Is Scandal And Embarassment All That Is Left For Canada

I am asking an open question to anyone anywhere,”Is this all there is and is this all we are?”  There is not one elected political party in this country that can stand up this year and say we are scandal free, or honestly say that what we are doing we honestly believe to be in the best interest of Canada and the Canadian people. This goes from the municipal level right up to the federal; from the small scandal to the large; there is not one.

NDP Provincially:  First there was Crocus, now it is the Workers Compensation Board. Tomorrow Manitoba’s Provincial Auditor will release another scathing report that will see Gary Doer’s NDP government doing back flips to distance themselves from. Wally Fox-Decent.

Liberal Jean Charest: the dubious pleasure of holding sway over what is being called around the world the most corrupt province in Canada and has the press referring to him as Godfather.

Gérald Tremblay, Mayor of Montreal, openly admits that the mob are involved if not running the construction industry in Quebec and in the city, but maintains that there is nothing to worry about corruption is just part of doing business in the province and in this city.

Gordon Campbell : Premiere of British Columbia (Liberal Party) forced to resign over opposition to the CST.  Accused of lying to the voters during his campaign and ignoring them after his campaign.

Bloc Québécois, Parti Québécois: ( Gilles Duceppes and Pauline Marois) both parties trying to impose the will of the minority on the population of Canada and Quebec.  They go at this to the detriment of all Canadians and taxpayers with all of their energies, which leaves zero time or energy for the real problems that Quebecers’ have, (unemployment, housing for poor, increasing hydro costs, over crowded emergency rooms), just to name a few. This attitude splits the country; makes a mockery out of democracy and gives us an international humanity rating of a province that commits genocide on its own and a country that allows it.

There is no commitment to Canada yet these politicians vote to allow, or not to allow laws and bills that would, or at least are intended to benefit and enhance the quality of life all Canadians.  They are convinced that if they corrupt the system enough that some how the people of Quebec will tire of suffering and give in and vote yes to separation. In any other country this would be treasonous talk. The federal government says no problem make your people suffer, but you will not separate and we in Quebec go without and suffer some more. Democracy at its finest hour.

Danny Williams: Premiere of Newfoundland and Labrador, leaves politics before his term is over because he says that he wishes to leave politics with a good name and feels he has accomplished all that he can for his province.  I have to ask why the so sudden departure? Why did you bother to run and get elected in the first place? I think he ran this time to keep his party in power and force the province to accept an interim Premiere of his choosing.  Not fair to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador who might of voted differently had they known he was going to retire before his mandate was over.  This is another example of politicians putting their personal agendas ahead of the populations they said they were there to serve.

Stephen Harper: Prime Minister of Canada and leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and who I think of as the Anti Christ.  If he is not Damien from The Omen movie, he is very close 2nd in my opinion.  He spews quotes from the bible and talks about his God being a tolerant and caring entity and then cuts, and slashes social programs at a rate never before seen in Canadian history. From the war in Afghanistan to the  passing of a bill in parliament he and his party have done their best to leave the voter in the dark and to subvert democracy.  He and his political party are fighting off controversy and scandal at a rate of one new one a day every day now.  Our foreign aid is at an abysmal low and we are getting the reputation of using others tragedy to grab headlines and then abandoning our commitment when the cameras are gone.

Scandal and embarrassment is how I would describe the political situation in Canada right now. I would say that we are no longer being governed but, rather we are being ruled and a such the politicians do not have to care what we think of their policies, or laws.  Politicians no longer feel they have to account to us and that other than vote we should mind our business and except on good faith that they are doing what they need to do. Is this what the new democracy is supposed to look like we the people being shut out?

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4 Responses to Is Scandal And Embarassment All That Is Left For Canada

  1. D.I.D. says:

    PS: Next time Ignatieff, Layton, Harper or (God forbid) Duccepe shows their face(s) at the University of Manitoba I intend to deliver a political take-down rant (accompanied by the mother of reason-you-suck-speeches) of epic proportions! 🙂


  2. D.I.D. says:

    Well, on the bright side of things we are far from alone in our anger, and I for one intend to stir up shit and make a loud point to these mafia men (“politicians”) come the next federal election.

    I have always had the impression that the francophone residents of Québec (“les Québecois”) these days are of the majority opinion that they constitute a nation in themselves and either wish to secede from the federation or stay apart of it if it benifits them economicly. Have I misunderstood Québec?


    • archemdis says:

      You go get them where you are and I will get them from here. These guys and gals are nuts and I mean all of them. Good to hear fron you again.


    • archemdis says:

      Yes most of the Quebecers want to live in peace and understand the needs of both sides. The French miss not being allowed to educate their children in English. The French realize the loss of being bilingual and the advantage it used to give them in the work field for example. It is the small millitant faction that keeps on fighting this insane battle. If the majority had wanted to seperate it would have happened years ago. We are all inter – married here and for the most part get along. The only way they even come close to separation is when some in the middle get so angry with the other political parties that they either do not vote at all, or decide to try something new.


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