The Last Correspondence With Mrs. Reynolds

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Correspondence with Mrs. Mary Reynolds Ms. Irini Margetis, over   my granddaughter’s bullying and prejudicial remarks and comments from her teacher’s while she was attending Royal West Academy, (Mrs. Mary Reynolds, the principal of the school responding)  went as a follows.

I received no timely response from either woman until I wrote them a follow-up letter and told them that I found their lack of response disrespectful and not courteous. I threatened to take the mater to their superiors if I did not hear from them and the next day I received a response. It did explain the delay of one of the ladies and why they were really not at liberty to speak to me and that even though they could not tell me their schools side of the events that took place or how they took care of it so that it did not happen again they were disappointed that I did not seem to care that their was a side I should have heard before I made comment on the situation, none the less.

I told them in reply to this letter that I thought that they had not addressed the teacher issue and that unfortunately they would probably run into the same type of problem somewhere in the not too distant future and it was a shame.

I told them that my granddaughter was doing well in her new school and that she seemed to be putting the whole mess behind her and that I would take their word for it that they had actually took steps to see that no other child would be bullied out of their school on their watch again.  I wished them a happy holidays and that was that. Here is the correspondence with them starting with my follow-up letter.


 Mrs. Mary Reynolds, Ms. Irini Margetis,

Some time has passed since I wrote to you about the bullying that my granddaughter was put through at the hands of your pupils that forced her to leave your school and the unintentional prejudicial treatment she received by some of her teachers. Since neither of you have followed up on Courteney, or even bothered to inform her mother of what steps you have taken to ensure that this problem does not happen again, we are wondering if you wish us to take this to the next level which will be to contact your superiors at the school board.

I wrote to you voicing my concerns and opinion and you did not even show me the courtesy of a reply. I am a concerned citizen and a concerned grandfather and as such will not go away until you assure me that you have addressed this issue. I will wait a little while longer than contact the school board and advise them of the situation and how you have dealt with it.

Arche Mdis


November 26, 2010

Dear Mr. Mdis,

I acknowledge receipt of your emails dated November 5, 2010 and November 25, 2010.

 Let me begin by saying that your email was sent during my absence from work due to the death of my mother.  Upon my return, I was faced with an enormous backlog of over 700 emails, telephone calls, regular mail as well as the day-to-day operations of the School.  If I have not responded to you until now, it is not due to lack of interest, nor to lack of respect.

 Firstly, the administration is responsible to investigate disciplinary issues as well as bullying or any mistreatment of students that is brought to their attention.  In the situation involving Courtney, I assure you that this was done and the findings were shared with her mother.  The administration is also responsible to determine what steps need to be taken to address the issues.  Based on the findings, appropriate measures were taken.

 Secondly, without having knowledge of the specifics of the alleged prejudicial treatment by RWA staff members, I cannot be expected to investigate this matter.  To date I have not been made aware of any of these allegations.

It is unfortunate that you have passed judgment having heard one side of the story.  Given that I must respect confidentiality and that you are not Courtney’s parent, I am not at liberty to discuss details of the case with you.  However as always, I am willing to discuss the situation with Courtney’s mother should she desire.

As a concerned citizen and grandfather, it is always your prerogative to contact my superiors at the English Montreal School Board.  In this case you would direct your concerns to Mrs. P. Miniaci.  She can be reached at:    (514) 483-7200 ext. 7228.

 Yours truly,

M.E. Reynolds


 Cc           Mrs. P. Miniaci, Regional Director, EMSB

                Mrs. I. Margetis, Vice-Principal, RWA


Mrs. Reynolds, let me first express my deepest sympathies to you and your family on the passing of your mother.  I too have lost
a mother over the years and it was one of the hardest things I have every lived through.

Now about taking one side, I took the only side that I can get information from. My family does not have a privacy issue, so I am not quite sure what you were alluding to in your response.    As for not knowing of any complaints against your teachers; I told you what was happening and if you choose to wait for Courteney, or her mother instead of investigating I am sure that you will be faced with the same problems in the not too distant future and that is sad.  As to the bullying if you say you took care of it, your word is good enough for me and I see no need to take further action. Courteney is doing well in her new school and she seems to be putting this whole ugly mess behind her and moving on as I shall do as well.  Thank you for responding so quickly.

Good luck to you and may God bless you and your family over the holidays and allow you peace and good fortune always.

Arche Mdis

This report was all started in the post titled,  Revelations of a Broken Heart  and was followed up in the post titled, All Good Schools Are Not All Good For Your Children and finally the post titled, The Last Correspondence With Mrs. Reynolds .

I do not think that they get it over at Royal West Academy, or take these matters seriously enough. I hope that this never happens again on their watch, but somehow I doubt that this will be the case.

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