Liberal Lack Of A Spine Responsible For Conservative Big Head Syndrome

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Listening to CPAC this last week you would think that the Liberals were getting ready to do battle with the Conservatives, their brothers in parliament.  Then I remember that the Liberals have helped to pass more Conservative bills and budgets than any other opposition party, simply because they were not ready for an election and thought they could not win; not because what the Conservatives were trying to pass was good for Canadians. Listening to them one would have thought that they were not responsible in any way for the hardships that we as Canadians have we been made to suffer and will go right on suffering partially because the Liberals have no spine.

The Liberals have also be boasting about their having left the Conservatives a great big surplus which the Conservatives have squandered. I was there when the Liberals made it possible for a boss to fire and employee and the employee would have to prove they were not in the wrong before getting unemployment insurance.  This little ditty caused 3/4 of people who were eligible for unemployment before not eligible anymore and this is the type of thing that gave them the surplice. Now I do not know about the rest of you, but I did not then and do not now feel like heaping praise upon them for their surplice that was got on the laws that denied Canadians the ability to take care of their families and allowed bosses to defecate on their employees. Nice try Liberals, but some of our memories are still intact.  Do you really think that we would thank you for building up your surplice by denying the most basic of needs for needy Canadians.  We have the extra long waiting times in hospitals, pay freezes and the escalating costs for everything else approach to government for  to thank you for. Yes you  had saved lots of money on your watch. When our cries for mercy reached your ears and we begged you for just a little relief you said sorry, be patient and ignored us. You spent money on advertisement, raises for yourselves and denied us housing, education and dignity. Do not be so proud of your record of the past, it got you where you are today 2nd not 1st.

I wonder what Preston Manning would say today looking at how far the Conservative Party of Canada has digressed.  Gone is the one person one vote policy. Gone is the transparency his party fought so hard to keep alive. Gone is the honesty and integrity of his party and a whole lot more.  Alive and kicking is the bigotry; the sense of  superiority and the push to be American.  We have a Prime Minister and a Canadian government in power that for the 1st time in our history that seems to be  embarrassed and ashamed to be Canadian. A Prime Minister and government that continues to apologise to the Americans,  for our Canadian values and ways. A Prime Minister that keeps telling the rest of the world that he is trying to get us to drop our Canadian ways, but it will take time.  Stockwell Day and Peter Mackay should be ashamed of their self  for not having the courage and conviction to follow through and allowed this mad man; this power-hungry jackass to do his best to destroy this country and her people.  

In all cases the less fortunate of this country continue to suffer the rich get richer; the middle class now the poor continue to fall and get poorer and the once poor are now living on the street waiting to die and no longer get a damn thing from any one.  those who were on the street are almost all dead, because no one cared.  I put it to you the middle class never thought that they would be  the poor. They cursed the poor for complaining and the government of the rich screwed them.  It is time to stand up people and fight the good fight lest you become the next to lose; the next to have your pension stolen by big business and big government. The next family to be sleeping in your car with a degree that won’t get you a good paying job. Wake up and become the government. start a political party and go out there and kick butt.  Take back our lives, our government and our country. 

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4 Responses to Liberal Lack Of A Spine Responsible For Conservative Big Head Syndrome

  1. D.I.D. says:

    Great post my friend.

    I don’t think starting a new political party will solve anything at least as long as the current voting system allows for vote splitting, particularly here in the West and where you are in Québec. Maybe a more practical approach would be to turn the heat up on all parties. Even the biggest frauds and liars will clean up their act if they are convinced that a populist coup de grace is imminent.


    • archemdis says:

      I would hope so, but it seems that we need to start taking repsonsibilty as the voter one way, or another. I think we need to start boycotting and protesting a lot more and for issues that affect all Canadians not just a province or city. Shut the country down over an issue of national importance. The only thing that some people understand is when you hurt their bottom line $$$$$. We need to find our self respect and sense of self preservation. We need to begin to say no again and follow it up with action.


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