Stay Out Of The Way Or Die / A License To Kill?

The snow removal vehicle involved the fatal incident is surrounded the police tape on Parc Lafontaine, at Sherbrooke and Champlain in Montreal, Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2009.

 Coroner Luc Malouin, acknowledged in his report that the trucks cleaning the show need to be more careful and that their drivers are often working longer than the 12 hour shifts that they are supposed to be working according to the law, and that they are speeding trying to get as many loads in a day as possible, while their reflexes and senses are at their lowest.  They are not using the best mirrors, are having problems with blind spots and have elected most of the time to go without spotters; a practice which used to prevent people from getting in the way, or at least able the spotter to signal and alert pedestrian heavy equipment of imminent danger. What does amaze me is that in the majority of the cases where these accidents occur the pedestrian, or other vehicle is in the right and the trucks and heavy equipment is in the wrong and in definite violation of more than one driving code or safety code and yet the pedestrian, or other driver is just dead right. 

I do not understand why the drivers of snow removal vehicles are not having to follow the same rules of the road as everyone else. I shovel stairs and pathways and I am horrified at the way they go through red  lights, roll right through stop signs, speed up and down the streets, with an I do not have to obey the law attitude.  the provincial government and the municipal government have let this city down and the citizens of this province and city are paying the price.  what good are clean streets when our children, mothers and fathers, friends and loved ones deaths are the price we have to pay to achieve them?

 Coroner Luc Malouin, goes on to say that ultimately it is up to the pedestrian to make sure that not only are they on the side-walk, but far enough back not to be in the way of the snow removal trucks and other equipment.

No place to walk

What I did not see in the Coroner Luc Malouin’s report was that these drivers of heavy equipment and trucks should not be drinking alcohol while driving or using wake up pills to stay awake after doing more than double and sometimes triple the amount of hours permitted by law to drive without getting sleep and time off the road.

 No where do I see recommendations for fines to be imposed or that arrests should be made, or even the suspension of city work or drivers licenses for drivers or companies that break the rules and endanger people’s lives..

City of Montreal response to the tragic deaths : The municipal government of Montreal, has decided to put money ahead of safety and the lives of its citizens as per usual.  The Mayor of Montreal made his position clear when the two children were killed during a snow removal operation. The Mayor of Montreal said pedestrians need to stay clear of the workers trying to clear the streets of snow. They have a mandate and a time line to adhere to so just watch out or suffer the tragic, but obvious result.

No room for people

The city of Montreal has refused to make any changes to its snow removal practices, saying it must await the outcome of a public inquiry. Mayor Gérald Tremblay condescendingly cautioned pedestrians: “Make sure to cross the street at intersections and to make eye contact with drivers.”

His comments call to mind the cynical words of Marcel Tremblay, the mayor’s brother and the former member of the executive committee in charge of citizen services. Reacting to the popular furor over the city’s failure to remove snow and ice from the city’s streets and sidewalks in a timely fashion, Marcel Tremblay declared, “Without spending a fortune people can buy crampons for snow or ice. Why aren’t they buying them?”

where is safe?

The province of Quebec’s position is the same as always when dealing with the relationship between the laws of the province when the collide with the politic al will of the cities, “We must wait and see what the city does about this and await the mayor’s decision and recommendations. It has though for the companies that handled snow removal made sure unofficially that their drivers and workers will enjoy a certain relaxing and need not fear be ticketed or other wise bothered by public safety officials for what it and they consider minor traffic infractions, these are the same minor infractions that are killing everyone.  If I am pulling away from a stop sign and expect the snow removal guy to stop at his chances are will get hit by him because he is playing by another code.  how many of us must die to satisfy a Mayor who has his head up his arse and a Premier who just does not care about his citizens?

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2 Responses to Stay Out Of The Way Or Die / A License To Kill?

  1. D.I.D. says:

    In addition to lax law enforcement, maybe the problem is the lack of workers to operate the machines, thus forcing the labour force to work these insane hours. Maybe the City of Montréal should try and recruit more heavy machine operators so that those on duty are not so overworked!


    • archemdis says:

      There is a lack of work force, because the city and the province are worried about the money, the budget more than the workers and the people getting injured and killed. My only fault with the workers is when they drink on the job and violate the rules of the road. I know that their companies put pressure on them to avoid the fines that are given them if they do not get the snow up in time, but I have cdhildren and grandchildren out there trying to dodge them and come home safe. City workers are paid hourly this is why the city hired snow removal out to private business and they hired out to independants and sub contractors by the load rather than pay the hourly wage. This is where the problem lies and all the rushing around comes into play. Nice to hear from you have a great night.


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