The NEW Mission For Canadian Troops

Open wide and pinch your nose fellow Canadians, what we are being asked to swallow will taste like hell and also will smell rotten.  Prime Minister Harper with the help of  Official Opposition Leader Ignatieff are extending our mission in Afghanistan for three more years in a training role and they are never to see combat; wink , wink.  They are to remain on bases and train from the classrooms, but as  another politician pointed out how do you teach some one to swim without getting wet. 

What amazed me though was the double talk by Cannon on this issue. We removed our troops from one city where they were in a combat situation and placed them in another where they will be trainers and so we have kept our promise to Canadians and ended the military mission.  My question is are we on a new mission, or extended the old misson by 3 years? The government has used both terminologies depending on whom it was talking to at the time.

We were under a lot of pressure from our allies to stay on in a combat role in Afghanistan and we felt we just could not say no to our allies to commit our troops in some way to this mission, or look bad in the eyes of our NATO partners.  Which is it  guilt , pressure , or a sense that this is the right thing to do?  It is like they are all children in a shoving match a dare game if you will ; a game of chicken and our leaders are in this contest which they feel is important for Canada to win. 

When asked why no vote Canon said frankly that it was a non combat role and because it was the Prime Minister was refusing to have one.  It has never been voted on before Canon said and we will not call a vote on it because we do not have to.  Childish words on such a delicate matter and a showing of just how despotic this government has become.  Here we are fighting supposedly to bring democracy to the rest of the world and we fight at home to maintain our own democratic rights. What hypocrisy, arrogance and total disregard for the Canadian way of life.

Are we as Canadians supposed to go blindly into war-time after time because we can not stand up to peer pressure and say no I do not want to kill people, because you ask me to? Are we as Canadians supposed to take the constant lying by our political leaders?  Why is it more important to save Afghanistan from itself than for us to feed our hungry, give medical attention to those who can not afford it, build houses for our homeless? Just tell me why so that I can stop thinking that we would rather kill people than help them.

I wonder when the 1st body bag arrives in Canada from Afghanistan, what all of the politicians who forced this mission (whether it is indeed an extension, or a new mission) down Canadians throat will have to say to their families.  When they are asked to fight, or come under fire will they just sit and do nothing?  What to do when you  are a Canadian and you can’t trust the government and the Official Opposition is in their pocket?  I say this because just in June our Prime Minister publicly promised Canadians that under no circumstance were Canadian soldiers to remain in Afghanistan.  I do not know about the need for us to be there, but the Prime Minister can not be trusted to keep his word and that I am sure of.  He could have went to parliament and made his case for an extension, but the coward that he is he got scared he would lose, so he rammed it through.

I have voted Liberal all of my life, but I am beginning to see that the new Liberal Party and their new code of ethics are not for me.  They have allowed Harper and his goons to use them and their cowardice to make a mockery out of the Canadian democratic way of doing things. In vote after important vote they have gone the wrong way for fear of going to the ballots.   When 48%  of Canadians did not want to extend the mission in Afghanistan for any reason and only 42% were in favor, Harper said too bad, we still do not care what you think Canada and Ignatieff said we back you all the way, so please do not call an election we are not ready yet.

For a government who got themselves elected promising transparency and an open door approach to government they are not keeping their promises very well.  We are in a scary time in Canada when all politicians are considered the same and it is not a good thing. They are seen as all being liars, power-hungry. and in the USA pocket.  I think it is time to let them know that we are not happy, by voting them out of office every time they do something seriously wrong , or do contrary to what they promised in their campaign.  It is your children they are using as pawns in this dominate the world chess game.

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