Time For The Christmas Blues

Blanketfest Quebec

This is a sad time of year for me because my heart and everything about me begins to focus on what Christmas stands for and who will not be having such a great Christmas this year. We as Canadians will spend money on our children,  grandchildren and loved ones. We will eat our fill of delicious food; we will laugh a little, cry a little and compare gifts and exchange stories about life and how it is affecting us.  We will count our blessings, give thanks to God and some of us will even go to church. All of these things we will do, because they are a part of our Christmas tradition.

The gift of giving

Unfortunately we will pass by the Santa with the ball and the bell; pass by the kids on the over passes with the signs begging for change and will knock over a fellow Christmas shopper to avoid the person collecting money for cancer research and other diseases. We may curse under our breaths at the children dressed in their school or community center sweaters bagging groceries trying to get money for school outings, or help in raising money for their sporting team. We will also curse the cashier who asks us if we would like to donate a dollar to help see that every child eats breakfast. We get so angry at these people because they make us feel guilty about having and not donating or worse making us donate.  All of these things we will do, because they are a part of our Christmas tradition.

We will make a mental note to complain to the city and the powers that be about the dirty looking people harassing us in the street for money to eat , or so they can find shelter from the cold and somewhere safe to sleep; we will make a mental to complain to the city and the powers that be, about the  inconvenience placed on us having to step over the freezing  and hungry street people as they lay on the ground, dirty unkempt and with their garbage bags in the metros, banking buildings and even our church entrance ways,   as we try to shop for something to give a love one at this time of the year. All of these things we will do, because they are a part of our Christmas tradition.

We will watch A Christmas Carol and cry for Tiny Tim. We will watch the Grinch Who Stole Christmas and get all warm inside for the love and generosity of the Who’s, who really know the meaning of Christmas and we may even go to church, take communion and pray for those less fortunate than ourselves, but this will be the extent of our christmas giving to the needy for the majority of us. We will be content to let God take care of the needy and rely on him to do his, or her job. We will hope that some one with more than we have will donate to all of those causes and the needy. I mean after all this is a stressful enough time  for us trying to get our children and grandchildren all that they desire for Christmas. We could do without the extra burden of taking on the suffering of the poor sick and dying. All of these things we will do, because they are a part of our Christmas tradition.

Man sleeping on Canadian sidewalk

I would ask of you that can and do not to give this Christmas. Give from your heart to the person who stands shivering in the cold asking for change. There are a million reasons not to give and only one good one to give.  You would

be amazed at what your dollar does. When peopole see you give, you trigger the giving feeling in all who see you do it and you could save a life, or make a rough time a little easier for the person in need.  I was on an overpass from St Patrick Street to the highway

How long do you figure you could last sleeping outside under these conditions?

and I seen a guy and girl who frequently solicit monies from cars sporting a movers jacket where he had none the day before. A mover gave him his jacket so that he could keep warm and that to me is what Christmas and the Christmas spirit is all about.

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