Why So Nervous About WikiLeaks USA and Canada?

New World Order

Why so nervous about leaks of old government conversations, and documents. I thought the only reason we were afraid of leaks is that important information may be revealed ahead of time jeopardising an on – going mission, or putting our troops in danger, or perhaps giving a person, or company an unfair advantage on the stock market or something of that nature.

 What I think I am hearing though is that the leaks will expose our,(USA and Canada’s) part in our interference on a governmental level into other countries sovereign rights. The USA seems to be afraid that its deliberate undermining of government leaders of other countries throughout the world and the deliberate manipulating of events of foreign nations to achieve results and opinion of the war on terror that best suited the needs of the USA and its allies, will be exposed and that they will indeed be forced to pay the price diplomatically.

I think that we are beginning to understand and see what happens when we begin to lie to achieve anything. Remember that saying that says,”Oh what a tangled web we weave when at first we begin to deceive”.  I remember people writing to me angry for saying that thew USA and its allies lie cheat, murder and subvert the truth in their quest to make the world a better place. They have adopted the any means necessary approach to diplomacy and dealing with their citizens and the people of other countries. We have painted the rest of the world as terrorist, liars and hypocrites, when all along it was us doing the lying and the corrupting. What say you now?

How many leaders around the world are we guilty of ruining to get our way? How many deaths have we caused by lying that will now come out into the light of day? How far did we go to turn nation against nation for no reason other than they were different?  When will we learn to tell the truth, so we do not have to worry about what gets out after the mission?  Did the USA in fact turn our own allies against each other and on us, to get the results they needed?

If I ask more questions than I give answers it is to make us think. What we no for sure is that everyone involved is scared and seems to know that the cost in diplomatic  terms is going to be catastrophic. We know for sure that what we know is  only the tip of the iceberg and it is not the first time that this kind of leak has happened, but is the first time that I have noticed such fear.   Guantanamo Bay and all the dirty little prejudices that made this war on terror was really about are about to be exposed and think that for the first time since it entered this war on terror neither the USA or it allies are in control of the spin.

I think the minor countries in this alliance are going to get a first hand look at how they were manipulated and used in this so-called war and how they were duped into thinking that the war was something other than the USA and its main allies quest for power and a moving of the world in the direction of the New World Order.   

The USA fears that its embassies will be asked to close around the world because of what will be brought out into the light and I have to wonder why? Is their cause not a just one? Have they not operated above-board and with the approval of the countries in question?  Have we been duping our own allies, or talking bad about them when in private?

Maybe this kind of leak is for the best and if we get isolated because of our actions maybe we can begin to reinvent ourselves instead of trying to reinvent everyone else. Maybe we can return to the way we used to be taking care of our own people’s needs and joining and contributing to the political organizations set up by the world in an honest, helpful and meaningful way. 

Watch and read  and try to be proud of the way we are conducting this war. The people being killed in the video, “Collateral Murder“, are real; the laughter you hear from the USA troops is real laughter; that this is not and act of war, but acts of murder is obvious and should have been dealt with as such and not swept under the carpet.


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