Is That Other Person You Archemdis?


Yes to all of you who do read my posts it is true I have several sites under several pen names and occasionally for reasons beyond my control, or for reasons of my chosing they will have articles, or posts that are the identical, or some that have been expanded to fit changes since the articles 1st posting whether it be good or bad. Why might there be situations out of my control you might ask and you need look no further than your search providers and the people who are now controlling the internet and the big business it has turned out to be. 

In the beginning the very same people who once spoke out are now closing down sites that do not carry appropriate content and that do not talk nicely, or  diplomatically about certain subjects, people or events. In other words the internet, the last place you could say what you thought freely without being censored is now selling out to big business and big business interests.  I have been shut down in hosting sites for what I write and not following the rules. Hell I allowed the wrong person access to this site and was shut down until their name was removed from my comments the reason given was that they were black listed.  I was never told why they were black listed just that they were; so much for the freedom of the press, or even more basically freedom of speech and the right to associate freely with anyone I choose to.  I was shut down another time by this host because they said they thought that I was trying to just promote numbers and increase my stats by using links. 

When I told them that I only use the links provided and suggested by them I was reinstated with an apology, but why was I shut down in the 1st place without notice or warning? In other words big business like Google and Yahoo are buying up hosting sites like this one and associated content and then changing the rules under which you can post your articles.  Why do these sites exist if not to allow us to reach as many people as humanly possible? Are these sites becoming a place where the controversial story is sidelined for the wholesome all Canadian  story that sells advertizing space which gets them nod to places, or spots like Freshely Pressed?

Does it not irk you, or at least get your blood boiling to know that 1,000 people a day are interested  and will take the time to  read up on  how to make a better pumpkin pie for example, but show little if no interest at all in how to make this world a better world for all of us to live in, or how to help the homeless and posts of that nature. I have only one mission and that mission is to try and do my part and live up to my responsibility as I see it to make this world a better place for every man woman and child on this planet if I can one person at a time and one post at a time. if that is the way it must be. Please do not take me wrong I have no objection to post that help us to learn something else, or the sharing of how to do something better like cooking or knitting I just think that all posts should get equal representation and help trying to reach their goals.

Just for the record when I was on associated content before Yahoo got their fingers in the pie WordPress was promising to allow sharing and the possibility of being able to share in the monies this host makes off you writing talents; it has been a few years now what happened to that promise and why?

The government has shut down a few of my sites and a few of my friends sites because they thought that the messages I was sending was not good for the country, or what they deemed to be subversive material.  I used to use my own picture too in the beginning until I realized that people were jumping to conclusions and trying to pigeon-hole what I was saying and trying to profile me based upon what color, age, sex and anything else one could get from a picture instead of just listening to what I was trying to say.  That is the long and the short of it and I will continue to try to stay one step ahead of the internet sensors and remain able to give you my uncensored view on a whole host of topics. If you see a reposting it is probably me and you have not lost your minds. 

When you are shut down without notice the hosting site shows none of your content not just the offending post. This forces you to repost if you have copies of your work, or if they give you a method to take your material with you when you leave like this host does. Remember there is no advanced warning and your material is blocked immediately once they have taken the decision to block your content.  If you want it to be seen you are forced to repost under a new name thus making for duplications of material under different pen names.

If someone copies my content and gets it out to a few more people I say thank you.  The only reward I seek is to have at the end of the day one more person who at least can not say they did not do anything because they did not know, or were not aware that was going on. Thanks again for looking out and bringing what you thought was a wrong to my attention. Have a great evening.   Archemdis

About archemdis

I try to say what is on my mind and not hurt others, but some things need to be said whether they hurt or not and I do just that. I try to listen as well as talk, but my opinion is just that mine. You need not take it as your own, just respect the fact that I am entitled to it, as you are yours. I do read all comments, but will only answer, or allow to be displayed those which adress me by name, refer to the post by name in the comment, or that have been sent through the proper channels. In this manner I can tell whether the comment was meant for me and that it is not just spam.
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6 Responses to Is That Other Person You Archemdis?

  1. Good site! I actually love how it is easy on my eyes as well as the details are well written. I am wondering how I might be notified whenever a new post has been made. I have subscribed to your rss feed which really should work! Have a good day!


  2. D.I.D. says:

    I’ve noticed that it is difficult to connect with other Canadian bloggers through Word Press because the mainstream media has flooded the site’s posts search with trackback to their own articles, making it very difficult to find independent bloggers. Have you noticed a similar problem elsewhere?

    Oh, and Happy New Year, by the way.


    • archemdis says:

      Happy New Year to you as well. I find it next to impossible to find Canadian bloggers. Do you know of a site that is Canadian owned and opperated? Most American’s know very little about Canada and could careless about what we think, or do be it politics, or otherwise, so our stories and articles are largely ignored. Why is their no Canadian version of WordPress, or Associated Content? I have searced for a Canadian hosting site for years but the big boys will never let that happen and they will not do it themselves. I think it is a shame, but there it is; money trumps humanity once again!.


      • D.I.D. says:

        I’m not sure, but I do know that has a very large Canadian blogging community. As for the Americans, well most American bloggers I’ve met are quite friendly. Maybe you’ve just had a run of bad luck?


      • archemdis says:

        Thanks for the info and maybe it is just me about the American blogger. I have nothing against the
        American blogger I just do not think they are interested in what happens in Canada, or for that matter what is happening to Canadians in general. I guess you could be right though and I do tend to get a little agressive on subjects that Americans are sensitive about; not always a good way to make new friends. Have a great day!


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