I Do Not Care How Threatened You Feel! Child Torture Is Just Wrong Israel

 I do not understand torture for any reason, or its use on anyone, but when it happens to children by anyone for any reason I lose my cool.  To stand by and allow a nation to kill, torture and psychologically screw with children’s minds is totally wrong in my humble opinion.      

 Israel in my opinion goes too far with this sort of thing and the world is allowing it to happen once again only this time it is not the Jews of Europe being slaughtered and tortured, but the people of Palestine by what is left of the Jews of Europe, their descendants and the United States of America and its allies.

I am aware that there is violence happening from both sides, but Israel seems to have been given a pass to do anything it feels necessary to do to maintain its existence in the region, while the Palestinian people have been ordered by the rest of the world to shut up and stand down and allow the genocide to continue of its people.  I think we allow this because we feel guilty over the holocaust and do not know quite how to end the war we started. I think we would all agree that the State of Israel would not be there if the rest of the free world had not imposed the State of Israel on the Middle East.  The State of Israel is what it takes to appease our conscience and the destruction of Palestine and her people is our penance and their cross to bear.

We have not made a pact with God, but I believe we have made a deal with the devil and the devil is a liar and a thief who comes for little children in their sleep; he invades their dreams and steals their souls.  We should be ashamed of our actions; we are as guilty as the Israelis for the death and torture of these children and the plight of every Palestinian that is tortured. We force one side to talk while the other side steals more land and settles it as its own. Than we walk away and say how sorry we are that the peace talks did not work out. When you artificially prop up one side in a war you make it impossible for it to end.  Israel is one such nation, propped up by the United States with money, military support and whatever else it needs while the other side faces blockades, sanctions and embargos on everything it needs just to survive.

Israel feels it can not be beaten; after all the United States of America has said it will not let them lose no matter what crimes they commit.  Israel sees no need to compromise, or do the right thing and so the Palestinian threat to die to the last man, woman and child to get back what was theirs continues. The genocide of them continues much like the genocide we inflicted on our native people and with the hope of  achieving the same results.  They are and will be forced onto reservations stripped of all of their rights and robbed of all of their lands, customs and heritage if they stop fighting with their car bombs and everything else that they have. We have broken every treaty we made with our natives and just about everyone else and the Israelis are following in our footsteps in their dealing with the Palestinians.

The Palestinians can not afford to stop fighting long enough to sleep, or their children will vanish into the night by a cowardly propped up army, that wages war on children and women; an army that destroys all in its path to create a Zionist State and cries to the United States and its allies for protection when faced by a real threat like men who refuse to just give in and accept their fate, but chose to fight on to the last man, woman and child.

Israel has learned its lessons from some good teachers and points to our great nations start when challenged on its atrocities and demands the same right to carve out its own nation in the same way. We feel we can’t say no to Israel, because to do so would be admitting that we were indeed wrong and that maybe we owe our native people more than just an apology for nearly wiping them off the face of the earth and indeed the people of our nations are the descendants of an occupying force and that the nations that they created should not be here and that the lands that we occupy do not belong to us..  We have become a great nation with blood of millions of dead native people on our hands and our history is jammed packed with injustices to other people and so we continue to support this rogue nation and this insane war. 

I watched the video below and realized that of course Canada can turn a blind eye to the plight of the Sri Lankan refugees seeking asylum in this country; of course Canada can turn a blind eye to the plight of Omar Khadr, because we condone this type of behavior.  We can never be a part of the Middle East solution, because we have already determined that one side is totally right and that one side is totally wrong and that no matter what the State of Israel  does, we will back Israel and force the other side to accept it as right and this makes us part a of the problem.

 Torture Of Palestinian Child Prisoners “Widespread And …

I believe that the State of Israel deserves to exist, but in peace and with respect for the people who were already there; the people they now torture and militarily occupy with the help of the rest of the world. I think they need to give back the lands they are occupying and we the world who inserted them into that region and have allowed this war to go on and on should see to it forth with.  

I for one do not care what the fight is about, but when you hold children in jails, torture and abuse them, you have crossed the line and lose anything that I every might have thought positive about your cause.  Every argument has two sides and the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle, but there can be no excuse for allowing the torture and killing of children; the detaining of these children and subsequent trials in military courts of these children. It violates world law, it is supposed to violate our law and it violates Israeli law and yet every hour at least 10 Palestinian children will be snatched by Israel if not more. Israel’s only defense is that these children are accused of serious crimes; give me a break. What goes around usually comes around and I believe what is food for the goose is good for the gander.  In other words this type of action, puts all children in danger in times of war.

Is it not strange that Jason Kenney, has opted Canada out of going to the, “Hate Fest”  as he calls it and has taken a position towards the United Nation similar to that of the United States of America. Any argument or suggestion that Israel is wrong about anything despite the evidence is to be rejected and the speaker be denounced as anti Israeli, or Anti Semitic. It is in this atmosphere that Israel has been allowed to come close to being what almost wiped the Jews of Europe off the face of this earth.

Canada opts out of UN ‘hatefest’: Kenney (nationalpost.com)

When we feel guilty enough about what we are allowing to happen in the Middle East who will be the next people, the next nation to pay for our sins, to do our penance. I am ashamed of our government and ashamed at the response from the otherwise fair-minded, decent people of Canada, for condoning the torture of children and the total disregard for human life and unabashed support of the type of tactics that are being used by the Israelis.  Say what you will about the Palestinians, but they are fighting off the whole world in an effort to regain their land and nation; what we gave to the Israelis and help them maintain by force. 

It is gang mentality at its best.  Anyone can look tough with, jets, guns, tanks and the world backing you up, but I wonder how long the State of Israel would last if they had to defend themselves without all the support it gets. I think they would stop the nonsense; stop the killing of children and concentrate on peace.  We the countries of the free world have in our need to clear our consciences and gain an ally in this region, have enabled Israel to aspire to become the bully and a  Zionist State that does horrible things.  If we do not do something soon we will be guilty of allowing genocide once again, but this time we will not be able to say we just did not know.



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