Telling The Truth And Shaming The Devil / Finding Our Way Home

Why would a person who loves their country talk about the bad in it? I do not know why others do it but I do know why I do it and why I will keep right on doing it. I do it for several reasons and I will try to explain it to all of you who think that under no circumstances should a person expose the short comings of their country. I have found that it is government, our churches and big businesses that do these horrible things in the name of the people and get away with it by telling the people of the country a pack of lies, or by deliberately driving a wedge between groups of people with fear mongering and the fear of God.

All governments of Canada have committed these reprehensible acts, or allowed them to happen on their watch and have gotten away with these vile acts, at the cost of great loss and suffering to the people on whom these vile acts were perpetrated. All new immigrants to Canada were targeted and treated poorly by the Canadian government who used the church and businesses and the RCMP to do their dirty work. Natives were almost wiped from the face of the earth in Canada. Orientals had laws designed to keep their numbers down and the things that happened to the Japanese during the war was atrocious and unforgivable. Blacks fleeing to Canada were treated unfairly and poor whites of Irish Italian decent were often forced to work for less money.

When I was doing my story on Africville I would have left it there except for a few reasons.

  • Canada has always had to be shamed into making its apology to the offended party. They have always tried to make like it was the injured parties fault one way or the other.
  • Their acts were brutal, calculated and more often than not based on greed and the need of a company for land, or cheap labor, or population culling.
  • That the church took part in the worst of these acts including murder, rape and kidnapping while converting people to Christianity by force and then sought to cover it up made me ill.
  • Big business, government, nor church has learned their lesson and all continue to this day to commit heinous crimes against all peoples; begs for this story to be told over and over.

The worst by far though is that in his bid to get Canada a seat on United Nations Security Council, the Prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper told several lies.

  • He claimed that Canada lived up to United Nations ideals and code of conduct. Canadians are still waiting for an answer to what part Canada took in the torturing of Afghan prisoners; the illegal transferring of prisoners and the illegal deportation of Canadian citizens to countries known to torture and kill prisoners, which is against Canadian law and world law.
  • That we provided a safe haven in our country for fleeing refugees. Guess he forgot about Operation Blue Blindfold, or the law to stop ships carrying refugees at sea from heading into Canadian ports.
  • Maybe it is another government and not his holding women and children refugees in custody and trying to enact a law that would see refugees who arrive in large numbers have their waiting times for papers extended while they wait in jail.
  • Is it not his government who would do nothing for a 15-year-old child soldier when the highest court in the land urged him to do so? This same government seeks to return a refugee women and her child back to jail after the courts ruled they had no reason to hold said refugee? This is not following the ideals of the United nations to me, but rather shows that Canada as a country has not learned the lessons from its past and continues to plod blindly forward in its ignorance.

The government of Canada has been slowly removing all of the rights of Canadians and giving government total control of the people instead of the other way around as it should be. Now we have a democratic government in place that wants to be a dictatorship and continues to be soft on big business and church crimes. It rams through laws that are hard on the poor and has no respect for its population in even the slightest way. It has grown arrogant and big-headed. It no longer tell the truth about even the smallest of things and refuse to be transparent on the big issues. All of the injustices that were claimed to be done as a young country trying to deal with growing up are still here today and the deeds of the past are being done in an even more secretive and brutal way and some one needs to stand up and say it out loud, ” Wake up Canadians Before You Are Swallowed Up.”

The church is still raping children and no one is being punished. Big business is still stealing from everyone and getting away with it. The press is still one-sided on all of these issues and seems to be bought off by the big three, ( government, church and big business).

The only free press we have for now is the Internet. Three of my friend’s blogs have already been forced close for carrying what the government calls subversive material. Unfortunately subversive to the Canadian government means anything that does not put them, or their partners in crime in a good light. So I will continue to tell the story that the press is afraid to and the government does not want me to and that the church will shun me for and that big business will stop me from working anywhere in the world for telling until the system shuts me down as well.

I believe that we should and could learn by our mistakes if we will only admit that we have made them, put them right and try with all that we are not to make the same mistakes again. Our fear of just about everything has made it possible for our leaders in government, church and business to manipulate us into doing things, or turning a blind eye to things under the guise of self-preservation that we know are morally and legally wrong. We must tell these stories of shame until the atrocities stop and indeed all people are equal under the laws and constitution and these corner stones of our democracy and way of life are not just words, but are followed up in practice. This is my goal for Canada and all countries that have lost their way and forgotten the meaning of humanity, freedom and democracy.

Maybe we could begin in this new year taking the steps we have avoided for so long and look at where we are, where we would like to go, who we have become and who we would like to be and begin the long road to making Canada a place where all of it people feel safe, fairly treated under the law and problems of the past as well as the present are not swept under the rug.

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