look like prehistoric animals and insects.  There are many natural ponds and sunken glades where you just know that the deer come to water and feed.  The park runs along the North River

fallen trees looking like prehistoric animals or insects

and in some of the pictures you can see where the old bridge is down making it impossible to cross the river top the other shore.  All up the 117 North you can just pull over walk a couple of feet and be back into the wild, nature as it should be.  Hotels, motels, golfing fishing and nature hiking are everywhere and depending on what you like to do run

Just off the road near St Adele

in the price range of free to expensive, but the choice to pay is yours.  I would recommend the trip up the 117 north as a family delight and must do if visiting the province of Quebec

Park Prevost for lovers of nature


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