Liam’s First Sleep Over

Liam arrived for his sleep over just after breakfast yesterday with his Mom and Dad.  Both he and I had a cold stuffy nose, runny eyes, dry cough and as miserable as two people could be. We were both trying to hide our sickness and he at 20 months doing a better job of it than me at 55.  We all exchanged greetings, hugs and kisses and germs.  Normally I would have cancelled, but it was my daughter’s 3rd anniversary and they had plans so, I decided that since Liam and I were sick already we would be good company for each other if not for anyone else.

Liam checking things out

Soon it was time for his parents to depart and thanks to pre-nursery training there was no teary eyed goodbyes, followed by never-ending crying and asking where Mommy and Daddy were and when they were coming back. Liam just went about examining everything he would have to be taught not to touch and then finally dumping his wooden blocks onto the floor.  I was handed medications, creams and schedules and told what I could do and could not do from an anxious mother and just as fast as you could say Liam they were out the door and Liam was mine for the whole day and night.

Quiet moment and Liam decides to draw me a picture

Now it had been at least four years since I touched a dirty diaper, sang nursery rhymes, or read to a child and all of a sudden we were face to face alone and looking at each other wondering what to do. I thought I heard Liam say sit  down Grandpa as he patted the space on the carpet next to him and his blocks. I couldn’t be sure, because he still does not say everything clearly, but I sat down and he gave me a couple of blocks and we began to build.  Liam would let me get so far and then would knock the wall down rolling on the floor in fits of laughter.  We played this game over and over neither of us tiring of it and neither of us acting like we were sick.

Liam too tired to fight his nap

Before we knew it, it was lunch time and neither of us had much of an appetite, but armed with the schedule I decided Liam would have to try to eat a little.  Liam had other plans though and when I tried to feed him his scrambled eggs he clamped his lips and jaw tightly together and turned his head away, but it was the look that he gave me; the look that said,” don’t even think about trying to force me to eat”.  I couldn’t say that I blamed him I did not have much of an appetite either, so I decided to give him one of his favorite foods.  I always keep yogurt in the fridge.  Liam ate his yogurt hungrily and the ice cream I gave him for desert was gobbled down and we were ready to play a little before Liam took his afternoon nap.

We were both starting to feel the effects of our colds by nap time and so putting him down was only met with a little resistance.  Liam slept for about one hour and I went about doing all the things that needed to be done, like picking up crayons and blocks and feeding the cat who had taken to hiding soon as Liam entered the house.  I had missed having a baby to fuss over and decide that we would sing and march and go for a nice long walk in the afternoon.

Liam awoke full of life and with a little surprise in his diaper that I could have done without and seemed to be quite amused with me and pleased with himself as I cleaned and changed him.  Liam did not make it easy for me; he kept twisting, kicking and laughing. It did not help the situation when I put it on wrong the 1st time, but we manged to get through it and soon we were ready to play.

Quack, quack, quack

With me in the lead we marched up and down my hall singing quack, quack, quack, flapping our wings like a duck ready to fly and I did not feel foolish at all.  Liam started to get cranky and I decided it was time for our big walk before supper, so we got all bundled up, flipped open the stroller and out we went it was windy and cold, but we managed to walk around for 30 – 40 minutes before the cold and the damp drove us back inside.

There were a few testy times before supper when I thought me and Liam were not going to make it and that we would lose our patience and never be friends again, but Liam always seemed to know just when to laugh and look at me and make me forget that I was supposed to be upset. Liam refused to eat his supper, but ate the yogurt and a few cookies and it was bath time for Liam.

Bath time for Liam

Liam was introduced to water and swimming classes with his mother shortly after he turned one so he loves to splash and kick his feet like he does in the pool.  Needless to say water was everywhere and we both had to be dried and changed before story time and bedtime.  Liam was exhausted and with the help of his cold

Liam gets a good night sleep

medicine, managed to stay asleep all

through the night.

Liam awoke at 6:30 in the morning feeling quite better and ready for his breakfast of porridge and ate it up greedily and even downed a piece of Kimmel bread.  We played a little more and then it was time to say goodbye.  I had to get ready for work and his mother wanted him back.

After a good night sleep and a good breakfast Liam is feeling much better

It was good to spend time with my grandson and I will do it again soon.  We bonded this day me and this little boy and we made memories that I am sure we will both cherish. Well off to work I go, a little worn out, but full of love.

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