Repeat After me, We Are Mad As Hell

I love to watch and read the political news from other countries and compare how Canadians react to government; what they are willing to sacrifice to get the things that they need, and how much they care about the needs of others around them. Unfortunately Canada has developed into a nation of political zombies.  The voters have become the undead.  We get up in the morning go through our daily routine and never react to anything unless it affects us personally and then in such a small way that it usually goes un noticed by the powers that be.

We have Royal Commissions that cost millions of dollars that do not have the power to find any fault and are only permitted to give recommendations about how to handle it the next time and we are happy as voters and feel that our government is listening to us.  In France when the government tried to force the tax on the fish industry the people of France shut the country down.

I am not suggesting this for Canada, but in 3rd world countries the people will give the government an offer they can not refuse for breaking promises made on election day, or failing to make good. I do however wonder how many of these politicians would be willing to run if they were under the gun literally to keep their word. 

Cut back everywhere and we hold back to back summits costing billions of dollars, for security, fake lakes, ice sculptures a conference table and gifts for the press and the visiting dignitaries and Canadians said,”oh my  that isn’t  right., but I guess that is that, what can we do all politicians lie? Let us hope they do better.

They are getting ready to send our children back into a war zone claiming they do not need the approval of parliament because they are not going in a combat role and we the voters say, ” What can we do? Well maybe it won’t be that bad”.  When we know that more Canadians will die because there is no such thing as a peaceful not dangerous , non life threatening tour over there.

We were told that our economy was strong and we had nothing to worry about and that we would not be feeling much of what the other countries around the world were feeling in terms of the recession or the depression and then our government did an about-face and said oops we made an error and I guess we will be feeling the pinch after all.  Canadians responded in Canadian fashion and said, ” we understand your oops, but please try to get it together in the future”.

Clean air, water and conservation of any kind has been a sore point for the government. They took the George W. Bush point of view that it ain’t that bad. Let us make money now and we will save the world’s air ,water and forests and all the animals in them just in the nick of time.  Canadians responded by drinking bottled water, throwing blood or red paint on people wearing fur and planting trees.

Finally the people responded in British Colombia and forced a Gordon Campbell to resign.  When the government tried to do the potash take over deal., the people of Saskatchewan rose up and stopped that sale.  People of Canada if it takes shutting the country down, like they did in France, than this is what we need to do. If it takes marching and protesting  and blocking of all the phone lines to every politician and government office, to get the politicians to listen to us, than this is what we must do. 

In short we must get off of our butts and prove to them that we are not children and that we will take them to task for doing wrong and telling us bold face lies. We as Canadians have lost our will to fight for what we know is right and for our rights. We have indeed become apathetic. It is time to stand up and make the shout like in the movie Network and scream from every window and doorway that we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more.

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2 Responses to Repeat After me, We Are Mad As Hell

  1. D.I.D. says:

    People are starting to get a little angry about what is going on here, that’s for sure.

    Let’s just hope the rest of this nation wakes up before it is too late:


    • archemdis says:

      I think that people are starting to wake up and that you will start to see political leaders who do not listen start to fall like Campbell. It is never too late, but until we wake up nd take action as a country the little guy will continue to suffer and the rich will get richer and richer. Have a great day!


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