Even The Children Peter Mackay?

Well it is no surprise now what happened to Omar Khadr. The stance that the Conservative Government led by Prime Minister Harper, took in the detention of children captured in Afghanistan in relation to detaining them at Kandahar Air Field and then the turning over to authorities known to torture children.  I think even the conservatives will not be able to down play this new revelation by CBC.  Not even the most red neck of Canadians can be seen as seeing this as okay.

I make no claim to like the Harper government and the way they are governing this country, but this is a disturbing revelation for several reasons. It means for one that there is no limit to who the government will deliberately torture, or cause to be tortured by way of transfer of prisoners of war. It means that the government has lost site of Canadian values, or what the Canadian people feel to be acceptable when dealing with children caught up in war. It shows how callous and insensitive Canadians have become when comes to child prisoners of war, being detained and tortured, It shows how the heads of our government have lied and thwarted justice and the democratic process to cover up this nasty business of child torture, the detaining of child prisoners of war in hostile environments and the transfer to known abusers of children these same minors.

Canada detains children at Kandahar Air Field then hands the children over to Afghanistan's National Directoate to be tortured

We are breaking all rules of war and all conventions on war and lying about it to our people and to the world. We could be very well be the next country to be on  trial for war crimes at the Haig.  Tell me again how I am too hard on the Harper government and how Canada is just doing it’s best to stamp out terrorism around the world.  When these children grow to adulthood who side do you think they are likely to take? Do you think that they will say? God bless Canada they really helped us poor oppressed  people?


Richard Colvin

Richard Colvin, a former senior diplomat with Canada’s mission in Afghanistan, appears before a House of Commons committee Wednesday in Ottawa. (CBC) All detainees transferred by Canadians to Afghan prisons were likely tortured by Afghan officials and many of the prisoners were innocent, says a former senior diplomat with Canada’s mission in Afghanistan.

Appearing before a House of Commons committee Wednesday, Richard Colvin blasted the detainees policies of Canada and compared them with the policies of the British and the Netherlands.

The detainees were captured by Canadian soldiers then handed over to the Afghan intelligence service, called the NDS.Colvin said Canada was taking six times as many detainees as British troops and 20 times as many as the Dutch. 

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2009/11/18/diplomat-afghan-detainees.html#ixzz16k7Aq8Lq


This is where we sent the children as well as the adults. What say you now Canada?

Videos for kandahar Airfield  

Kandahar Airfield

Children detained at Kandahar Air Field

We as Canadians declare every minute of every day that our children and all children are the most precious things in the world and must be protected at all costs yet we are able to stand by and watch while our government allows children to be tortured on its watch and knowingly turns them over to be tortured by other people.  We claim that all children are our future and then we allow these children to have theirs taken away, or tainted with the memory of undergoing torture at our soldiers hands, or because we handed them over to someone else who would torture them for us.

It is not just the politicians who are responsible for these war crimes. It is the average everyday  citizen who calls himself a God-fearing person, but refuses to march, or complain and makes no effort to shut down this filthy, arrogant, corrupt government, who are as guilty as if they tortured these children with their own hands. 

Afghan child waits at a Canadian-led medical clinic

 You who agree with these methods of child torture and confinement, or disagree but do nothing about it, will find no words to hide behind in your Bible, Koran, Torah or the Tanakh,  or any other holy book.  You will not find shelter from heinous acts in your temples, synagogues, churches and mosques.  Canadian people speak not again in international circles or at home about stamping out child abuse, lest you be openly laughed at mocked and named for the hypocrite that your actions against children of war have made you.

We should hang our head in shame and then lift it back up, straighten out our spine, find our back bone and remove this child hurting Harper led, Mackay backed government from office.  Is it not funny how the good old country boys and girls, these self-professed God-fearing people, on a mission to bring peace and togetherness around the globe can only do it if they are allowed to use these anything but Godly methods? 

I await the replies from the die-hard  conservative backers to back these methods and support our troops in this practice for the good of Canada and our allies. I can not wait to hear the justification for this type of behavior; this child abuse of the worst kind; if there can be such a thing.  I for one find this type of behavior offensive and reprehensible and I would urge all people of Canada despite your political party preference to get together and end this war against the children of Afghanistan.

One stand against child abuse

This is a people issue; a love of children issue; a human issue and a moral issue. this issue will determine if we will stand by and allow this government to add to the seeds of hatred that have already been planted by our government. The seeds that will germinate and bear the fruits of terror and world instability which we will all have to eat if we do not take a stand together to stamp out this sort of behavior today. There is no more time to wait. The seeds not already planted have been caught by the wind and are being carried and distributed around the world and new sprouts and seedlings of discontent are sprouting and reaching for the sun.

Canada help stamp out child abuse vote out Prime Minister Harper and this anti child, conservative government.

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