When Looking To Place Blame For Canada’s Sorry State, Try Looking In The Mirror

What Do You See?

Simply stated politicians are not alone when blame is to be assigned for screwing up this great country; you and me and all Canadians are equally responsible for everything that happens in this country whether it be good or bad, because it is our vote and our support that first puts them into power and then keeps them there.  The answer to why the politicians keep doing the wrong thing, is because we let them and a large block of us actually want them to do just what they do until it affects us negatively than we cry. A person made a comment on my post talking down Premiere Gordon Campbell blaming him for just about everything that went wrong, or will go wrong in BC and I had to smile to myself as the realization hit me that we as voters in Canada just do not get it. 

Our whole system of government does not work anymore.  The fact that we are only a bunch of provinces loosely joined together in a confederation with the right to opt out of the federation with enough votes, or a referendum does not make for a powerful country. Ninety percent of all of our combined political energy and will is spent trying to keep this country if that is what you can call it together. More and more the federal government which is supposed to be governing this country finds itself being threatened with separation and told what to do in order to keep one province or another from opting out of confederation, by individual provinces and their constituents, in what seems like a never-ending quest to take more of the governing power away from the federal government. This constant struggle weakens the country and hamstrings the federal government.

Now this is unique and a deadly way to govern and I feel needs to be addressed.  I think it is high time that the provinces take an oath to never separate from Canada under any circumstance and turn the confederation into a country, with a government that has the power and the mandate to make the policy for the country; with decisions for the country resting squarely in the hands of the federal government, the only government other than municipal. I think that once this was accomplished that it should be considered treason to even think of separation and to talk of separating this country.  Maybe then we the voter and the politician could turn our energies into making Canada a great place to live no matter what province you happen to believing in at the time and the laws could be the same for everyone coast to coast and not vary province to province in the screwed up way the judicial, medical and social welfare systems are run today, just to name a few.

I would do away with the provincial government totally,  so that the federal government would not be able to say that this and that are not in their jurisdiction and this game of some having and some not across this country would, or could end.  Quebec took a stance politically when the parti Québécois was in power that they would make Quebec so undesirable and such a horrible place that the federal government would give up on them and allow them to go and the federal government said what can we do? The Québécois enacted laws that were clearly in violation of the Canadian Charter Of Rights and the federal government said, what can I do? The Québécois has turned Quebec and Canada into a joke politically on an international level and the federal government asks what can we do? All of these things amount to a hard way to go for the people of Quebec and a hard way to go for the rest of Canada

Quebec routinely undermines the federal government and the rest of the confederation by calling itself a country and the federal government does nothing.  Internationally Quebec attends meetings, makes deals and generally tries to disrupt  and humiliate the rest of Canada and the federal government does nothing.  The west is no different in the way it has handled itself within confederation.  It  is always ready to threaten separation from the rest of the country if it does not get its way over this or that.  I think that the confederation of provinces that now make up Canada should be given the choice to go, or stay and that which ever they chose would be final, so that the true Canadians, those that want to live in a country that shares its natural resources and the profits of them could do so. A country that could use all that it has by the federal government to make all of Canada prosperous. A country where all children have enough to eat, can go to school, get medical attention for example. A place where one province does not give their people checks in the mail for a natural resource bonus and cut taxes while the rest of the countries people are left out.

The other thing is we as voters need to start looking at the big picture and not just what is relevant to us in our neighborhood, town, city, province and territory.  The big picture is all of us as Canadians caring about each other not just the industry we are employed in, or the level of hospitalization help required to make things work for us.  We must learn to do onto others as we would have done onto us.  Then it would be impossible for us to be divided along prejudicial lines and be guided by fear mongering and made so easily to distrust and even hate our neighbors.  If we as Canadians want a better Canada we must stop living and thinking along the lines of every province being an independent country and start seeing all of Canada as one and working towards the betterment of the whole country and for all of its people.  I mean every province talks about its industry and its natural resources and what it wants for them, when it should be that everything belongs to all Canadians to be enjoyed and the profits and benefits put into the family pool if you will to the benefit of all Canadians. Unlike the gas and oil profits that were shared with the people of one western province and the exclusion of all of the rest of the country. The hydro power of Quebec is another example of not sharing a resource fairly with the rest of the country.  Every province is guilty of this greed and non sharing and every province complains when another province does it.  

I would like the shell game come to an end and be able to ask one government what is wrong and get the help that I need, instead of being told by every level of government to go ask the other guy. I am tired of having an opposition party in our federal government whose sole purpose is to separate Canada and that we as Canadians are forced to support financially.  A divided country like a divided house will always fall and can not prosper. Our country,  our Canada finds itself in that kind of situation and unless something is done we will never be okay and we will fail at all we endeavour to do and it will be our fault as voters and Canadians for not doing what it takes to win for Canada.

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