Canada Says It Is The 2nd Judeo-Christian Nation In The World

I have never heard the need to support The State Of Israel no matter what it does, or says,  stated quite the same, or as undiplomatically put as when I heard it articulated today on CPAC by  Immigration Minister, Jason Kenny.   Immigration Minister, Jason Kenny quoting a speech given by the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper at an earlier date. Jason Kenny’s oration  confirmed for me that Canada has taken a rather one-sided approach to world peace and has put our ability as a nation to be of any useful help in an Islamic State, or country in serious question, by telling the Islamic world that they are not concerned how the majority of the world thinks and they really consider the nation of Islam to be in conflict with our beliefs, traditions and that we believe them all to be little more than terrorists who are out to destroy freedom and democracy as we believe it to be and that democracy is predicated on the fact that Israel must exist, or we will all perish,( Judaeo Christians).

 Canada by its own admission 1st by our Prime Minister and then reaffirmed today by Jason Kenny has ceased to look for a mutual peace in the Middle East and has instead taken a rather public stance of showing its support for Israel above anything else. Today for the 2nd time that I know of Canada has come out and told the world that anything that threatens Israels existence is a threat to our Judaeo Christian existence and to all countries who define themselves in this manner,(the United States and now Canada). The funny thing is though untill the Prime Minister of Canada took this stance the United States of America was the only country in the world to define itself in this manner.

 JudeoChristian(in British English, Judaeo-Christian) is used by some to refer to a set of beliefs and ethics held in common by Judaism and Christianity.

 It also implies that we are allies in a common front to stand against those who do not believe as we do for the glory of God, our God. Sounds like another Christian Crusade to me, only this time it is being played out with high-tech equipment, bombs missiles and in secret.  As history is being repeated the State of Israel is now an occupier, strong-arm and  ally to its 2 Judeo Christian benefactors in their quest to once again try to Christianize the world under the guise of bringing democracy to the world. Israel as in the old Crusades knows it can not maintain itself without the backing of others militarily and monetarily and so it fights a never-ending war in an effort to keep its backing and the lands that is now occupying. The end of the old crusade came as the old State of Israel fell to the Muslims despite the help of the crusaders and the crusaders were driven from the Middle East.

 The combined heads of Europe, with all of their military superiority, bankrupted their countries and sent Europe into chaos with their attempt to Christianise the world.  The United States in its quest has bankrupted itself and has dragged the world into economic uncertainty with it.  I used to believe that the United States of America, feeling guilty for its role in allowing the Holocaust to happen and go on for so long, felt it had  to protect Israel from harm, so it could ease its guilty conscience,but I guess I could not see the forest for the trees.  The United States of America does not do anything for free and so Israel with its bag of silver in hand, will be its eyes, ears and military arm in the region; forever threatened and in constant war with its neighbors, or lose its backing and cease to exist. Israel needs to hope that the United States does not have a change of heart and that its people do not get tired of the crusade as did their forefathers, or the Middle East situation could end as did in the 1st crusade and with every attempt to Christianize the Muslims, or take from them what they consider to be theirs. Israel does have but one more option and that would be to launch its nuclear missiles which they say that they are on record as saying they would do, if it came down to their survival. 

 Jason Kenny said that no matter what the price morally, economically, politically, or in Canadian lives, that Canada is committed to keeping the state of Israel smelling like a rose.  I don’t know but I just do not see how anyone could expect the Palestinians to feel secure with negotiations when the arbitrators have already declared allegiance to the other side of the war.

 I did not know until today that the two official  religions of Canada were Judaism and Christianity. I always thought that all religions were on an equal footing in Canada and when dealing with both the affairs of the world and domestic that we looked at what was being done by whom and tried to sort things out backing the country, or person in the right according to law, not based on their race, nationality or religion.  I have always said that Israel had a right to exist and I have always stood by the Palestinians right to exist as well, but I thought that Canada stood on the side of trying to ensure that all were being treated fairly, but today I learned that Canada agrees with the starving and the denying of medical supplies to the needy in Gaza. In fact in contrast to their statements condemning  the boarding and killing of innocent people in international waters by Israel that Canada’s Conservative Government took and stated publicly at the time of the incident, their true position on this matter was that it was a good move by Israel and a necessary move for Israel to do what it did in order to maintain and defend itself; talk about doing a flip-flop, or was it just another lie all along. 

Jason Kenny went on to say that any condemnation of Israel, or the United States of America  must be put down.  He defined Anti Semitism as speaking out against Israel too harshly and too often. Jason Kenny said that  neither he nor Prime Minister Harper care what the rest of the world thinks, or does about how the world sees Israel’s role in the problems of the Middle East conflict and Canada will stand by Israel no matter what because of the symbol that Israel has become to for us and the ideological and spiritual beliefs that we have in common.

 Well arrest me too, for spouting Anti Semitic rhetoric, on the grounds that I think this way of talking and thinking is just crazy and that the Muslims have a right to be concerned. I think these statements by the Prime Minister of Canada and Jason Kenny give relevance and authenticate the sentiment of the Islamic nations 2 major concerns. the first being, that they have never been dealt a fair hand by the Western Alliance and the second being that the Western Alliance of Nations is incapable of acting in good faith when one understands it’s Judaeo Christian philosophy concerning democratizing the world; whether they all admit it publicly, or not. 

Jason Kenny and Prime Minister Harper have redefined democracy and made us as a Judeo Christian Country. There is a name for this type of governing but it is not democracy. No matter whose version of democracy you take, and there are many, there is always a clearly defined line of separation between church and state. When there is none and the basis of our liberties ceases to be the Constitution and becomes the Bible like we are seeing in Canada right now under the leadership of the Conservative  Government of Canada, we cease to be a democracy and become a Theocracy. Now if this is the case are we really pushing for more of the world to become democratic and in doing so extending the freedoms that come with it to their people, or are we just trying to get them to switch their religious beliefs all over again?

 Harper and Kenny have redefined our mission in the world when it comes to ensuring peace and have made us as warriors instead of peace keepers. Finally they have redefined what it means to be a sovereign nation and made us  a boot licking, ass kissing lackey of the United States of America. A country that takes its marching orders from Washington.

I now can say that I understand the herding of certain people and strategically placing of  refugee camps throughout the world, which are little more than concentration camps for the most part at best and will allow us to cull their numbers and limit their movement throughout the world and make us look like we are trying to help them at the same time. This is a larger version of what we did to our native people domestically when we put them on reservations and those Christian schools with the aid of the Christian church. It explains why as a nation we refuse to provide a safe haven for people of certain ethnicity, preferring to threaten them with punishment should they violate our wishes and come to Canada  uninvited.. 

When the Prime Minister of this country can stand up in public and say that anyone who speaks out and defends itself from Israel, or any member of the Western Alliance are nothing but a bunch of extremists and terrorists hell-bent on bringing down Christianity and the free world; it is a sad day indeed for diplomacy. these kinds of outbursts sends a dangerous message to our Islamic neighbors and a clear message to Israel. It alienates the Muslims from us and tells Israel that it can count on us no matter what it does. This message only helps to destabilize any chance of peace in that region, or the world short of killing all muslims; a sentiment which the State of Israel and its leaders are on record as saying needs to be done to achieve peace in the region.

I think that if we do not soon get a grip on what we say and do in the near future as a country we are in for a big surprise.  There has been many a foiled attempt at forcing democracy and Christianity down the throat of the world throughout history; all have failed miserably. Freedom of choice and the right to be is a right of all humanity and not of just a few. Remember, Christianity is a baby in terms of world religions and democracy even younger. Both of these institutions and practices also have a bad reputation for only obeying its own laws when it suits them. You can not bring peace and democracy with a gun hidden in your bible and a lie in your heart and mind. Make the words, democracy and Christianity stand for more than the death and the loss of ones culture  when put into action and maybe some one may see the value in believing in what you believe in and change on their own.

My God people why can we not learn from our past mistakes? Why do we continue to kill in the name of God? Is the turning of the whole world to Christianity and democracy worth the death of all who do not see it our way?  If everyone dies, does this not make this crusade moot? Have we come to save these peoples souls, or is our real mission to exterminate all who do not belive, or will not convert to our way of doing things? Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself these questions and see if you like what you see or the answers you come up with. 

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