Tony Clement Why? Tony, Tony, Tony Tsk Tsk Tsk!



Tony Clement looking as confused as ever

Tony Clement,  you sly dog you. I would never have guessed that Tony had it in him. The man tried to eat the whole hog. It is not hard to get away with taking a little cash for your riding to make points, because every political party in power has done it since the political game first came into being.  Tony though tried to get away with buying his riding with money not designated for stimulus projects and rather took monies designated for the G8 summit and gave them to his riding on top of the stimulus package monies it was already receiving as a legacy gift of the G8 summit and that was a no-no.

As our Industry Minister Tony, you first try to sell our potash industry, (Potash Corp) to Australia’s, BHP Billiton Ltd  and call it good for Canadians and Saskatchewan.  When you are threatened with losing your political advantage in Saskatchewan  you pull an about-face for totally political reasons and block the deal saying on second look it is not a good deal for Canadians.  Were you lying when you said it was good for Canada, or were you lying when you succumbed to populous pressure and recanted, or are you that undecided about everything?   Either way I would suggest that you are a liar and a coward.  How did someone like Clement get the nod for a major cabinet position with a win by so few numbers and as obviously ill-informed about what is good for Canadian Industry? Well BHP Billiton Ltd, will just have to find some other company to acquire some place else.  this is yet another example of how far the Conservative government of Canada will go to ensure that it stays in power. It will scrap a deal that they promoted as being good for Canada to insure that they keep seats in a province that is crucial to their continuing political success and that is not acting in the best interest of Canada, but on what is in the best interest of the Conservative Party of Canada, once again. 

We see you

You just could not miss the chance to try and increase your popularity by spending money throughout your riding in an obviously wrong way. Tony, you diverted money from somewhere you shouldn’t have and now as far as I am concerned can’t get your fat little fist out of the cookie jar, because you refuse to let go of the cookies.  It is hard to believe that your party had the nerve and the unmitigated gall to call John Chretien a crook and had him and the Liberals ran out of power on a rail for doing far less corrupt things than you guys.  The Conservatives have all but bankrupted this country trying to keep up with the Jones’, (the USA) and you have used every dirty trick in the book and I feel you would not know how to tell the truth if your collective lives depended upon it. Here is a list of gifts for votes that  Tony Clement gave to and spread around his riding. The Conservatives are saying with a straight face that these were legitimate legacy gifts for hosting the G8. 

Details of 10 pork-barrel projects photographed by Liberals:
Burk’s Falls: Downtown entranceway upgrade
Amount: $150,000
Status: Incomplete
Location: 48km from summit site

Port Severn: Streetscaping, park improvements, gateway signage
Amount: $2 million
Status: Incomplete
Location: 135km from summit site, exiting off Highway 400

Parry Sound: Upgrading of Market Square Park and renovation of a fountain
Amount: Portion of $1.3 million allocated to Parry Sound
Status: Incomplete
Location: 85km from summit site

Orrville: Downtown improvements
Amount: Portion of $745,000 allocated to Orrville, Rosseau and Humphrey
Status: Incomplete
Location: 80km from summit site

Baysville: Improvements to band shell and new public washrooms
Amount: $274,850
Status: Incomplete
Location: 31km from summit site

Rosseau: Downtown improvements, including fake lighthouse carved from tree stump
Amount: Portion of $745,000 allocated to Orrville, Rosseau and Humphrey
Status: Incomplete
Location: 49km from summit site

South River: Landscaping
Amount: $65,000
Status: Incomplete
Location: 74km from summit site

Kearney: Upgrading of Allister Johnston Bridge (Bridge to Nowhere), and main street
Amount: $730,000
Status: No evidence of work on bridge, but main street has been asphalted
Location: 42km from summit site

Bracebridge: Upgrade to Annie Williams Memorial Park with a 7,500 sq. ft. building that will eventually house an outdoor community theatre
Amount: $500,000
Status: Almost complete?
Location: 47km from summit site

Sundridge: Band shell renovation and construction of a new shelter in Lions Park
Amount: Portion of $875,000 allocated to Sundridge projects
Status: Almost complete?
Location: 65km from summit site


Tony Clement stop pouting. You were a bad boy and must be punished

This legacy scandal of yours, is more than a few golf balls, or pro Canadian advertizing, (the sponsorship Scandal), trying to keep the country from separating; this is more than Shawinigate: L’AFFAIR GRAND.  You have wasted just as much enrgy, taxpayer money and time trying to end the long gun registry than the effort to either side is worth in my humble opinion.  Time, energy and money  that could have been spent on things more important to tax payers all over Canada quite frankly. You and your party have excluded the population from knowing anything about what you are doing on a scale that Canadians have never seen before and for this you want to be seen as democratic.

You the Conservative party of Canada in my opinion have no plan for the betterment of Canada, but instead react, make decisions and give funding according to what area you feel needs boosting politically for your party Mps to win federal elections, or where you need help to win an election that will keep you in power.  If this is not true how do you explain a legacy gift of this nature to all of these places for the G8 Summit and nothing for Toronto? Toronto suffered greatly hosting the G20 summit. 

Harper and his hero

Tony Clement, lest you think that we the Canadian people are asleep and we did notice that you are trying to introduce the most draconian set of copyright laws since the term itself came into existence; we are not, we are wide awake and will not go quietly along with this obvious attempt to silence yet another forum that could possibly hurt your chances of getting reelected. You and your government have squandered  assets that had our accounting sheet in the blue and have given us nothing but more military spending,  influence peddling and frankly American ass kissing while denying us a chance to live affordably and raise our children without working three jobs; like they have to do in the USA.

I never have agreed with your policies as a party to do away with all social programs such as unemployment insurance, welfare, medicare in order to comply with the wishes and demands of the USA. The USA complained that it could not and would not pay for these things for its people and therefore Canadians would be at a distinct disadvantage when it came to making trade agreements  between our two countries and even Mexico, if we had to keep filtering these costs in when it came time to make contracts.  It also made the USA look exactly what they were, a nation who’s only vision for itself is to amass things like wealth, power and dominance at home and throughout the world and they did not like that. Nor could they afford their citizens to start wanting what we as Canadians had,( a labor code for one).  I thought they were wrong and I still do, but when you 1st came to power you said you would do certain things and we as Canadians voted you in any way and that was our mistake, but everything since then has been a lie and you have taken your government underground. 

Two peas in a pod

This is not the Conservative Party of Canada, that we as Canadians elected back in your days of rebuilding your image. This is the old Brian Mulroney type of governing style that we got rid of back then and will do so again. I know that you can not stay in power without our votes, but you Conservatives seem to be forgetting this fact and we as Canadians will endeavor once again to remind you, by removing you from office as we did the Mulroney government.  it did not take you long to fall from you high and mighty perch. One rotten apple has indeed spoiled the whole bushel and now it is time to put them in the trash where all rotten things belong and unfortunately for you Tony Clement, this means you too.

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    Just found your webblog on faves today and I have to say I love it! Bookmarked this and will be back again to check it out some more later.

    • archemdis says:

      So glad you are enjoying what you have found, that I have created and hope that you understand that I have sought to help people in my sharing and writing. Have a great day!

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      I am pleased with my progress as well, because it means that more people will be looking at these guys and at what they represent. We need a serious change of attitude in all of our politicians. People need to be able to work and at the end of the week be able to live above the poverty line. I say, “No to ordering up the weapons of mass destruction( fighter planes, missle systems, etc.) and yes to ordering up the weapons of self production(education, jobs, etc.). ” Have a great day and remember that these politicians get away with what we allow!

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    • archemdis says:

      I picked out Tony Clement, but this is an on going problem in all political parties. They have us worrying about the other guy while they do the same old thing. I just think the money could be better spent on senior care, bringing down tuitions, housing for the poor, just to name a few. Have a great day!!!

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