Words that Go Unheard / Letter To Lise Zarac, MP for LaSalle – Emard

Lise Zarac

I wrote this letter to Lise Zarac, MP for LaSalle-Emard today, because she sent me and the rest of her constituents a news letter titled, “News from the Hill”. In which it detailed the Liberal plan to help us take care of our seniors in-house.  I told her what I thought of the plan and where I thought she might also do some good for her constituents.  Let us see if she answers and what she thinks. As always I will let you read the response and any correspondance between us.

Dear Ms. Zarac,

My name is Arche Mdis and I found your news letter interesting even though I do not think that you and your party go far enough  in your solutions to taking care of our seniors, or loved ones.  Do you really think that the caring and stoppage of income and work lost can be covered with up to a $1,350 tax-free payment per year, or your new 6 months Family Care Employment Insurance Benefit.

You are kind of setting us up are you not? Vote for us and we will ease your hardships for 6 months then you are on your own.  So I guess what you’re saying is that we still will have to eat dog food when our money runs out, but now we will have a choice on a better brand thanks to you and the Liberals if we vote you into power?

This plan leaves a lot to be desired and shows that either you Liberals do not get it, or that you just do not care.  Either way, you politicians on the Hill seem to be doing, or saying the same thing and doing the same thing and it all amounts to doing nothing. 

I wrote a letter to the Prime Minister and all party Leaders to try to get something done about the increasing costs of hydro and the  shutting off of power during the winter months and he said basically that it was not his problem and that I should talk to my representative, or your province; is this your position too?

Meeting with business owners and having corn roasts will not help you help those who need you the most. These are the same people who more often than not now, under pay us for working for them, raise our rents, or make us choose between having a roof over our heads, eating, or paying our bills like hydro Quebec, Bell Canada.  As I said in my letter to the Prime Minister the things mentioned above are not luxuries and you won’t hear about the problems with them, at corn roasts.

Have you walked through your riding of LaSalle-Emard of late? Are you blind to the changes?  Rents sky-high, rundown buildings, street gangs, tagging, vandalism, arson and murder are the norm now not the exception. I walk through and see street people begging for money and sleeping on the sunny sides of the street in the grass, in both winter and summer. How will the Liberals and you deal with this?

I know personally of people who in these hard economic times have been dealt with harshly by an insensitive Hydro Quebec; a Hydro Quebec that makes no deals, refuses to investigate a bill no matter how outrageous unless you 1st pay in full and will cost lives and hardships to untold numbers of your constituency. What will you and the Liberals do to help us?

It is not enough to promise to do things and point out what your opponent is not, because we the people living it get nothing that way.  We trusted the Liberals once and you as a political party blew it. You are asking us to trust you again and we are asking you to tell us why we should. 

Your party executive seems scared to call an election and I can see why; not much has changed in your party.   The Liberals are still double talking and the taking Canadians for children, or worse stupid. I do not know you Ms. Zarac, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt and see what you do about these problems.  I know you can not solve these problems by yourself, but sometimes it is important to fight for your constituents’ and lose favour with your political party, than to just go along with your chosen political party and lose the favour of your constituents. Let us see which one you choose.   We will see if you wish to be a pawn for Michael Ignatieff , or a servant of the people

I will give you a copy of the letter I sent to him and you will know if the powers that be thought they were important enough to give to you or him. 


 Electricity Is A Necessity Not a Luxury‏

To Stephen Harper, Jack Layton, Michael Ignatieff, leader@greenparty.ca

From: Arche Mdis(archemdis@ymail.com)
Sent: October 30, 2010 9:38:53 PM
To: Stephen Harper (pm@pm.gc.ca); Jack Layton (laytoj@parl.gc.ca); Micheal Ignatieff (ignatm@parl.gc.ca); leader@greenparty.ca

Dear Sirs and Madams,

                                         My name is Arche Mdis and I live in Montreal, Quebec and I would like to remind you that this is a particularly hard time of year for your constituents all across the country with cold setting in, shelter hard to find and getting enough to eat next to impossible to get for some of the more disadvantaged. With all of the government cuts to volunteer organizations providing clothing, meals  and shelter I guess it will be even worse of a year this year, if that is possible to conceive. As you get ready to go on your Christmas breaks to your fire places and perhaps country homes try to think of the people who are dying on the street maybe ten or 20 minutes from where you live and are eating your Christmas dinner.  

In the last few years Hydro Quebec has gotten to be a nasty mean-spirited company, which has been the cause of death and hardship for the less fortunate of this province. Hydro Quebec rushes to cut off people in the arrears despite knowing that we are in a hard economic time. Even when people seek to make payments hydro Quebec says all, or we cut you off and they push to do it just before they are no longer allowed in November.  They do not care if you need it to keep on life-giving medical equipment, or any other reason they will come and flip that switch to off.  I know this is a provincial issue, but we the people without electricity which often means no heat, phone, hot water, or ability to cook a meal do not care; all we want is a chance to get on our feet like you gave big business and the banks. What Hydro Quebec is doing in reality is putting money ahead of human life and because it is a government-owned company and not private it is you government officials that are directly responsible for allowing it to happen. 

How many fires are you going to stand by and watch kill countless people trying to keep warm with propane barbecues this winter; that could have been avoided if the people had just been given a chance to pay the bill off with tim?. How many people will die because they can’t use the oxygen machines, or medical alert machines, because hydro refused to deal? How many people will we find dead in the dark, because Hydro Quebec didn’t care?  As you eat and sing your Christmas carols by the log fire, think of the seniors who have worked all of their lives and now by no fault of their own find their pensions have been gambled away by the companies that they have worked for sitting in the dark eating cat food out of a can freezing to death and enjoy your Christmas dinner. String your Christmas lights and think of the thousands of people not only in Quebec that will be spending Christmas freezing in the dark because you said it was not your responsibility and enjoy your Christmas.   Hydro Quebec is just one company that you could actually do something about and make people’s lives a little bit easier during this hard time, but you do not and it boggles my brain. 

  Hydro sold off its maintenance department and formed Hydro Solutions, the price of billing was supposed to stay low; mine started at $7.50 per month and now in a few years is over $20.00 per month. Will I soon be receiving 2 hydro bills per month for the same amount?

 I have a blog and people write about being unable to come to an agreement with Hydro that would allow them to work off their bills with payments; Hydro’s answer is always the same; pay it all or get cut off.  Even when you pay off your bill Hydro will take their sweet time putting it back on.  It was explained to me that just before they are not allowed to cut off the electricity for the winter Hydro concentrates solely on collections and shutting off power. This allows Hydro to maximize the amount of money that can be forced out of the population leaving no technicians available to do reconnecting.  As soon as it is legal to start cutting off the power again in the spring although it still may be uncomfortably cold they commit all of their technicians to cutting off power thus duplicating the shortage of the technicians as seen in the late fall.

 Ladies and gentleman electricity can no more be considered a luxury it is a necessity and vital to everyone every day life. Without it people suffer and even die. Electricity should be dealt with along the lines of medical care, busses and the mail; everyone should have basic access to it able to pay, or not. If we must pay for it than it must stay reasonable and affordable to the poorest of our citizens and not based on what the middle class and up can afford to pay. It is not fair to raise hydro rate across the board, but put salary freezes and caps on all workers pay cheques. Rents are on the rise, taxes are on the rise and pays are frozen.  Banks have gone crazy, jobs are being outsourced and still you deny us enough to live on. 

 No matter whom you say about which level of government is responsible; we at the bottom do not care. When we hear about people setting apartments on fire trying to stay warm, we blame you all.  You are sworn to take care of all of us from the richest to the poorest. 

I will beg if some one must to get some one to help us, “Please Ladies and gentleman of government do not allow one senseless death to happen because of a power cut off by Hydro Quebec this winter, or because of Hydro’s refusal to make a deal with a customer. Please help us down here, I am begging you. This year could you give us the gift of light please?” 

                                                                                                                                                                             Arche Mdis

Just as a follow-up to the letter to all the party leaders; the federal Liberals, New Democrats and the Conservatives responded by saying it was not their problem and contact your provincial representative, or your federal riding MP.  The Green Party leader did not even bother to send an answer of any kind.  Remember them when next you vote.


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2 Responses to Words that Go Unheard / Letter To Lise Zarac, MP for LaSalle – Emard

  1. My MP as well, the Useless Lise has yet to even acknowledge one of my many letters to her.. She is as bad as her predecessor Paul Martin.

    The Internet is only as good and fast as its weakest link. That weak link is Bell Canada.Bell’s customer satisfaction rates are among the lowest in the business. http://socialmediasnews.wordpress.com/2010/11/29/the-internet-is-only-as-good-and-fast-as-its-weakest-link-that-weak-link-is-one-of-the-top-5-telecom-companies-bell-canada/#

    Lise is the other weak link..

    • archemdis says:

      Sir I agree with you 100% on both of your points. They remind me of the people who keep going on Jerry Springer demanding a lie detector test to prove their innocence when they know that they are guilty and the lie detector will prove them so. So it is with our polilticians and CEO’S of our biggest monopolies and companies; liars all of them, professing the truth and lying through their teeth; professing to want to help and giving you theior e-mail adresses and telephone numbers and when you write to them not even bothering to reply. Our polilitcians are guilty of caring for no one and nothing, laughing in our faces and getting paid well to do it. Merry Christmas to you and all of yours and may God bless you and keep you.

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