Six Of One Half A Dozen Of Another / All Politicians Are The Same

When it comes to politics and politicians an old adage, or idiom comes to mind, ” six of one a half-dozen of another” It does not matter what politician, or political party you choose, because they are all one and the same, or in this case what they promise to get elected and what promise they keep after the election are the same in all cases and that equals none.

promised transparency, small government, abolishment of the Senate and not to squander tax payer dollars

  Canada‘s Conservatives led by Prime Minister Harper, started the new year off  by giving up more of it governing power to the United States of America and the provincial governments of Canada. We know already that making a profit holds a higher priority rating than that of social programming in the United States, so it will be interesting to see how many more new social programs get their budgets slashed, or are made to close in the new year. The conservatives and their party have become synonymous with  words like scandal, undemocratic, fear mongering, polarizing and non transparency, just to name a few. The Conservatives have squandered our tax dollars and shown us little in the way of  improving the everyday challenges that the average Canadian faces just to make it through another day. 

Mr. Harper has proven himself to be soft on big business while being brutally economically correct when it comes to social programming and arms length institutions that help our veterans, our impoverished, our sick and our native peoples. Time and again they have proven themselves to be diplomatically inept. (Canada loses right to operate military base in Emirates, Canada loses its bid for a seat on the United Nations Security Council). The Harper government has also done an about-face with its views on the senate. How can you increase a senate that you want to abolish and do it to your advantage, without looking like the bold-faced liar that you are? How can you increase the size of government after saying you would not, without looking like the bold face liar that you are?  How can you spend money on Photo opts while having no money for your sick and elderly and not look like the uncaring, insensitive government that you are? This is what they ask you to swallow when they ask for your vote and some of us open our mouths wide.

What is Premiere Jean Cherest afraid of? Why no inquiry into construction charges?

The provincial  and municipal governments have already proved that they are unable to manage the things that they are in charge of already. Everything that is put into their hands across this country no matter what political party is in charge has turned to crap. Education, health care, energy like hydro and oil, our water supply and our forest and farmlands have been mismanaged to the point of  all Canadians suffering terribly.  In Quebec, bridges, highway overpasses are literally falling apart in Montreal with traffic still using them and the government tells us that the city’s infrastructure is fine and that we have nothing to worry about. All provinces and municipalities seem to be having a problem keeping organized crime out of  their business as in the case of what is happened in River Rock Casino in Richmond, B.C.; then there is Ottawa with contracts being awarded to people with ties to organized crime with the restoration of our parliament buildings. Everyone is painfully aware that in Quebec and Montreal by our provincial and municipal leaders own admission that the construction industry is over run by organized crime; so much so that they have all stated publicly to having feared for their lives brought on by reprisals for trying to clean up said industries. It will be interesting to see who wins in the provinces and the municipalities this year, the mob or the politicians. Will we find out that there is not much difference between them except that the mob seems to be more organized and seems to get things done faster and more efficiently than our elected officials?  I guess we will see soon enough..   

I think that we are in for some petty interesting politics as the federal government begins to bring in its budget. All side will claim to have the better ways to solve all of our economic problems as well as our loss of diplomatic power and respect in the world. All sides will sling mud at each other and again no matter who wins nothing will get done.  Nothing will get done because no party has any plans past getting into power.  The year is not a full 10 days old and new scandals are popping up all over Canada from people dying in the halls of waiting rooms to casinos laundering money for organized crime to no money to help family home care givers any financial assistance, but lots of money for banks and other corporate tax breaks and military spending.

Opposition Parties are saying how bad the government of today is and has been while denying that at every turn their fighting amongst themselves in an effort to gain small political points and turf to call their own has helped Harper and hurt Canadians. These adult gang bangers are all guilty of keeping the Harper government in power when the Conservatives could have and should have been voted out of office on several occasions.  Their inappropriate support of the Harper government is responsible for Canadians being subjected to the most undemocratic parliament and the cutting of more social programs across the board that most Canadians have ever seen before by any other government in the history of  Canada. These opposition parties say that we should vote for them and I ask why?

promised to rid us of Harper, put the Liberal Party of Canada back in order, to put Canada and Canadians first

The Liberal Party of Canada’s voting record as a party sucks big time and their reasoning for the support they gave and continue to give Harper had and has nothing to do with what was good for Canada, but rather what was good for the Liberal Party of Canada as it tries to find a leader capable of winning an election. Time after time Harper has been allowed to screw the Canadian people because Micheal Ignatieff’s Liberal party was afraid to call an election. If in all of the time that the Harper led Conservatives have been in power, the Liberals could not find the leader in whom they felt confident to lead their party to victory and the courage to call an election, how are they going to figure out how to deal with the many difficult challenges Canada faces in the new year? The to leadership needed to identify them and to initiate the changes needed and the courage to see them through? As we Canadian’s have found out, talk is cheap and politicians know a lot of words.   

be the voice of reason, stand up for all Canadians, put Canada's and Canadian's interests first, keep federal politics honest with his votes

The NDP Party led by Jack Layton, has claimed the role of being the only political party in politics to put Canada and Canadians first when it votes in the house and I say what a crock.  They are the political party bar none that I say is most guilty of keeping the Harper government in power. Even as the Conservatives destroy all that Canada has meant to its people and to the rest of the world the NDP continues to play king-maker. The NDP is the most destructive political entity in Canadian politics as far as I am concerned. They are guilty of taking a crumb instead of going for a fair share of the pie for all Canadians.  They will except 1000 bad things for the Canadian people in a budget for instance, that all other opposition parties want bring the government down with for the promise of the conservatives to think about changing one small thing in the budget that allows the NDP to look like it did something great for Canadians, but in actuality amounted to a couple of cents per Canadian and that is contingent on whether of not the Conservatives even decide to adopt their recommendations. Jack Layton and his NDP Party have done this time and time again and caused great suffering to all Canadians all over Canada.  The NDP does not come to the voters of this nation with clean hands, or an honest message. Their party reminds me of the trickster, the illusion is a good one and fools many of the young , but most adults see through your illusion in a short amount of time. The NDP, are Harper’s greatest asset at election time. He can count on the NDP to take votes away from his main threat to his remaining in power the Liberals. Harper does not really need to campaign; all he has to do is watch and wait while the Liberals and the New Democrats rip each other to pieces and then step in and take the victory.  Great strategy Jack, we the Canadian voters thank you for that, while we suffer  and you promise.

get the best of deals for Quebec, look out for Quebec's interests, educate the rest of Canada as to what a sovereign Quebec would mean and work towards Quebec being a sovereign nation

The Bloc Québécois led by Gilles Duceppe, is still the only political party in Canada doing exactly what it said it would do. This is not a good thing for the rest of Canada, but then they never promised anything different and as  unfortunate as it might be this is exactly what platform they campaigned on and got them sent to Ottawa to try and accomplish with the rest of Canada footing the bill.  What never ceases to amaze me is that it is allowed to happen on a Federal level. A political party with no other goal then the benefit of one province and a political strategy to bring down Canada in order to set Quebec up as a sovereign nation is beyond me.  The reasoning as to why we allow any  federal party to do this when the goal supposedly of the Federal government is to work for the betterment of all Canadians eludes me, but this is the Canada that we find ourselves living in today. I know that other federal political parties vie to give their provinces advantage I getting the things that they need , but it is not their sole purpose for being and that is what I object to with the Bloc Québécois and their mandate.

Six of one A half-dozen of another

My prognosis for the state of the Canadian government on all levels this year is not good and how could it be otherwise. Scandal, corruption and the Americanization of our government has weakened us as a people and as a nation. On a federal level, our attitude toward democracy and religious as well as every other right and value that Canadians used to enjoy, held dear and took for granted that such rights and freedoms and principles would never be changed for the worse, has indeed been abandoned. Abandoned  for the love of money and power and our government promises more of the same type of government is in store for us in the new year . On a provincial level the governments seeks to attain more and more power and are about to explode from the pressure that is building up as they find it impossible to maintain the cost of controlling everything in their provinces and the tempers of their constituents begins to boil with every needless death with every project that goes over budget and with every political scandal. Municipalities have already conceded the fact that there is nothing they can do to help the people in their cities and that is because they are drowning in their own incompetence and are looking for one of the other governmental branches to throw them a life-preserver. Municipal government across this nation have admitted that they are no longer in control of their budgets, their sanitation, their transportation, their construction, or any other of their responsibilities as a government and see no end to their problems anytime soon. What is not handled by private sub contractors is being run by the labor unions, or corrupted by organized crime.  

With all this in mind I can only hope that things will change, but it will take the combined will of all voting Canadians to do what is best for all Canadians and put the needs of the all Canadians ahead of the needs of just what is important to them. This spirit of mutual cooperation has not been seen in years in either the political arena, or in the private sector. It would be a monumental step in the right direction if we could find the political, moral and legal will to do only this in the new year.

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