How Is It Possible

When I look at the way our government runs, with its lying and down right undemocratic style; the lack of social caring for its own people and even less for the needy around the world, I wonder how do they get away with it? What does a government need in order to change a democracy into a dictatorship? How could Stephen Harper change the face of Canadian politics in such a drastic way, under the noses of Canadians and make it seem like he was just doing his job.

We know that most Canadians are ill-informed as to their rights and generally go along with their government of the day as long as they do not go too far left , or right. We seem to be a people who prefer to be led, rather than make a fuss. If our leaders say it is so, then it must be so; why would they lie they are Canadians too after all?  If the planet is going to die they and their children will die as well.  If the country suffers through hard economic times; they are suffering too. In short Canadians are famous for seeing the good in every person too a fault.  We trust that every Canadian wholes steadfast to Canadian ideals and sense of honor. It is often too late when we realize that we have been duped by yet another power-hungry, disingenuous political machine. 

Rents go up and salary freezes stay in place.  Taxes go up, but still salary freezes stay in place.  People can not find work and the government remains steadfast that fewer people are unemployed than they were before the recession hit.  Our people are living on the street and the government refuse to see them.  Peoples hydro power is being cut off as we approach another Canadian winter with all the hardship[s that they bring and the Federal government says not my problem it is a provincial matter, so many will die or lose limbs due to frost bite and no political party gives a damn at any level.   

The United Arab Emirates has closed its airspace to Defence Minister Peter MacKay and Chief of the Defence Staff General Walt Natynczyk as they were on their way back from a visit in Afghanistan, according to a senior government source. The pair had landed at Camp Mirage in the UAE as they were on their way to Kandahar on Thursday. But as they prepared to return, Mr. MacKay and Gen. Natynczyk were informed that they could not land at Camp Mirage, or even fly over the UAE, according to a senior government official.  Press link below to read more on the story.

  CBC News – Canada – U.A.E. closes airspace to MacKay, Natynczyk

They are extending the mission in Afghanistan and have loss our landing base in  The United Arab Emirates and an important ally in the region and they and we say, it is not so bad, and I wonder why we are not angry as people at the government’s incompetence and diplomatic bungling at the very least and then it became clear.  The shift has been happening in the media; in the press and in the news.

Gone is the little guy who stays up all night and tells the story of the big guy putting the squeeze on the little guy.  Gone is the human interest story and gone is the sense of ding the right thing from the media / news.  I believe the press has changed what, why and how they show, report and deliver the news.  Government and big business have bought the press and none of the tree is interested in the truth, or the plight of the little guy.  What they are interested in is how to make money and how to get and hold on to power.  To this end they tell you what they are told to tell you a little of the truth and a whole lot of lies. 

George W. Bush controlled the media in the war on terror, only allowing the American version of what was going on to get out and blocked all other media coverage. Halliburton was another.  We in Canada have our little media thing going on too.  we in Canada like to create the news rather than report it.  the press has definitely become part of the political machine and fancies itself as a king-maker.  There is not one major newspaper that has a human interest column in it anymore. In fact you would be hard pressed to find a news paper or any other news media that would tell your story if you pressed the wrong buttons unless they feel that your story will generate enough   advertizing dollars to make it worth while.

This is the missing ingredient that we the people used to be able to count on.  It was these people who used to get our story out there and help us to find some justice some time. Now that they have sold their souls and have switched sides for cash, we as Canadians find ourselves at a loss.  We protest and the media portrays us as the villains and the government , or the business we are protesting against as the heroes so misunderstood.  The suffering of the people is downplayed and the people of Canada swallow it hook, line and sinker. The activist is now portrayed in the news as a trouble maker, anti social and sometimes even as a communist and an enemy of the state. 

 We are now alone you and I and can no longer expect the news guy to help us, because he works for big business and government and he will be told what spin his paper, or news organization is backing on any given day.  So we must do it ourselves; write phone and email get everyone you know to wake up from their dream and see the nightmare life has become.

If we do not life as we know it will come to an end, making way for the New World Order that Ronald Regan talked about. A world where government controls its people, telling them what to think and how to act and where all over the world this type of control becomes the norm.  This is not how I want to live, or the type of world I want to leave for my children.  Free trade, NAFTA , the European Union, Nato all these treaties are designed to control and divide the world into manageable alliances, for the ultimate domination of the world by a few nations with the population of the world to become the workers of the biggest, hostile corporate take over ever seen and they are very close to succeeding.

The term “new world order” has been used to refer to any new period of history evidencing a dramatic change in world political thought and the balance of power. Despite various interpretations of this term, it is primarily associated with the ideological notion of global governance only in the sense of new collective efforts to identify, understand, or address worldwide problems that go beyond the capacity of individual nation-states to solve.

If you feel that your vote as a Canadian does not mean anything, you are right. Stephen Harper takes his orders from his commander-in-chief.  Canada is being assimilated and has lost most of its individuality for the benefit of the New World Order.  Stand up for Canada become an activist and save our country and our culture before it is too late and the last spark of our individuality is snuffed out.

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    It is definately going there fast, but it looks like there is still some fight left in a few of us. While the last few years have been bleak ones for democracy, some recent events may show that all is not yet lost:


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