The World Canada And It’s Allies Are Trying To Create

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It is time for us to take a look at what all of our hard work has accomplished throughout the world and at home; it is time to take a bow for all of the fruits of our labors.  In Canada we have noticed that the rule of democracy is no longer in use as the elected government fires, bullies and uses every dirty trick in the book to stifle democracy and break the will of parliament and ignore the will of its people it is sworn to serve.

We who force democracy on the rest of the world by gunpoint as well as participate blockades, sanctions and embargos. We as a country deny people the right, to freedom of expression when it comes to certain religions, language, education, immigration and a host of other rights in our own country. We  in Canada have the distinction of having one of our provinces labeled one of the  most corrupt places with one of the most corrupt governments in the world.  We spend a lot of money on security to host events supposed to promote democracy and I wonder why the need if so many people want what they are supposed to be doing?

Our government seems to support everything that is undemocratic and goes against peaceful negotiated settlements. All of a sudden we need to buy f 35  fighter jets to secure our sovereign space and help support our allies in their peaceful quest to bring stability to the world; what a sham.

Israel and the Middle East situation, Iraq, Afghanistan are great examples of the success we are having around the world with our new approach to democracy.  Most recently we see how the combined effort of us and our allies have not helped the Koreans come closer together and has not enabled them to coexist peacefully.  It would seem that they are following our strategy for winning a debate and settling border issues.

It would seem that our leaders want a monarchy system of ruling, rather than the parliamentary way of  governing now, but are afraid to be honest about it. The un-crowned king Harper and his Lords and Ladies, have all but wrestled back the power from parliament and have just about silenced opposition to our actions, or done away with all usurpers, or would be rulers, and they now stand firm to Prime  Minister Harper‘s ascension to the throne of Canada.  All that is missing now is the coronation and the return officially to the feudal system.

Thieves, liars and back-stabbers, trust no one because, what they do to others has them seeing other people in the same way as them.  This justifies to them what they do with the suggestion that it would have been done to them if they had not acted first.  This justifies the pre-emptive air strikes, the no foreign aid, the building of walls and finally the making of one world united in one ideology. 

World war three is being fought right now and our way of life and basic beliefs, principles and values as human beings are what is being fought for.  The stronger military forces have allied themselves to take on the weaker and wipe out all that is different and does not benefit  themselves. Religion is not the reason, nor is ending the oppression of the world.  This is an idea of the multi national companies of the world,  who in my opinion are now controlling the governments of the world and forcing them to bring that which hurts big business into order or get rid of it all together.  Big business needs order and stability to function properly. War, famine, drought and sickness are all okay, but they need to be managed and made to turn a profit.

This approach to life has turned the problems of the world  into  stock market commodities. Buy and  sell the hopes, dreams of our children with no regard for what it does for or to humanity in the long run.  There can be no emotion, no sympathy for the weak, just profits for the company . This is what Canadian Government is supporting and assisting in around the globe and at home.

This is the line that all other Leaders and political parties  have refused to cross saying it was not for Canada until Prime Minister Harper and his  New Conservative Party took power.  We are a country gone mad and a people so apathetic, that we allow it to be so.  

We as a people no longer see the suffering of others as our problem; even when they are in our house (Canada). Our country has become part of a conglomerate of little companies feeding a greedy parent company and share holders and investors. We only see the cost, the spread sheet if you will and we always sell.  We sell out the people of our country and our neighbors of the world for profit. Price of helping our young get an  education to hard on the profits, we sell; the price of medicare for all Canadians to expensive to maintain, we sell. The price of helping the needy abroad gets to costly, we sell. Finally when the price for having a heart, a conscience, or a soul gets too high and cuts into the bottom line, we sell.

This is why they send your children to die and this is why you let them. They see no Jewish-Palestinian conflict; they see a way to make more money and grab more power.    They see no Christian-Muslim conflict they see a way to exploit and manipulate the arms race, for profit. Jets, bombs and guns and bullets are selling at an all time high.  Technology, specialized training and reconstruction are at an all time high and big monies are being made off of war. 

The powers that be do not want to end the war they wish it to continue for ever, but of course controlled and clean. If they can control war and manage not to kill every one than all the profits accrued will be worth all of the  suffering and bloodshed and will provide a better life for those who remain alive. 

So when you think of it like this, they ask you,” would it not be you who seek peace, justice and equality around the world and at home that could be considered the selfish ones, only thinking of yourself and yours”?  We are no longer a country, we are a company in a multi national conglomerate and if we fail to produce we will be sold.

We are The Running Man; we are district 13; we are The Bronx Warrior, we are Soylent Green. When and how long before we realize that we are making our living off of other people’s pain and suffering of others, ignoring and herding our sick and underprivileged in to ghettos and feeding off of death?

This is the Canadian governments way today, but it does not have to be the Canadian way.  We do not have to agree to this we need only to vote them out before they make that illegal too.

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2 Responses to The World Canada And It’s Allies Are Trying To Create

  1. one can argue that it can go both ways


    • archemdis says:

      We can argue just about anything, but the truth will always be there. The truth is the agressor is us and the push to make the world over in our image is the driving force behind half the strife in the world today if not more. I am not looking to be like the other guy and play at a tit for tat game. I want back the world that cared for its people and where Canada followed Canadian values and where Canadians could travel the world in peace and were respected and thought of kindly. I know it is a lot to ask and will take all of our courage, but I want our identity back! Have a great night!


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