Will The Real John Baird Please Stand Up

Minister for Environment and Government House Leader

John Baird, is one of the most exasperating, infuriating and destructive politicians to do this job.  I find his approach to politics argumentative, dishonest and as non transparent as a politician can be.  I think that for him it is not about Canada, but about him and his party. Of all the Conservatives in Prime Minister Harper‘s cabinet I find that he shows the most contempt for parliament and the parties in opposition.

John Baird Mr. Arrogance

There is an arrogance and a manner about him that is dangerous to democracy and to all Canadians. I find him to be a hypocrite, because he chooses to hide in a political party that is so openly anti gay and that views gays as an ugliness and a sin before God.  He has never openly declared he was gay, but does tend to frequent gay spots. It does not matter to me or most voters whether or not, he is a homosexual, or not, except that if he is homosexual as most people and I suspect he is, it goes to show to what extent he is willing to go not to lose an election. It also shows how little he cares about changing the world for the better for other gays, homosexuals and lesbians while he hides in the conservative closet and does nothing for gays and lesbians. It also goes to show that he chooses the right to privacy in his personal life that he often treads on in other politicians lives.

 I do understand his fear of other people’s anti gay stances and other people’s homophobia, but why not work to change it? I will give him credit for not standing against gays, but in the same breath he is not in a position to help them in their struggles either, because of his denial, or refusal to come out of the closet.  You will see nothing to balance the scales of justice when it comes to the federal Conservative Party of Canada.  They have stated more than once that they believe that to be gay is a sickness and that it is not normal in the eyes of God and Christians, which the Prime Minster and 90% of his party profess to be.  If he is hiding what he is and allowing other gays to suffer because of his lack of courage than there is only one word to describe him and that word would be coward.

I have watched this man in committee and in the House of Commons make a mockery of  the political system that runs this country. I have watched him cause delays in committee and defy the will of parliament with what would appear to be a sneer of contempt on his face.  I can honestly say that I would not trust this man as far as I could throw him.  John Baird seems consumed with making people listen to him, respect him and most of all fear him.  He seems to be living out some kind of fantasy; the little boy whom everyone laughed at and made fun of now in the position to make everyone who he considered guilty of poking fun at him pay.  The only problem is I feel that is not just a few people, but that it is Canada he wants to make pay and all the Canadians. 

I think he sees his political opponents as people who know his secret and he is paranoid that the are making fun of him behind his back and feels he must make fools of them, or force them to see him as some one they must respect and to that end he has tenaciously attacked and ridiculed anyone, or any political party for challenging him, or his views no matter what they are.  John Baird seems to be  angry and  afraid, wishing he could be anything but what he is, but finds  that even with all his new-found power, that he is still powerless to effect that change and is forced to remain who he really is inside, a frightened human being.

 I think that John Baird is acting like the little boy in the boys locker room and shower, who is afraid of what will happen to him if the other boys find out what the true nature of his feelings for some of them are and decide not to be his friends anymore and so he hides who he is, strikes out and gets angrier. He listens to their anti homosexual jokes and pretends that he is not hurting, because to show hurt is to come out into the open and being a confirmed homosexual is his greatest fear.  


Let us take a look at his record and where he stands on environmental issues and how he intends to help us save our planet. Oh that is right he doesn’t have any plans because he thinks that the world’s scientists and environmental experts are over exaggerating the problem of global warming, acid rain and that the Kyoto Accord was  irresponsible in the setting of targets to reduce green house gasses and that a less severe strategy needs to be implemented that is not so hard on business and the Canadian economy.

We know he is a welfare snob and thinks that everyone on welfare are just lazy, shiftless people who need to be put on workfare, like they do in the Unite States.  We know that he likes to give ultimatums instead of making compromise whether he is dealing with the general population, provincial leaders, or federal opposition parties. He has often been referred to in the press as being combative by nature and user of bully tactics.

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  1. D.I.D. says:

    I’m not sure if what goes on the in the USA can bee called ‘workfare’. Last I checked, the duration of unemployment ensurence down south is 99 weeks!


    • archemdis says:

      I could be mistaken, but I thought that welfare was only for a short period of time and then you were expected to get on a workfare program. I have nothing against peop;e working i just do not like people made to look lazy and unwilling to work when there is none to be had.


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