Voting To Punish Politicians Will Not Get You Good Govenrment

We vote them in and out of office all too often now because we can not take the lying and the scandals of the political party we are ousting any longer and not because we believe that the in coming  political machine will be any better, but we simply want to punish the outgoing  political machine.  The problem with this type of choice is that you get what you voted for.  politicians no longer tell you that they are better because they will do X Y , or Z; they simply tell you what the other guy does in his time off, or how much the other is spending on his coats.  In other words it is more important to smear the other candidate, or political party these days than to actually promise to try to improve the, city, province, territory or, country, if you want to win an election.

Ignatieff finds good Election Issue - Logo Gate

All too often the only platform a political party needs to have to win an election is one that says we will be honest and transparent and play down the accomplishments of the party that was in power and we as Canadians eat it up and wonder why nothing changes.  We have become voters driven by gossip and not by the state in which we find our country.  Issues such as health care and the rising cost of everything we need to survive take a backseat to who used the photo copier for illegal purposes, or who did not declare every hot dog that was bought on the tax payers money.  The rising costs of tuitions, green house gas emissions and the health of the planets water, air and forests take a back seat to big business, promises of great wealth and corrupt politics.

Our politicians have become focussed solely on staying in power. To this end all who voted for a certain party get the most and those areas of the country that did not get punished and penalized when it comes to contracts and things that they need. 

Economic Report

The G8 summit was a perfect example of how this works with Tony Clement and his party giving all of that money to his riding in the guise of a legacy fund and Toronto getting nothing for the G20.   It seems that this type of behavior is enough to get you elected and enough to get you thrown out of office if you are a politician, or government,  depending on the mood of the voters and how it is presented by the press and who lies the best.  in my opinion too much time is spent by all political parties in Canada, looking for a way to steal an election through devious methods and what amounts to tattle tailing then on winning an election based on your political parties hard work to make this country a better place to live in for its people, with sound positive steps to keep Canada and everything it stands for safe and intact. 

When your party is opposition it would appear that the said party feels it is their duty to oppose even what is good for Canada, vote it down and then if you get elected propose it like it was your idea all along and belittle any other party who dares stands against its passage into law.  We as a country are now officially beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the most gullible, ill-informed and easily led nation of voters on this planet.  We have given up without a fight our right to be told the truth; our right to be listened to and heard; our right to be respected and most of all our right to be treated as adults.  We are treated like children who do not yet know what is good for them, or truly know what it is that they want and so the government is determined it will do what is best for us now for our own good. The government acts from the position of parents making decisions for minor children that although we do not understand now what they are doing is in our best interest that we will understand and appreciate what they did for us later when we grow up.  We prove them right by our silence and unwillingness to fight for our rights and so it continues no matter what political party is in power.  

Harper sings I get by with a little help from my friends, while the Liberals fight

The Conservative Party Of Canada  rose to power because we were mad at the Liberal Party Of Canada for having what seemed like scandal after scandal. Some were real and some were just rumors and innuendo designed to get us angry by the opposition parties who knew they were lies and could never be proven. We bit and the rest is history the Liberals were out and after all was said and done and the royal commissions and enquiries were over the conclusion was just like all other such affairs; that although the Liberals had done a lot of spending irregularly that they had broken no laws and the whole scandal had been contrived at the cost of millions of dollars that could have been used for other things. Yes the Liberals diverted money to certain companies and individuals  to do the wrong thing by law, cloaked in the guise of saving the country and our federation,a plot which was exposed, but all the golf balls and advertising contracts that the Liberals gave away is a drop in thew bucket compared to the spending spree the  Conservative Party Of Canada embarked on for the G8 summit, the fighter jets and the defeating of the long gun registry. 

Figure this out The Conservatives came to power based on promises to be fiscally prudent and inherited a budget surplus and now the country is in debt deeper than it every was and the have never balanced the budget let alone finish with a surplus and they seem unable to stop the spending. They said that they would be transparent in all things, but at every turn they have hidden, or made it difficult to see what they are doing from the wars we now find ourselves in, military spending, the awarding of contracts without benefit of a fair and open bidding process that always seems to have an American or other foreign company getting the bid.   When they do not get what they want they disrupt the will of parliament. They have prorogued parliament twice to avoid no confidence motions by the opposition parties; the conservatives have even written and follow and handbook  dedicated to the delaying and disruption of committees chaired by conservatives.  All of this the Harper government is doing and a whole lot more, but if asked how they think of the Harper government is doing governing this country some Canadian voters would say not bad, or better than the Liberals.

It is time to go back to the drawing board and demand with our votes to be heard; to be listened to and to be treated like adults.  My mother told me,  “that respect is not a given it is earned”. I think it is time that all parties and stake holders begin to understand this adage and take steps to change their behavior.  Voting to punish politicians and political parties will not get good government and leadership for Canadians. However voting for a party that has good ideas, policies and does not seem to need to knock down the opposition might get you a government that cares and if they were lying for heaven sake do not vote them back in. If the government is to change we the voter must take up the challenge and the responsibility of keeping them honest. In short we must make them see us as adults and demand that they respect us. 

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5 Responses to Voting To Punish Politicians Will Not Get You Good Govenrment

  1. G.J.W. says:

    Believe you me. If you have a premier like Campbell, you vote him out, before he destroys the entire province. He shut down 51 mills. He cost BC mill workers, 36.000 lost jobs. Some of the mills were sent to China, along with our raw logs. That cheap labor and even more cheap child labor, well, Campbell couldn’t resist. So the central and northern part of BC is dead, and the economy is gone. Campbell thieved the BCR and sold it, for his and his business friends own gain. The documents are now exposed, we want him in prison, for stealing it and fraudulently selling it. He sold our rivers, for the same reason. Our hydro, will go up 55%. BC children are so hungry, they can’t focus on their school work. Campbell’s famous, minimum wage starting at $6.00 per hour, just doesn’t cut it. Our health care, he destroyed, education, forestry. Every thing he touched he thieved and destroyed. If any other province wants him, we will pay them to take Campbell.


    • archemdis says:

      I never said do not get rid of them; Isaid we should not simply get rid of them and vote in another clown that is just as bad, because we wish to punish them. The reason politicians come to power like Campbell in the 1st place is because of a choice we made and keep making. We as Canadians are not free of blame; all of the things he and his party did are the voters fault, you elected him and kept on electing him, because all of the issues you mentioned above alone did not move enough voters at the time they were being done to stop enough of you voters from voting him in again.
      These corrupt idots keep sticking it to us because we do not bother to do our home work, are ill informed and selfish. We vote them in time after time until finally they do the one thing that upsets us all enough to act. All of these things that he and his government did did not happen in one term and all of the issues you mentioned did not get the BC voters to finally throw the bum out; it took a tax. The one thing that it takes to feed the children, get the assistance from a government that you are talking about.
      We must stop, and look at what is good for our city, our province and our country when exercising our right to vote and stop letting the other political parties minipulate us into voting them into power because we are angry with the other guy, when they are no better and offer nothing but a smear campaign as their platform is what I am talking about. Guys like Campbell win because they play to the the greed and selfishness of an influential block of voters and as long as he does not touch on your key issue he gets voted in. Lets stop voting angry and vote for good government is what I am saying; good government for everyone not just you or me. Have a good night.


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