Canada’s Involvement In The War To Dominate Fresh Water

I had heard the whispers about some people trying to take over the world’s water supply and I said this could not be true. These whispers had to be the delusion of some paranoid activist, or a rumor started by some one desperate to get his name in the press, but as usual when I ignore these whispers I am wrong; as wrong as when the fast food industry said the MacDonald’s concept of fast food would never amount to anything.  The newest, fastest growing industry is fresh water.  The control of it totally by big business; the selling of it by your country to another; exporting and importing, polluting and then cleaning, diverting it and getting it back as something else and it is all being done without your knowledge and consent.  You will never see it in a country’s budget, from any government; it is rarely in the press if ever and the big companies which I will name are the major players and stake holders later in the post and are already playing the game all over the world.  Canada has been playing the game on every governmental level, in all of the courts, with no media, or news coverage from the beginning. Canadian Politicians of all political stripes are guilty of trying to make secret deals especially with the USA to divert our water to the USA and then abroad.

Farmers in the USA are right now being approached by water speculators to sell the water on their land and give up farming forever.  There is talk of  selling fresh water to relatively dry China and then getting it back in produce since it is cheaper to do in China than here.  For example the USA now imports all of its apple juice from China. The USA is losing its ability to make its own apple juice, because it is cheaper to do it in China and other such places.  Water speculators simply look for the most polluted places with vast amounts of fresh water and offer to clean up[ the water for a price and the p[rice is the right to control that vital resource by way of pumping rights. 

Look at the case of the most poor African countries and Coke A Cola where a bottle of water is sometimes the only clean fresh water available and what Coke A Cola has done to this country this people.  they are now selling bottled water to the Africans at a higher cost that a bottle of coke.  The governments still unable to clean up their countries water supply has shut down their cleaning and purifying plants and are now totally dependent on a foreign country to supply its fresh water at whatever rate the said company determines to be fair and the price of fair is a 30% profit at this time or just higher.

The purifying and selling of water is now being done on the stock market like any other commodity. the question must arise in one’s mind as to why these companies who are the major polluter in the world today have been allowed to escape what should have been their responsibility to clean up and allowed to make a profit from their wrong doing.  what incentive is left for them top practice clean environmentally friendly practices when they can have one company polluting and the other getting paid handsomely to clean it up at the tax payers expense and then sell it to the same tax payer for profit?

Canada is a major player in this game and we could see very soon our water being diverted to places like California.  The whole legal system has been manipulated and corrupted to achieve this goal of selling off our water sovereignty and allowing this vital natural resource to be, bottled, piped and shipped pout of where it belongs never to return to places and countries elsewhere.  The highest civilian position in our government involved in the legal system, lawyers, judges in all the levels of the system are being found to have been corrupted and making decisions not based in law. 

People in high places seem to be dying because of these decisions being challenged and coming out into the light of day.  No one, or nothing on this earth can live totally without water and they who control the fresh water supply control the world. Large companies like Coke a Cola Nestles and General Electric are our front-runners in the quest to own and profit from the worlds fresh water supply. 

This war is a war that we as citizens of this planet simply can not afford to lose. We are being sold out by our legislators, our courts and big business.  Stand up or we could be the next Africa.

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